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Welcome to Mayflower Theatre, my name is Mike and I work in Community and Education here. Working together with Autism Hampshire we have made this short film to show you around our theatre. A trip to the theatre can be an exciting adventure, but by knowing more about where you are coming and how we do things here we hope you will enjoy your trip even more. I’ve been joined by Sue and Luke from Autism Hampshire to show you around. I hope you enjoy this short film and I hope
to see you here very soon. This is the outside of the Mayflower Theatre. As you can see it is next to a busy main road. The theatre is at the centre of Southampton, the central train station is a short walk from the theatre and there are buses that stop near the Mayflower Theatre too. There are also car parks nearby. You enter the Mayflower through these doors at the front of the theatre. This is the main hallway of the theatre and it is called the foyer. If you would like to buy a ticket or pick
up a ticket you bought earlier, you come here to the Box Office. If you need any help when you are in the theatre you need to ask one of the Front of House staff – they are dressed in black. The men have a tie and both men and women have a name badge. In the foyer you might want to buy a programme – it will tell you about the show that you are going to watch. The programme sellers are in the middle of the foyer. Just here you can buy sweets and chocolates – it’s self service and you can pay the person at the till. There is also places you can buy merchandise for the show, you can buy it before the show, during the interval or after the show. On one side of the theatre there’s a quiet
lounge area where you can come if you are feeling anxious or need a quiet place. You now need to have a look at your ticket to find out where you will be going. There is either the Stalls, the Circle or the Balcony. Have a look at your ticket to find out which part of the theatre you will be sitting in. If you are in the Stalls you will need to go down a few stairs. If you are in the Circle you will have to go up a few stairs. If you are in the Balcony you must go up a lot of stairs. There are signs directing you to the right part of the theatre. Before you see the show you might want to buy a drink in one of the lounges, this is the Circle Lounge. And this is the Stalls Lounge. Cheers! You might want to go to the toilet before the show, both lounges have toilets and there are plenty of other toilets too. The show will be in the auditorium, this is the entrance to the auditorium. It is very large with all the seats facing the stage where the show will be. 45 minutes before the show starts the doors open to the auditorium. Your ticket has a row letter and a seat number on it. When other people arrive in the auditorium you might need to stand up when they pass so they can get to their seat if it is near you. 5 minutes before the start of the show there will be an announcement on the loud speakers which will say the show is about to start,
a bell with also ring. It’s show time, the show will start. When the show starts the lights in the auditorium will dim and the lights on the stage will go on. Everyone in the audience will be quiet. You will need to be as quiet as you can during the show so that you can hear everything. During the show there may be music and people talking and singing. The people in the audience might clap or shout or cheer. You can join in if you wish. Half way through the show there will be an interval which is the short break. The actors will leave the stage and the lights in the auditorium will come on. You can buy an ice cream in the auditorium, go to the bar for a drink and go to the toilet if you want to. If you do go out of the auditorium there will be an announcement on the loud speaker telling that the show is going to start again shortly. After the interval everyone will come back
and sit in their seats again. It will get darker and quieter again just
like the beginning of the show. When the show has finished the audience will clap their hands to tell the actors they have enjoyed the show. Join in if you wish. Then all of the actors will come out onto
the stage and the clapping will get even louder. At the end of the show all the actors will
bow. The show is now over, so everybody will get out from their seats in order to leave the theatre and go home. It might be busy and you might have to wait to get out of the theatre. We hope you have enjoyed this film about a visit to Mayflower Theatre and we hope that you would like to come again to see a show. Goodbye!


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