Master of Theatre (Voice) at the Victorian College of the Arts

– Welcome to the Faculty
of Fine Arts and Music at Melbourne University. I’m Leith McPherson, the course leader for the Masters in Theatre, Voice. This is the kind of course
that will serve anyone who wants to empower
people to use their voices professionally or personally in a dynamic and exciting
and engaging way. It is a practical course, so you are working on your own instrument in order to help others work on theirs. Physical awareness, vocal strength, range, flexibility, articulation, your ability to engage with
text to bring it to life and to help other people
to bring it to life, whether it’s working on an
independent theatre show, whether it’s helping
people with voiceover work, whether it’s being on
a green screen film set surrounded by 400 crew, these skills and your
confidence to help people and your passion for helping people can take you anywhere. There’s actually a
shortage of well-trained, emotionally intelligent, creatively connected voice coaches, and my job and my passion and what I’ve been working to for years is finding the students and then helping them get those jobs. – When Leith is in the room and she’s going through text and she’s working on something, she’s always there with you. – She’s such a playful human being, which makes classes an absolute joy. – I want to give you the passion and the experiences that I have had so that you can help people
in all sorts of areas of the performing arts and beyond to become their best selves and to speak with clarity,
strength, and power. We have created this course and assembled this teaching team because we’re so passionate
about what we do. If you have that same passion, you will earn qualification that will be industry-changing
and world-recognized coming from one of the greatest
universities in the world. (upbeat music)

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