ME And Mr.UNKNOWN – Award Winning Tamil Short Film ( With English Subtitles).

Hi guyz, this is Kumar reporting from Manchester of south India – Coimbatore. This is a social awareness video, now I’m standing in front of city’s most important landmark. Look at these people, how busy they are. Their life style has developed a lot; these kinds of shopping malls are the best examples for it. Today, in cities like Chennai and Coimbatore, our people got used to very materialistic life In owe to their modern life style, they are losing their originality in culture and tradition. So I’m doing this awareness video based on these issues I’m going to select 100 random people in the city and will ask a question to each one of them. So shall we start, let’s go. Excuse me sir, do you know ******’s name – I don’t know. Do you know ******’s name? -Why should I know his name. – I don’t know. Why should I know their name. Since morning, I’ve asked this same question to 99 persons. In that 53 answers were NO. Still 1 more to reach 100. Hmm… Hi buddy, sorry for being late. I was not in town for last one week. I had lots of works to finish. That’s why… So, how are you ? How is your wife, Is she fine?? -No No, what are you saying? -That night… Which night? At least one day have you come earlier ? If work and office is more important to you, then why do u need Love, Marriage and a family ? I left my Mom, Dad and everything for you, i’m a mad girl, now i’m caged all alone in this house but your work is more important for you than me. Can’t you even spend some time for me ? -Hey, why are you shouting now? Should everybody hear us? Am I simply roaming around? I can’t come home at 5pm due to my work pressure. Understand? (RJ voice) U have heard a wonderful song from the film saroja, you are hearing suryan FM 93.5. (RJ voice) One important information, hope you all remember there was a kidnap in Chennai last month. Yes, a lady named kavitha
who has been kidnapped when she was alone at home. So be careful people to avoid such happenings in Coimbatore. Don’t talk to strangers, support police. It’s a request from Coimbatore commissioner. So ladies and kids don’t go out alone and be careful when you are alone at home. You are hearing Suryan FM 93.5, Hello Renu. Did Anu come there? No? She is not picking my call, I don’t know where she went, can u please try her number. Excuse me, can u take me a picture? (wat the F***k) Excuse me, it’s a very good scenery and I’m trying to take a silhouette shot but am not able to, can u pls take me a pic? Hope you don’t mind. You know what, sunrise and sunset photography are called as poor photography, whoever captures it, it will be beautiful, but still, your photography is very poor. Cigar? Western Ghats, Sunset, excellent climate, beautiful outskirts of Coimbatore. I’d like to spend the rest of my life here in a beautiful cottage. I assume there are many cottages available here, do u know any? Renu, did Anu attend your call? No! ok, I will call you later I’ve been watching you for a while, you look tensed. Any problem? Who are you? it is none of your business. Don’t irritate me, please keep your mouth shut. Why so serious, you helped me in taking a picture. So I thought of helping you, just tell me. I’ve a bug inside my trouser. Do you want to help me with that? Hmm! I am not sure about what is inside your trouser, But!! I’m sure your wife is not at home for last half an hour, is that right? If your wife is not in the house, will you try to call her only twice? Sakthivel, age 26. Wife – Anu, age 23, newly married, love marriage, that too eloped. staying at high-style cottage outside the city. If u leave to office @ 8am, you’ll come back only @10pm . You are so busy that, you don’t have time even to shave your beard. Wonder that you have reached home today @ 5pm, but your wife is missing. Updated right? Who are you! how did you get Anu’s mobile? Where is anu? Why are you following us? Don’t get angry Sakthi, will a person kidnap your wife and
stand in front of you like me? so better mind it. Let’s make this simple, Give me 10 lakhs,
and you walk home with your wife. Don’t plan anything silly. I don’t have that much I know you have signed a contract for 15 lakhs last week. I know everything about you, don’t try to fool me. Better get the money. Ok, I need to talk to Anu first, I want to know she is fine. Then I will give how much money you ask, I assure you. I know! you will give whatever asked for her. You love Anu that much right! She has told a lot about you Anu told? How do you know Anu? People have friends all over the world through faceboook, but they really don’t know who their neighbors are. Still confused? I am RAM, I am staying at the same cottages where you do. Your flat is D3 and mine is D2. I am your neighbor. You don’t know me, but I know about you. Because my wife and your wife have become friends on the first day itself. Anu used to say everything to my wife Priya. Even today morning… Don’t be sad Anu He is late even yesterday night. He is always concentrated towards his job. He is not spending time with me. Yesterday too we both quarreled. Ya even we heard that. Why are you expecting him every time, he might be busy at work. You like to shop right, come let’s go. You know to drive right? Key Ram, we are leaving. If sakthi comes, give him the house key. Not only the key, Anu give your mobile too. I am watching you from the day you came; Sakthi is not talking with anyone here. Even there is some issue between you two. I’m gonna play a small game, don’t worry, he will be fine. Since the day you came here I have been watching you, you are not speaking with anyone in this cottage. Not even you, most of them who are in city life-style are like this. Moreover people living in Multi-store apartments don’t know who are nearby, like you. Who are you to question me! This is my life and I live to my wish. What is your problem! Now-a-days guys like you wish to have high life style as shopping malls, luxury flats., who bothers to spend time to know their neighbors These days only awnings in nearby house shows there is some marriage ceremony, you know your neighbors only when you need passport verification. I am not saying these to scare you, just thought of. That’s why I spoke to Anu, got the mobile and followed you You and Anu loved each other and eloped, just like us. For people like us neighbor support is must. So sakthi please “Know Your Neighbors” Are you telling the truth, can I talk to Anu once? Still you don’t believe me! Anu and priya are together at shopping. Wait I will call my wife priya Confused? Now, the show is mine… Ram and priya, newly married, love marriage, eloped. No friends and family support now. So no one will be there if they are in trouble. First I should become close to priya, for that we should be play a scene. Then we should confirm how much money they have Last week he signed a contract for 15 lakh 10 days ago he too got a commission of 30 lakh I got the phone from Anu, what about that? That’s a big mistake done by you, you gave us a plan to divert you. Priya’s mobile. Take care if Ram calls. We will at our place 5:30pm sharp. Handle Ram till that. Also, he got my phone, said he is gonna play with you. He will be watching you, be careful. My target was to distract you till 5:30. I was thinking how I am gonna handle you for half an hour, for that too you gave me a plan. Moreover the things like photography, neighbor’s awning, and passport said by you, was sensational. You have said everything the society required, but no one will listen to you. If somebody stuck with you, you fill him with advice huh! Thought of asking 25 lakhs only. But you spoke too much, so give 30 lakhs and take your wife. Err… did I forget something I wanted to say… hmm… Know your neighbors !!! Perfect plan. He should have been watching you closely. He was talking too much then, but you didn’t even reply a word, why? How can I? Priya is with him. Now where she is? He asked to bring the money that day, gave the money to him and priya was with me in half an hour. Ok! Did you have a check on his house, car no.?? Everything is fake. You know what, you wanted him to realize something, but he made you to realize the same. What was that? You must know your neighbors !!! Don’t irritate me, I am already frustrated. We shouldn’t let him go like this. Did you went to the cops? No. If we go to the cops, this will become news and will draw more attention. So no need. You are also right, Don’t worry dude. We will get him. We shold deal this problem in a different way… From morning I have been asking this question to 99 person. 70% percentage of them answered “No, I don’t know”. So will make this figure 100 for a result. Huh! Somebody is coming near café coffee day, come lets ask him. Excuse me sir, this is a public awareness video. I am gonna ask you a question. Uh! “ DO YOU KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR’s NAME?”


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