Maria explores London’s South Bank with Daniel – On the go with EF #30

Hello darlings.
Welcome back to “On the go with EF”. Today, Daniel and I will actually be “on the go”
because he’s going to show me the South Bank. I certainly am, Maria! So, the South Bank
is actually a very famous part of London. It’s obviously on the south bank of the River Thames.
That makes sense. There are lots of cool attractions there,
so it’s going to be amazing. Okay. I’m really excited to see it.
Okay, let’s go! Yes! So, Maria, are you excited to be in London? Yes, I’m very excited. I love this neighborhood.
It looks so charming. You know what? This place is amazing. This street, Roupell Street, is actually quite famous
because they film movies down here. For instance, a couple of months
ago, they filmed “Legend” here. With Tom Hardy?
Tom Hardy was here! Yeah. We’re at The London Eye now.
Maria, this is the London Eye. It doesn’t look so high from here.
It’s quite high. When it was first built, in 1999,
it was opened on the 31st of December. Like New Year’s.
Yeah, for New Year’s. It was called the Millennium Wheel.
It’s now called the London Eye and you’ve got views across the whole of London.
It’s spectacular. It’s so beautiful.
It’s incredible. And it takes about 30 minutes to go around
and it’s super relaxing. Nice. It’s not like a roller coaster. It’s super relaxing.
Let’s go and get relaxed then. Let’s go! You can see everything. We have Waterloo Bridge here.
Not the new one here, but the one next to it. The nickname for Waterloo Bridge is the
Ladies’ Bridge because it was built by women. It was built by women? It was built by women during the Second World War.
All the men were at war. There’s a little needle that you can see
here in between the two bridges. That’s called Cleopatra’s Needle.
It was a gift, right? Yes, it was a gift from the Egyptians.
It actually dates back to the time of the Pharaohs, so that piece of stone is actually
older than London itself. Here on the corner is St. Paul’s Cathedral. That was designed by a man called Sir Christopher Wren
who is one of England’s most famous architects. It was built to try and reconstruct this
neoclassical Greek kind of architecture. We’ve got Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament,
so that’s where the Prime Minister sits and talks. The U.F.O….
It’s the BFI Imax cinema. We’ve got Waterloo Station here
– the U.K.’s busiest train station. One of the most impressive
buildings in the world is The Shard. The Shard is shaped like a piece of glass.
It’s the tallest building in Western Europe. This here is the South Bank Centre.
This is the heart of South Bank. This is where they have lots of cool
places to eat, lots of art and culture. Especially when the weather is good,
they have lots of pop-up food stores as well. Like pop-up ice cream.
Pop-up ice cream and frozen yogurt. It’s cool. Here we have one of my favourite
spots in the whole of London. It’s the South Bank Book Market. Oh my god. It’s just out on the street.
Are they antique books or is it … All sorts of books.
You’ll be able to find just about anything here. Then it’s resale?
Yeah, it’s resale. It’s the best way to get books, right? Montmartre… Waterloo Bridge is quite a famous bridge. It’s quite iconic because it was rebuilt during the
Second World War, almost exclusively by women. And, obviously, during the Second World War,
the 1940s, it was quite an important time for women because they didn’t have equal rights to men,
so this is a symbol of the power of women. We’ve got Gabriel’s Wharf here, okay?
That’s the place. This is Gabriel’s Wharf.
It used to be all old garages. It used to be super grey and dark, and now it’s been
bought up by little boutiques and restaurants and stuff. It’s super nice now.
As you can see, it’s vibrant. Lively! So, instead of garages, they made this.
That’s cool. That’s smart! It’s cool. It’s nice, especially in summer when
the weather is good. It’s amazing out here. So, that’s the new Tate.
Yeah, this is the Tate Modern. This building right here is one of the
biggest museums in the whole of London, probably in the whole world as well. It’s super cool because inside they have
all modern art. It’s completely modern art. It used to be a factory.
Yeah, it used to be a big industrial factory. So, this is the “wibbly wobbly” bridge?
The Wibbly Wobbly. But I’m not wobbling. Neither am I wibbling.
You’re not wobbling or wibbling? No, I’m not.
So, this is the Wibbly Wobbly. It’s called the Wibbly Wobbly as a nickname.
It’s actually called the Millennium Bridge. When it was opened in the year 2000,
it was a little bit unsafe. Some of the people walking on it noticed
that it was wobbling, so they closed it down for two
years and then reopened it. But now it’s safe? It’s stable?
I think it’s safe. Okay, we’re okay for now.
What’s that? We’ve got St. Paul’s Cathedral,
one of the most iconic buildings in London. We’ve got Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
just over there on the left. Thank you so much.
That’s okay! Guys, I had a really great time today and Tate Modern
became one of my favorite museums. Please comment below on
what your favorite museum is and the winner is going to get this
Tate Modern highlights-book from me. Make sure to come back to the vlog next week
because I’m going to take you shopping on Oxford Street and show you all of my
favorite British shopping spots. Thanks for watching us. Bye!


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