MAX TH12 ATTACKS – Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update – Electro Dragons, Lavaloon and Falcon!

In today’s Clash of Clans video we are
bringing you more maxed out Town Hall 12 Gameplay starting off here with the
Electro Dragons. Many of you asking does the Lava Hounds help out the
Electro Dragon? So we are going to test that for you today and then switch up
our troops and attack with different ones as we move through the video. Guys
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random videos throughout this month. So I’m going to start the funnel here with
the baby dragons. You guys know that I like to use the Electro Dragons to
funnel as well however you do have to make sure you’re getting value out of
them, it is 30 housing space and because on this base all I want to do is take
out the defenses and the trash buildings, if you will on the perimeter and I don’t
really need to commit to an Electro Dragon, I can get away with just the Baby
Dragons. Now again with the Giga Tesla, you want to time that grand warden’s
ability so that you are not hitting the giant bomb hidden underneath, especially
in my case I am using Bowlers. I definitely do not want them getting
blasted. Let’s start to bring in the lava hounds and the Electro Dragons, let’s
make sure to bring one to the left-hand side here just to create a funnel for
that main pack. Let’s use a rage spell to both of these sets coming forward.
Hopefully we can take down the single target inferno, definitely helpful there
guys. We have the lava hound now moving across which will help to protect the
Queen as well, this is actually looking fantastic. Let’s press that ability, she
is about to take damage from the king, continues to smash her way through this
base, the Queen is most certainly the MVP. Let’s get a heal spell onto these
Dragons and a rage spell, help them through the single inferno here, which
they are going to get. This is looking amazing guys I cannot see a way for
these defenses to take down my Electro Dragons, it is going to be a very
impressive 3 star, so there is your answer, the Lava Hounds
were beasts. They helped the Electro Dragons to basically, on the left hand
side take out the defenses there and all that trash buildings so that the main
group of them could force down the middle of the base, get the 3 stars,
man that was so epic. Let me know what you think of the lava hounds and the
Electro Dragons, let’s move on to a different attack. You guys have been
asking in the comments for the Lavaloon attack strategy and I gotta tell you
guys I am not an expert at this but I am going to give it a shot for you. Now in
this base the air sweepers are pointed to the south. Very much like the Hog
Riders you will need to get the enemy queen and CC down. So let’s start off
with a few baby dragons to create that funnel, Siege Machine in from the south
alongside the heroes and let’s push them forward and try and take out the CC and
that enemy Queen. The aim here is I want to target my balloons straight onto that
single target inferno. Let’s put a poison spell onto the CC, Queen is
hopefully going to get drawn out in a minute and our Bowlers come out of the Siege Machine. Trying to wait to encompass them to press that grand wardens ability, I don’t think they made it through but
basically what we’re aiming for here is the air sweepers, the CC we already have
down. The enemy queen is a must, if we can that Giga Tesla would be helpful,
remember it does have a multi-pronged attack on to the Balloons. So let’s
start to get them in, as we come in here we want to really come in from a massive
angle so notice how I have the Balloons coming in from the eas.t I want the ones
here by the single target inferno to lock straight to that Eagle artillery so
this kind of needs to go down as it does, are they’re going to the air defense. I
really need a couple of these Balloons to get on to that Eagle artillery as they
do, that is awesome news guys that once that goes down we should be on for a lot
better of an attack here. Now I really want to, kind of wanted them Balloons to
target the wizard tower but not too bad they’re going to that Tesla and Archer
tower, they are still important buildings to get down for the pathing of the
balloons. Now use that heal spell, the freeze and the
haste in this nasty area if you will. There’s two wizard towers, a single target
inferno, we need to protect our Balloons through this. Can we actually get the
3 guys, I’m going to put two in towards this Tesla, it is going to be
close we have a surrounding of Balloons on this air defense. Once this goes down
there is only the Archer tower left, can we get a 3 star with Lavaloon to
show you guys, and I’ve got to tell you I am not an expert with Lavaloon, it looked
oh it has a sliver of health guys I cannot believe it, 50 seconds, I didn’t
give myself too many troops in the way of cleanup so I think. If the minions
can get through this elixir storage they might be able to get that one shot but I
think it is going to be a time fail but hopefully guys that will show you
that the Lavaloon will certainly work. There’s a number of strategies, we’re
going to go on to the Falcon attack next, the Electro Dragons, the new troop, you
did see we got that 3 star alongside the Lava hounds. Anyone that’s a bit more
of an expert than me at Lavaloon will be able to get this done. I have very
much faith in the Lavaloon strategy because like I said I’m not an expert at
deploying them balloons, we’ll just have to see though as base layouts change
they might indeed catch up, it is going to be a time fail, 90 95 % here though
with the lavaloon, not too bad, let’s move on. Here we are then guys with the Falcon
attack strategy, I’ve never been able to get this to work at Town Hall
11, it is very much a 9 and 10. I know some people have done it at 11, let’s try
it at 12. So just having a look here, we want to try and get through these single
target infernos. Again I’m going to create my funnel with the baby dragons,
again the Electro Dragon is good to create the funnel but it is a lot of
housing space if you can get the job done with a few baby dragons, which we do. Now let’s bring the Queen in with the healers. Going to start down in the south
where theres no air defense to kind of distract her if you will and then as she
moves up I am going to put the Wall Wrecker in and use a couple of Valkyries
to funnel from this right-hand side. They should then move,
no they want to go for that mortar, but I was hoping they’d move down to this
other pack as we move them through. We should just need rage spells to push
through the base, no jumps for the Valkyries the Queen looks like she’s
gonna go on for a walk I wanted her to go into the base and somewhat protect
the Valkyries as well. The healers I was hoping would swap onto that but never, oh there we go they have indeed, the Queen has gone into the base and sorry guys there’s so much going on here. Trying to get rage spells
in. Let’s push Hog Riders in from the bottom though, let’s try and take out
these defenses where the troops have missed and circle up around. The last thing we
want is Valkyries coming down here. I have one heal spell for the Hog Riders
which I’m going to use next to that wizard tower, doesn’t look like the Hog
Riders are gonna go there though, so we need to bring our focus to this single
Inferno which the Queen stepped up and got that done. Definitely looks like we’ve
missed the wizard tower but I still think we’re looking good here guys, we’ve
got Hog Riders coming through, no spells left but the Queen’s ability. Falcon at
TH12, what do you guys think? I think this is 3, especially when the
Queen gets through there with her ability, we’re gonna press it in a minute,
I am going to hold on to it as much as I can but I think we’re gonna have to
press it to get through this Archer tower, let’s just see though can we
indeed do it, let’s press it guys there’s a giant bomb going off but I still think
that’s the 3. There’s only a wizard tower and we have the Queen, Bowlers,
Valkyries and Healers on that Queen. 3 star for the Falcon attack and
with that let’s wrap up the video. Three attacks for you at Max Town Hall 12. I
hope you have enjoyed this, make sure to leave a like if you have guys and let me
know what your favorite attack strategy is for TH12 down in the comment
section and let me know if you are enjoying the video. That is going to wrap
it up for this one though guys, I’ve been your host Judo Sloth and until next time,
peace out.


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