‘Master Harold’… and the boys | Learning to Ballroom Dance

(♪ GENTLE SWING) Dance, ballroom dancing in particular, has a very strong
theme in this play. So, it is important that we look exactly
like we know what we’re doing. Willie and Sam are preparing themselves
for a ballroom competition. They’re in the tea room. It’s a rainy day,
so they’re not going to get many customers. They’re using this
as an opportunity to practise. We have been under the expert tutelage
of some pretty amazing dancers. We have Bill. We have Kylie. We have the one and only Shelley Maxwell,
our movement director. – Ba-ba-ba-ba.
– Perfect! Perfect! Back, back, back. So, before today, we had kind of
a ballroom movement boot camp, getting them primed and ready
to work with Bill today. Step, step, step. Yeah? I’ve done Strictly for ten years. No one
does a quickstep or a fox trot the same. My character is a world champion. Had it not been
1950s apartheid South Africa, he would have set
the world of dance alight. Back, two, three. Lovely! That’s how you do it! Willie is not so much
an accomplished dancer, so it’s more about them practising. My character has watched
Sam and Willie dance for years in our tea room. It’s good that I have as much
an understanding and knowledge of the dance as they do. I found it hard. It’s so hard! (LAUGHING)
I’ve always like ballroom dancing. I never anticipated how complicated it is.
It’s so complicated. ANSON: It’s frazzled our brains a bit,
but I think we’ll get round to it. I think the waltz is cool
cos it’s got a nice flow to it. Shelley talks about having
a pendulum, like it goes side to side. Whereas, the fox trot is the sort of thing
you see on Strictly Come Dancing. It’s just step, step, step, step,
so that’s definitely harder. HAMMED: Willie prefers the fox trot.
Hammed prefers the quickstep! SHELLEY: The movement
within the realms of the play is a place where they feel confident
and in control, and during that era in South Africa,
for them to feel that kind of autonomy. I feel really confident
about where we’re going to head with it, building on what we’ve gathered
from Bill today. LUCIAN: Like any discipline,
you learn the basics, you build on them, you drill them
and then you let go. Let’s just say, we’re still in
the drilling phase, but every so often, when we’re in the flow of it,
when you feel that rhythm and that flow, it’s kind of beautiful. Relax, Willie. Feet together, back straight, body relaxed.

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