Marie Soleil Toronto Film School Story | 2019 Film Production Valedictorian

For a film maker you might expect a more
sensational script of how I ended up here the truth is my life was pretty
basic and I kind of fell into film nothing really pushed me into it but I
also didn’t have any hesitation I just trusted my gut and jumped in headfirst I
was still in high school when I made the decision to follow my passion I loved
academics and graduated with honors I even received a Governor General bronze
award for graduating third in that class but from there the traditional education
trajectory wasn’t for me I decided to go into arts at the time it felt like the
riskiest choice I could ever make for my future and I absolutely hate risk but I
didn’t want to live out my life hating what I do either so I applied to study
film production at Toronto Film School I graduated had my birthday
moved to Toronto and started classes all within one week I am driven and I knew
what I wanted I didn’t want to miss a beat some would call me stubborn and
that may be but I refused to let Society or other forces dictate my life I loved
art I’ve always loved art and I wasn’t going to settle for any other outcome I
gained a lot of confidence at Toronto Film School I learned how to collaborate
how to trust and delegate and most of all how to let go and just have fun
I’ve always loved learning and embraced challenges the desire to always do
better achieve higher is what keeps me going no matter how tired hungry or cold
I can get on set at TFS I got the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant
and chair of student council I split my energy with school work extracurriculars
and honing my talents as assistant director because I always get a thrill
from managing chaos many of my teachers guided me and I’m ever so grateful for
their knowledge and to all those who presented me with so many great
opportunities I can’t wait to fully pursue my career
as an assistant director and shortly joined the union or so is the plan if I had one
piece of advice to give others it would be to give it your all
you have so many people so many resources at your fingertips use it to its fullest
extent so realize your fullest potential but most
of all you won’t feel successful until you appreciate what you already have
your family your friends your knowledge and your art

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