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Hey Amir! Lower the volume. What’s wrong? Hello! Yea, we’ll be there in about an hour. What the hell are you talking about? How can we reach there in an hour? Yeah. I understand. Alright. Ok thank you. Good bye. What the hell? I got you guys this farmhouse in such a great deal. Listen guys. Sam arranged for this farmhouse. Just imagine how amazing this deal would be. I’m not gonna stay in some cheap place. It has to be clean and comfortable. Do you get it? I see. If it’s such a big problem for you, why don’t you go and find a farmhouse yourself? Oh shut up loser. You shut up. Sam! Mishaal! Stop it Tombstones? Wow. What an amazing place. What’s amazing in a graveyard, you idiot? To see that, you need an eye for it, and a brain too. Unfortunately you don’t have either. You know, it’s not your fault because all models are dumb. And so are you. Sam. Stop teasing her. And this was your idea of a perfect farmhouse? Tombstones? How would I know? Now we know, why the rent was so low. Try to use your brain for a change. Leave me alone, you nerd. I don’t have a problem staying here. Those who do, can take a hike. I don’t have a problem either. What’s wrong Mishaal? No. Nothing. I don’t know. it just feels that I’ve been here before. hmm. I can understand. what? that you’re so lost that even when you were here before, you can’t seem to remember it. Sam! stupid. not bad. but it seems it’s been empty for a long time why should we care? I think this place is perfect for all of us. right Mishal? yeah it’s nice okay guys, lets set the rules. keep the house clean and don’t disturb me. feels weird. so much silence here. yea, but I really like it when we are out of town. it’s so peaceful. you get time to think. and you know what? you get answers to so many questions. yea. I feel that too. you know? all of us have dreams except Sam. Amir, a fashion photographer. me, a top model. and then we’ll get married. Perfect. sure sure. that’s perfect. why are you guys so boring? what is your problem? you will just read a book or make a painting which a 10 year old can also make. and mr. photographer will either be taking photos of a tree or of Mishaal. should I be taking your pictures instead? Anyways. my friend has a farmhouse nearby and they’re having a party tonight. what do you say? Sam are you capable of doing anything in life except partying? look. I’m gonna go there. you guys can do whatever you want. what rubbish Sam. there must be something that you can actually do. yes I do. I enjoy my life. I’m not a loser like you. Sam. you need to grow up. and you need to loosen up beautiful. this place is so deserted there is nothing in at least 8 mile radius. and why is there a graveyard in front of the farmhouse? it’s not like we’re staying here forever. whenever we find a better option, we’re out. but Amir, there is no network coverage here there’s no network coverage here. who’s gonna call you anyway Sam! at least think before you speak. what did I say? shut up. I’ll check on her. wait. I got it. what? Mishaal. are you okay? yeah. I’m okay. listen. you know Sam, right? he says without thinking. he is right. who’s gonna call me? I don’t have anyone Mishaal… what got into my parents, Amir? what really got into my parents? when I was only three years old they handed me over to strangers? and then they didn’t even try to contact me I don’t even know who I am. I don’t even know who I am. Mishaal. and after that day every student thinks I’m a genius. but they don’t know that I stole that test from internet. Rida are you okay? Rida what? why are you so spaced out? I saw this really strange dream last night awww. baby had a bad dream? baby got scared? should I get you ice cream? Stop it Amir. can’t you see that she’s upset. all right. then tell us. what did you see? was it me by any chance? or were you dreaming about me? shut up guys. just leave me alone. I ll go and check with the caretaker. there is still no network coverage. so guys? ready for party tonight? party? yeah my friend is throwing a party tonight let’s go. it will be fun. what do you think, Amir. Okay, we’ll go. Rida! dreams can have people that you know are the people you have never met , places that you have been to, and places you have never heard of. whatever you saw in your dream had no meaning. I just wanted to say don’t worry Waqas thank you who is she? remember the shoot from last week? this is the model from then. oh. she’s a nice girl. hmm. and you know what? she had an amazing sense of humor. we had such chemistry. why don’t you marry her if she’s that good. you know I was just kidding. Amir! you know I don’t like these kind of jokes. and you know that I’m always scared to lose you. I only have you. and I’ll always be yours. I want to fulfill all of your dreams. and whatever I do, it’s all for you. and I want this silly girl to smile at all times. and we still have to build your dream house with pool. what was in that? walk in wardrobe. aah Walk in wardrobe. Amir! you wont change, would you? never. promise. excuse me sir. sir. our cellphones are not working here. do you know anything about that? i have no idea. since when do you live here? since very long. why is a graveyard in the middle of the farm? you know why? mr. and mrs. Joseph and their two daughters used to live in this house. and this is the place where I have buried them all. all of them? what happened here? sir? Rida have you decided what you’ll be wearing? Umm. No. I haven’t decided yet what? why so relaxed? it’s a party after all. okay tell me how does it look? wow. very nice. wow. you will also design my wedding dress. done. tell me Rida. you like Sam, dont you? Sam? Mishaal. Are you out of your mind ? why? what’s wrong with him? he’s just a friend. and besides, I can’t stand his nonsense for more than five minutes. I like men with brains. not idiots like Sam. Really? don’t you think brainy guys are boring? anyways. Now get up and change. Yeah. just give me a minute. Rida. come. come on. okay Mishaal. I can’t believe this. how did this happen? my hand was not in my control. I did not write Maya. There is something wrong, Amir. relax Mishaal. I’m here for you. tell me what happened. Yeah. I still can’t forget that dream. I still get goose bumps thinking about it over and over again. there’s something wrong with this place. okay. okay. relax girls. I know this place is new for us. plus there is a graveyard in the front. I’m sure you just got scared. just give it some time. I agree with Waqas. we are also here. we have’nt seen anything weird. all right. cheer up. let’s party. but Amir … nothing will happen. promise. okay. let’s go Mishaal. what do you guys think? is there something wrong? no way man. these girls are just being oversensitive. yeah. Rida got scared of just a dream. let’s just give them some time. what happened? I think you are seeing a girl too. nah man. the camera was about to fall. pizza delivery sir Amir, what’s gotten into you? what’s it to you? go have fun inside. what? don’t act childish. just relax. okay? I’m relaxed. I for once realized how much you really enjoy partying. and I’ve realized that you are a psycho. Mishaal, stop it right here. You stop it. what just happened? I still can’t believe this. Ali, have you called police? No way, what would I tell them? I won’t call. relax. call them. there was a murder committed at your farmhouse. you will be in trouble. why would I be in trouble I didn’t murder anyone. if I go back now he’ll kill me too. I won’t go back until it’s safe. now what’s wrong with Rida? she just saw a murder happen. obviously, she’s in a state of shock. she’s so cold. I think we should let her rest. I’ll keep an eye on her. good morning Rida. Rida. Amir. Amir. Something has happened to Rida. What happaened? I don’t know let’s go see what’s wrong what? yes? we’re looking for Mr. Ali Ahmed Sheikh. i ll call him. yes. I am Ali. Mr. Ali. there was a man killed at your farmhouse, last night. did you inform the police about it? I don’t know who he was. or where he came from. even I was totally shocked that’s why I came here. whoever he was, he couldn’t be sane. the body was found in pieces. the victim was brutally murdered. and who are you? Sam Shahnawaz. were you also there at the crime scene? yes you both have to come with us. come on guys. I know what happened was bad. just try to forget it. there is something definitely wrong with this house. Mishaal. you’re right. there’s something creepy about this house. it feels like we’re being watched. I think we should leave this place. Amir. what’s wrong? nothing. everything will be fine. don’t worry. Sam must be on his way. I’ll talk to him. I think we can arrange a better place in a couple of days. alright. if you guys really believe that this place is haunted. then fine. we’ll just move. what is this watchman doing all day long? it’s like he’s been digging the same place since we’ve got here. whatever girls. I’m really hungry. we’ll go make some sandwiches. all right? why does Amir think that I can’t do anything, as if I have got no brain. why are you laughing? okay tell me, how can I help? don’t do anything. I’ll make them myself. you know Rida? I feel some presence in this house too. that day when I wrote Maya, I swear something else was controlling my hand. and then this morning, when you said .. what did I say? nothing Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam, what’s wrong? I don’t get this. I just saw a girl near the graveyard. and someone was calling repeatedly. Maya. Maya? yes, Maya. who the hell is Maya? and the strangest part is, she looked exactly, like Mishaal. what? what are you talking about? how is that possible? Sam is right. I’ve seen her too. Amir. What’s going on here? don’t worry. relax. we’ll arrange a new place by tomorrow. okay? Maya Sam. let’s go. where? just come with me. Waqas, what is wrong with you? are you out of your mind? what if she returns? relax. here. here. look at this. Maya Joseph. 1981 to 2004. oh my god. that means Maya is a ghost. I don’t believe this. it’s like in the movies. Maya. Maya wants to tell us something. what does she want to tell? i mean if she is already dead. what’s the point? hmm. she is trying to make contact. you stay here. I will be back in a minute. wait. hey. where are you going? Waqas. Waqas. Maria. Maria Joseph. what are you doing? leave her. she isn’t Maria. why did you come back? why are you here? you’ll die. you’ll die here. she is waiting for you. this land needs your blood. shut up. this land needs your blood. go away. go away. go away from here. who was that crazy women back there? everybody is crazy here i guess. why was that crazy woman calling me Maria? Mashal. because she was crazy. Sam. did you talk to Kashif? have you found another place to stay? yea, I have talked to him. he has got some options. he’ll get back to us by tomorrow. I think the car’s battery is down. what the hell. come on. we have to do something. there is a town nearby. I will go. I’ll come with you. make it quick guys. Maria. Maria, you should have not come here. Mishaal Mishaal, let’s get out of here. Sam, what are you upto? Nothing. are you looking for something? yes I am. Truth. Truth? how innocent? like you know nothing. Sam, what are you talking about? Let’s drop the curtain now. Alright? tell me the truth, Mishaal what exactly is going on? Sam. what are you talking about? there’s nothing going on, stupid. don’t mess with my mind, Mishaal. just tell me. who are you? Come. Sit. Listen Sam. i know you’re stressed out. and i can understand. we all are. you are asking me who I am? I’m your friend. Friend? no, no, no, no. I don’t know you. in fact, even you don’t know yourself. Sam. Stop it. Why? you don’t like truth? hmm? you know what Mishaal? you can be anyone. you can even be a bloody psycho. according to this book. whatever this power is. we cannot fight it. what is this crap? spirits, ghosts and Maya? I don’t believe in this bullshit. Can’t you guys see? she looks exactly like Mishaal. the ghost. can’t you see she is going all this? she is a bloody psycho. Sam. shut up. am I doing all this? Sam. have you gone crazy? Sam. you should be ashamed of yourself. you are all involved in this. what the hell was that? so you are angry becuase i said something to your girlfriend. don’t you care about us? she is behind all this. shut up. if you say a single word about Mishaal. I’ll shred you into pieces. this is my last warning to you. wow. and I thought we were friends. Mishaal is your friend too. Can’t you see that she is hurt with what you just said? we all are worried. just don’t make it worse. Amir. Waqas. what happened? Maya. ok. that’s it. Amir. we have to get out of here. yes. Waqas is right. ok. get your stuff. I’ll go start the car. Sam, are you ok? what is it? we are going to die. what? what are you saying? none of us will survive. Sam, why are you saying this? Yes, I know. I had to do a lot in my life. I don’t want to die. Sam. listen. we are not going to die. ok? nothing will happen. ok? how can you be so sure? huh? i know. she’ll kill us one by one. we are trapped. this is the end. Sam, just keep quiet. Sam please. we need to be strong right now. so please stop it. please. what happened? nothing. I ll try to start the car again. we have to get the hell out of here. Sam. Are you alright? Sam. have you gone mad? give me your gun. I am not crazy. you all are. don’t come closer or i’ll shoot. Why are you tying me? Sam shut up. my God. what is happening to us? Sam, what’s gotten into you? I am fine. open me up. not another word, Sam. nobody is going to mention Maya now. what was that? there is nobody here. Maya is playing with our minds. come on. let’s go. I didn’t do it. I am not Maya. Sam. Mishaal. what have you done? I didn’t do it Amir. it means Sam was right all along.
this was all Mishaal’s doing. Mishaal is a psycho. Sam. Amir. what do we do now? a dead body. what has Mishaal done? no. this wasn’t Mishaal’s doing. Mishaal
can’t be Maya. this does not make sense. whatever is happening here. nothing is making any sense. where did Michelle go? wait. let’s think of something. father. please help me. please Sit down. I was waiting for you Maria. you have no idea what have I done. Sam. how could I kill him? you did not kill him, my child. Maya killed him. Maya? who is this Maya? and what does she want from us? please tell me everything you know. mr. and mrs. Joseph were very respectable people. when they bought this house they had no idea what was waiting for them. after a couple of years, they had twin daughters Maria and Maya. apparently, they looked exactly like each other. but in reality, they were poles apart. Maya was growing up real fast she could talk even as a baby, could walk and make strange drawings but Maria, meaning you, was a normal child. it means, Maya was my sister? yes, my child. when Maya made this drawing, Mr. Joseph brought her to me, I saw devil in her eyes. I advised mr. Joseph to keep you away from Maya. that is why they gave you up for adoption. where are my parents now? and why have they never contacted me? I have been looking for them. Maya looked for you too. In fact, she is the one who have brought you here. I was always scared of you coming back as Maya grew up, the devil inside her, became more powerful and evil i tried my best, but … but mr. Joseph and mrs. Joseph didn’t
give up. they consulted best doctors. when nothing worked in their favor. They decided to take things their hands. they were scared of going near her. so much, that even feeding her was becoming a problem. and then one day, the poor couple lost all
hope for their daughter, and decided that that they will poison her. and forget everything about her. they hoped that this will end their misery. but why did they bury her in the courtyard? because, they had already decided to leave both Maya and that house, for good. however on the last night in that house, Mr. Joseph was found hanging from the ceiling. and Mrs. Joseph was found dead in her room. we buried them both right next to Maya but why did Maya kill them? what was their fault? just leave my child. leave this place and never come back. who is buried in the other graves? of those , who stayed in that house. No, I will not let Maya do this anymore,
not anymore Stop. don’t do this Maria. you cannot stop Maya. in fact nobody can. please Amir do something. if we
don’t get out of here, Maya’s gonna kill us too. Waqas. Where is Sam’s gun? here. how many bullets left? two. what are you saying? what are you going to do? Rida. relax. we will get out of here. will you kill Maya with this gun? Not Maya. Maya. Why did you do this? Why did you kill our parents? what do you want? show yourself. you wanted me. here I am. but you won’t harm my friends. I wont let you. do you understand? come, face me. Waqas, what are we waiting for? we have car now. please. let’s leave. yes. Rida is right. let’s pick Mishaal and leave. before Maya returns. Maya is here. Maya is here. you have a problem with that? would you have a problem if Mishaal dies? you love Mishaal, don’t you? I will slaughter her. slowly. slowly. slowly. see this. and this. whom do you think you’ll kill? Mishaal? or Maya? Maya. Leave Mishaal. Amir. Amir. What are doing to me? Mishaal. where am I? you Amir.


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