McGill Libraries: Redpath Hall

The Redpath Hall was the major Arts and Humanities
building until the addition of the McClennan Library. The main levels of Redpath holds
both a section for quiet individual study space and a section for group study space.
The individual area has windows along its walls lighting the large tables during the
day. This area contains desks for students desiring further privacy in studying. Washrooms
and water fountains are located directly in front of the individual study area. On the
other side of the building lies the group study area that houses an array of colourful
seating, whiteboards, and round study tables. There is also a computer lab, printing services,
and an audiovisual room available for students. This floor holds 15 private group study rooms
which students can book through the Library Catalog website. The Redpath Hall is west
of Lower field and north of the McClennan Library.

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