Matthew’s Day

(gentle music) – Good morning Hamilton College. My name is Matthew Tom. I’m currently a senior. I am so excited to show you
around a day of my life. Now it’s about 9 a.m.
and I made breakfast plans with one of my friends so now
that I am looking presentable, got ready, got changed, we’re
gonna head out to Diner. What did you order today Julia? – So I got an egg and
cheese on a plain bagel, which is my go-to, and it
starts my morning off right. – We’re on our way to Root Hall for two back-to-back literature classes. (multiple students talking at once) – Class just got out and
we’re heading to McEwen. I love the panini press so
you can toast your sandwiches and it’s totally yummy. – I love it because they
often have chocolate chips next to the ice cream, so you
can put the chocolate chips on the ice cream, and it’s like extra. – Back to go do some work in KTSA, the theater and studio arts building. As a senior art major, everybody gets their own studio space. Get a little glimpse. Hi Heidi. I’ve only got a couple more
days until this painting is due so I am praying to the art gods
that I get it done in time. (knocking on wood) Wish me luck. Feeling fun and festive
in the suite tonight. What are you guys making? – A gingerbread volcano. – Look at that. Finally got back to my room, I think I’m gonna call it a night. So thank you so much for following me on a day in my life and I hope to see you one day on the Hill.

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