Meera Ke Girdhar Full Movie | Hindi Devotional Movie

The love crazy Meera . . . a trinity of love,
worship, and faith . . . lived all her life
worshiping Girdhar Gopal. From the age of five
till her last breath . . . she kept craving for
her unseen beloved. Maybe that is why her dried tears
turned her land of birth . . . her land of love, Rajasthan,
into a land of dry sands. She made everyone there
devoted to Shyam. Her unique love brimmed
with such devotion . . . it is carrying along devotees in its
stream since the last five centuries. And will continue to do
so for aeons. ”Whatever this world may say” ”However it may weigh love” ”So what if I am away from you” ”Only your image floats in my eyes” ”Shyam, Shyam, O my Shyam” ”O my Shyam, Ghanshyam” ”I have not seen any dawn” ”The world has given me such darkness” ”I don’t know what to do” ”If the world is bad” ”Cry in private” ”So what if I am far away from you?” ”Only your image floats in my eyes” ”Shyam, Shyam, O my Shyam” ”O my Shyam, Ghanshyam” ”How do I say I adore him?” ”How do I hide even if I want to?” ”My state is such, that I am restless” ”Why is the world spewing poison,
let what has to happen, happen now” ”So what if I am far away from you?” ”Only your image floats in my eyes” ”Shyam, Shyam, O my Shyam” ”O my Shyam, Ghanshyam” Oh great! My daughter gets up early. What can I do, grandpa?
My Girdhar gets up early. You only tell me,
how can I sleep then? Is it?
– Yes. I have to do so much for him.
Bathe him, apply sandal wood paste. . . dress him up, offer oblation. Girdhar has domesticated
my little daughter. That’s true. Now go, I have
to arrange oblation for Girdhar. If I get late, he will get angry. What will I do then? Okay, I am leaving. But I had come to
tell what my Meera would like to hear. If it is what
Girdhar wants to hear, say it. Today is the festival
of Girdhar’s dance with maidens. Really grandpa? ”Like Radha got Kishin” ”My heart desires even
I get a beau like him” ”I dance with joy” ”The flute plays, the drums play,
the dot shines on my forehead” ”Like Radha got Kishin” ”My heart will bloom” ”I will find my dreamworld” ”My anklets tinkle” ”Even my heart is rejoicing today” ”I dance with joy . . . ” ”Even I will be a bride one day” ”I will wear the veil
and sit in a palanquin” ”My bangles ring” ”My earrings swing slowly” ”I dance with joy . . . ” We are very fortunate that you
sanctified our estate . . . with the touch of the
sacred Girdhar . . . and also blessed me and my subjects
with the viewing of today’s festival. It is all thanks to Girdhar Gopal. This performance was not pre-planned. We were going to Vrindavan. Girdhar inspired us to stop here. One’s life is accomplished
only by his blessing and inspiration. Acharya, I want to ask you something.
– Yes? Meera is a little girl, but she is
always lost in the worship of Girdhar. I tried my best,
but could not divert her attention. Can the heart be
separated from the body? I don’t understand. If Girdhar wishes,
you will understand very soon. I take your leave. My Girdhar Gopal ! Where are you, Girdhar Gopal?
Where did you leave me and go? My darling ! Girdhar Gopal left us, grandpa. Acharya must have taken Girdhar’s idol
along with the other idols by mistake. It will come back. Don’t cry.
– No, I want Girdhar Gopal. The idol will come back. Girdhar Gopal,
you will have to come back. Madhav, how far have
we come from Maidta? Only a furlong.
– Madav, stop the cart. As you wish. Hail Lord Krishna ! Girdhar Gopal,
you will have to come back. Acharya, you?
– I had to come back, Raoji. You will remember,
I told you something that day. That the heart cannot
be separated from the body. Yes, but I had not understood
what you meant. Come, you will even
understand that today. Meera. Girdhar Gopal,
you will have to come back. Oh God ! Meera, look who is here. Meera, Acharya has come. Acharya, where is my Girdhar Gopal? He is always close to you, dear. Take, my little Radha. You came back? You had to come back.
Let me see where you run and go now. Will you be able to carry it?
Shall I keep it in the temple for you? I can carry it. If I don’t carry him,
who will carry my Girdhar Gopal? Alright, take it carefully.
Hold here. Go. Girdhar, don’t ever
leave me and go again. I understand what you said
that day now, Acharya. Meera has become a part of Girdhar. Truly, no one can separate
Meera from Girdhar. Then why don’t you surrender Meera
to Girdhar & stop worrying about her? There is no time to think now. This kid born
as your granddaughter . . . is one of the infinite beloveds
of Girdhar, a form of Radha. Yes. O Girdhar Gopal,
I hand over Meera to you. Your devotee has become
free of responsibility forever. Meera belongs to you from now. She belongs to Girdhar Gopal. ”Girdhar Gopal belongs to me” ”How do I live without him?” ”I have to live and die with him” ”Girdhar Gopal belongs to me . . . ” ”I don’t feel at
peace even for a moment” ”My eyes don’t like anyone else” ”He has such an innocent face” ”That no one else impresses my heart” ”Don’t leave me and go” ”Girdhar Gopal belongs to me . . . ” ”How desperate I am, I cannot say” ”If I don’t see you, I feel restless” ”I don’t care if I lose the world” ”But I will not be able to
tolerate separation from him” ”Don’t ever leave me and go” ”Girdhar Gopal belongs to me . . . ” ‘ Girdhar, you are my Prince’ ‘ Don’t ever leave me’ Meera, O crazy lover! Good you came, Lalita. I’ll
recite a new couplet to you. He just gave it to me. I will hear the couplet,
first you listen to me. What is it that has become even more
important than my Girdhar’s couplet? Okay, tell me.
– Your father has come. I heard your uncle
has called him specially. So? The moment he came,
they went into discussion in a room. So? What so?
You are always lost in Girdhar. You just don’t care what’s
going on in the world. Why should I worry? Alright, but your father
has come after so many days. Won’t you meet him?
– Shall I tell you the truth, friend? Except Girdhar, I don’t even
feel like meeting anyone now. If father was alive today,
he would be pleased to hear this news. Yes brother, father only brought
up Meera, gave her an education. I am her father only in name. Meera is our most favourite
daughter, Rattan. When I got this message of
Rana Sangram Singh . . . I could not believe it for a moment. Because he has even proposed to
make you the chief of Mewad. Yes. He must have made the
proposal after due thought. The throne of Chittor is
the prestige of the Rajputanas. Likewise, even our Rathod clan
is the prestige of the Rajputs. The estate of Maidta may be small,
but we are not small in our bravery. Yes, but what we have to think about
is by building ties with us . . . is the Rana of Mewad
playing some political game? I have heard a lot of politics
is being played in Chittor. There are differences even
between the Queens there. Will our Meera have any . . . No one can change what
is destined, brother. But if we build ties
and make Mewad stronger . . . it will be in the
interest of the Rajputanas. So even you wish that
we accept Rana’s proposal? And send him our consent?
– Yes brother. I think we must consult Meera
once in this matter. What are you saying, brother! After
father, Meera has grown up under you. Whatever you do
will be in her interest. She cannot refuse you. Alright, then I’ll
send our consent to Rana. Come.
– Yes brother. Respected Rana,
the pride of the Rajputs . . . the scion of the Surya clan . . . the King of Mewad,
Rana Sangram Singh . . . Viramdev Rao of Maidta
sends his greetings. You have honoured us
Rathods of Maidta, . . . by asking for our daughter’s
hand in marriage. We are grateful to you for it.
We give our consent to your proposal. Fix an auspicious date and inform us.
Yours, Rao Viramdev. Minister, I am pleased that
Rao Viramdev accepted our proposal. But Ranaji, Maidta is a small
estate of 360 village. And Meera’s father is the
chief of only 12 villages But building ties with them,
the prestige of Mewad . . . Is getting a boost, minister. I am confident that the daughter of
Maidta will be my daughter-in-law. . . and even their sword
will become our friend. Ask the priest to give us
an auspicious date. I’d myself like to go to Maidta
and perform the rituals. As you wish, Ranaji. Did you hear correctly, Uda?
– Now hear this! You think your daughter has gone deaf? It’s not that. What I’m surprised about is
that without consulting me . . . Rana fixed Bhojraj’s alliance
with the daughter of Maidta. Watch what happens next. The alliance is being fixed today.
The marriage will happen tomorrow. Next, Bhojraj will take the throne. And then, we all will
be thrown out of the palace. Everything is possible. What is this, Vikram?
You cannot even stand properly. When his heart is on fire,
this is the only way to douse it. Poor brother!
– Don’t call me poor! the throne will go
to this worthless son. Bless you, Vikram. Your sister
and my hopes are pinned on you. The day you become King. . . your mother will become
the Queen Mother. And what will become of your sister,
Future King? Whatever you wish.
Let me become King first. Why do you worry?
The throne is yours. Whatever hurdle comes in your way
is sure to be crushed. Wish your words come true, sister. Careful, brother. Sir. . .
– How dare you show that to me! I’m dead ! My Master, first hit me with this. That’s okay, but why
have you covered your face? What happened to you?
– First beat me with this, sir. Beat me. Enough sir!
– Now tell me what happened. I could not do the job you assigned me.
– What! I went to the ladies quarters wearing
a veil, to give your message to Champa. But the maids recognised me
and hit me . . . with whatever they
could lay their hands on. Some with a broom, some with
a stick, and some with shoes. Not only that, they even said that
if ever I go to their quarters . . . wearing a veil, they will behead me. But by your grace, your
Dayaram Panda’s life was saved. That means from tomorrow, I’ll
have to make some other arrangement. No sir, I’ll arrange Champa for you. But without wearing the veil.
Okay sir. ‘ Dwell in my eyes, Nandlal’ ‘ You, who holds
the flute to your lips’ ‘ And wears a garland of flowers
round your neck’ ‘ Dwell in my eyes, Nandlal’ Why are you panting, Lalita? For who are the cannons being fired?
– In honour of Rana Sangram Singh. Do you know, he is coming with
the marriage token. Your marriage has been fixed
with Prince Bhojraj. What? My marriage? But my marriage
has been fixed in my childhood . . . with Girdhar Gopal. No, these cannons are not being
fired in anyone’s honour . . . but to kill someone’s husband. This is not possible! Grandpa !
Grandpa, look what is happening. How can such a disaster take place? The forehead that already shines
with someone else’s vermilion . . . isn’t it injustice to apply another
man’s vermilion on the same forehead? Isn’t it a sin? Answer me, grandpa. Speak!
Why don’t you speak? Don’t you remember that you only
had surrendered me to Girdhar? You only had made me his wife. Speak grandpa ! Don’t you remember anything?
Anything? I remember, dear.
I remember everything. Really grandpa? Then stop
this disaster from happening. Please stop it.
– This is not a disaster, dear. It is normal societal norm. Every girl gets married.
Even you will. That means you don’t
remember anything, grandpa. It is you who is forgetting, dear.
Because you were very little then. Acharya had told me a strange secret. He told me you are one of
Krishna’s infinite beloveds . . . a form of Radha. And. . . And despite knowing this,
this injustice is being done to me? It is not injustice, dear. Even
Radha was Krishna’s friend like you. She was his beloved.
She totally belonged to Girdhar. She didn’t marry Girdhar,
but someone else. Her heart always belonged to Girdhar. And physically,
she belonged to her husband. Even your heart can always
belong to Gopal after marriage. So is this your order?
– Not order dear, it is my blessing. May you be blessed.
May you always be happy. I looked for you everywhere.
What are you doing here, dear? I was seeking grandpa’s blessing
for a good beginning to my new life. I know dear, how much a girl
misses her mother on such occasions. If your mother was alive today . . . Grandpa and uncle’s love
never let me miss anything. You sired me. But it is the land of Maidta
that gave me my culture. Don’t say that, dear. Ratan had sent you to
Maidta with a heavy heart. He is so unfortunate,
death snatched his wife from him. Circumstances separated his only
child from him. He didn’t see your childhood,
but yes, he’ll now see you married. Be happy wherever you are. Uncle, I will get married,
but you give me a promise. Tell me, dear. Don’t ever separate me
from my Girdhar Gopal. Take my life if you like, but don’t
ever separate me from Girdhar Gopal. I am sure Rana will not
have any problem about that. ”Leaving her parents home,
the maiden will join her husband” ”When her husband comes to meet her,
she will shy away under her veil” ”She will get so much love,
she will forget us” ”Leaving her parents home . . . ” ”Wherever I may go . . . ” ”always be with me, Girdhar” ”I don’t know anyone else” ”I belong to you in my every life” ”I cannot live without you
even for a moment, what do I do?” ”Wherever I may go . . . ” ”always be with me, Girdhar” ”Why are you crying,
send her away” ”A daughter has to leave one day” ”I had to hide the pain in my heart” ”I didn’t want to leave,
but I had to” My dear. Prince, if my Meera makes any mistake,
please forgive her. Because something may always be amiss
in the rearing of a motherless child. Meera is a very naive girl,
take care of her. Why do you worry about me, father? The one who takes care
of me is with me. Him. Queen, you are being called.
The prince and his bride has come. Okay! If the bride waits a little,
her legs won’t break. Go. Come mother. Welcome sister-in-law.
– Come, daughter-in-law. Prince, come to the temple first,
let’s finish the rituals. Yes. Come bride. Daughter-in-law, why did you stop?
– Prince, come along with the bride. . . and worship the family deity. Come.
– No. What does this refusal mean? Without worshiping
the family deity, . . . the bride cannot enter
the palace, dear. Come and worship her. But. . . but Girdhar Gopal
is not in this temple. And I don’t worship without
the presence of Girdhar Gopal. You worship him everyday. But this is your first visit
to the family deity’s temple. Come. Such stubbornness
will not be tolerated here. Not at all ! Rana, you only make her understand. Her stubbornness will ruin the family. Try to understand, sister-in-law.
If the family deity gets annoyed . . . What if my Girdhar gets annoyed?
What will I do? Where will I go? No, I won’t be able to bear that. You will have to offer prayers. Apart from the family deity,
no other idol can be installed here. Meera, I have given you my word.
Do what I am saying today. Girdhar Gopal, if my love is true . . . like every prayer I offer, you
will be present even in this prayer. Come, Girdhar. Come Shyam Sunder. Hail Lord Krishna !
– Hail Lord Krishna ! My Girdhar, you kept my honour. Come. How did this happen? I think master, instead of a bride,
some sorcerer has come into the family. It is a cause for worry for all of us. You are desperate to go in, brother. Let him go.
Why are you troubling our Prince? How can I let him go
without taking my token from him? I am going to sleep in another room.
Good night. Wait. I am not so stupid
to let go off my gift. Give me my gift.
– Gift? Take. Go and sleep in another room. Let me see how long you can stay
away from my beautiful sister-in-law. I’ll give you the gift
after I’ve made you an aunt. All that later!
First give me my token. Take!
– You can go in now. Thank you. Do you intend to stand here
all night, brother? Sister-in-law, make him sit
somewhere else atleast for today. Why? Why?
My brother will answer that for you. Right brother? Having got you,
I am jealous of my own destiny. I had never expected to see
such a beauty on earth. And that too, so closely. Uda was right. What has God
got to do on the nuptial bed? Give, I’ll keep it over there. God? No, I am his wife. How can I sleep on
this bed without him? Don’t I have a right
to sit on this bed? Am I not your husband?
– No. ‘ I belong only to Girdhar Gopal,
none else’ ‘ One who wears a peacock feather
crown, is my husband’ And what about the marriage rites
you performed with me? My body performed the
marriage rites with you. But my heart has, I don’t know since
how many years, belonged to Girdhar. This is not the time to joke.
– Joke? Joke with my Girdhar? I cannot even imagine it.
– Your stubbornness won’t be tolerated. I have every right to be
stubborn for my husband. You should have told us
this beforehand. I had said I will not stay away
from my Girdhar even for a moment. Wait Prince, why are you leaving?
we will leave. My greetings to Prince Bhojraj. Come Panda. How are you? On this auspicious occasion,
I only need your blessings. Take. A spell should be such that it
leaves one spellbound. One has to bow before miracles. Everyone accepts your wife is great. She is wonderful.
That is how devoted one should be. That is how dedicated one should be. Those who were jealous
had to bite dust. That is what I was telling
Uda, brother. I am very scared. There is no need to be afraid.
We have to think of a solution . . . where we can have the
cake and eat it too. Uncle, we have only your support now. We never ever
expected anything from Rana. What if this sorcerer puts
even him under her spell? Didn’t you see how Rana
was bowing faithfully? And the prince?
He has a double spell cast on him. One of her beauty,
and the other of her mantras. We have to think how,
despite this sorcerer . . . we put Vikram on the throne.
How to make Rana understand. What will he understand?
He brought the girl from Maidta. He is even planning to make
Ratan Singh the Chief of Mewad. The problem is serious,
we must be very careful. Before the arrow is released
and hits bullseye . . . You will have to think
of a solution, uncle. Don’t worry, rest assured. Karmavati, I will be worthy
of being your brother . . . when I make my nephew,
Vikram sit on the Mewad throne. God willing,
even that day will come. Why are you laughing so much?
What is the matter? Poor brother!
– Who are you talking about? Bhojraj.
– Why, what happened to him? No!
– Ask Ramvati. She actually saw it. Ramvati, tell her. Tell mother who sleeps with Meera.
– Girdhar. That same magical idol.
– Is it? Push harder. . . harder. Stop. . .stop! Yes mother?
– Did Meera apply henna? What do I say?
She is swinging with him. Tell her we have a festival tomorrow. We have to even go to the temple after
afternoon.Ask her to come & apply henna As you wish. I’ll tell her. Leela, apply henna for me. Lalita, stop. Sister-in-law, applied henna?
I didn’t get a good colour. Show me yours. ‘ Girdhar written all over her hands’ ”I will immerse myself
in Girdhar’s colour” ”Even I will be like Radha” ”My home will be in Vrindavan” ”Where I’ll live along with my Natwar” ”I dance with joy” ”The flute plays, the drums play,
the dot shines on my forehead” ”Like Radha got Kishin” ”My heart desires even
I get a beau like him” Why are you looking at
her like thieves, Bhojraj? She belongs to you,
she is your wife. You have a right over her.
Go take your right. Go win your wife’s body. Go Bhojraj.
She belongs to you. . .you ! It’s probably my imagination. What were you about to do, Bhojraj?
You were going to challenge God? You were going to burn your hands
with the rays of the sun? No, Meera doesn’t belong to you.
She is that sacred pilgrimage . . . seeing which, worshiping which,
sins of several lives can be erased. Hail Lord Krishna ! ”I will sit in my beloved’s
palanquin all dressed up” ”I will belong to my beloved
in all my lives” ”This dream of mine will come true” ”My eyes will brim with happiness” ”I will sit in my beloved’s
palanquin all dressed up . . . ” ”He will be unique” ”The light of my lonely heart” ”My eyes are desperate” ”To see that innocent face” ”There will only be love in my life” ”Whatever he says
will be acceptable to me” ”I will sit in my beloved’s
palanquin all dressed up . . . ” ”I will win over
my mother-in-law’s heart” ”I will treat my sister-in-law
as my sister” ”My father-in-law will be very loving” ”I will serve him as my daughter” ”My world will be full of happiness” ”Love is what I’ll adorn myself with” ”I will sit in my beloved’s
palanquin all dressed up . . . ” Master, you have so many
maids in your palace. But not one of them who can
show some mercy on your Dayaram Panda. Stupid ! A woman loves,
she doesn’t show mercy. That is what I am saying.
I love so many, but none love me. You ass! A woman loves only
when she sees something in you. The shine of money, machismo. Ask this from Champa. Okay Master, I am leaving.
– Go. Master, I am leaving.
– Then go. My feet have got stuck, Master.
– You are a rascal ! They are free now. I’m leaving. Listen Dayaram,
tell Champa I have called her. I’ll have to go to the
women’s quarters again? So what? Are you going the
first time? Wear a veil and go. No Master,
I will not wear a veil and go. I understand, Master.
I’ll do something. Wife! . . .Wife! Come soon.
– Let me clean the temple first. Do that later. Come. Where are you taking me?
– Come, I’ll show you a miracle. Miracle? But what’s the hurry? Come soon.
– Wait. Where are you taking me? Hey! Where did it go?
– What? I just saw a huge temple
descending from heaven. And I saw your Girdhar Gopal
entering it. But sadly, you could not see it. Wonder where that strange
sight disappeared like a dream. It has not disappeared,
I can still see it. Why can’t I see it? Oh, I understood.
– What? That you can see everything
with your Girdhar’s divine sight. Not everything, only Girdhar Gopal. My eyes see only Girdhar Gopal. The truth is, they don’t even
want to see anything else. I have a thought.
– What? I’ll get a similar temple
built for Girdhar . . . like the one I saw just now.
– Really? Yes. Prince, any specific reason
for bringing me here? Yes Rana, I want your permission. I want to get a temple made
of Girdhar Gopal. Your daughter-in-law
wishes the same. A temple of Girdhar Gopal? Alright. If that is what
you and daughter-in-law wish . . . I have no objection. But where do you want the temple made? The land over there.
– That land? No, that is not the
temple of my imagination. Show me some other design.
– Then see this, Prince. You will surely like this design. Yes, that’s the one!
I’ll just be back. Wife. Yes Prince. Look, isn’t this the same temple?
– Yes, exactly the same. When will the temple be ready?
– Soon. That’s what I’ll try.
Are you happy? Yes, me, and my Girdhar too.
Isn’t it? The construction of the temple
should be stopped soonest. How can it be stopped? It is being
constructed on the orders of Rana. Wonder why Rana is pampering
sister-in-law’s so much. Whose father has become
his right hand man . . . it is natural he will
pamper his daughter. As it is, the several battles
are emptying Chittor’s coffers. Moreover, this temple.
Money is being spent lavishly. If this continues,
we will have to go begging. I’d advise you to ask for a separate
estate for your children from Rana. Uncle is right.
– But brother. . . If we get a separate estate,
we’ll find a way to capture Mewad. Your children are still young.
Try to convince Rana. If nothing is done now, Vikram
won’t get a chance to become Rana. Yes mother. Alright, I’ll place my
demand before Rana today. Just placing a demand won’t do. You
will have to ensure it is fulfilled. If you show even a little softness
our future will be dark. Have faith Vikram,
I will try my best. Queen ! I am surprised how you dared
to keep such a proposal before me. You are aware what all I am doing to
consolidate Mewad . . . and strengthen it’s unity. At such a time when we should
fight the enemies of Mewad, you. . . you want to divide Mewad? If Mewad is in trouble. . . why is the money in our coffers
being spent on useless activities? Is there a dearth of temples
in Chittor . . . that you gave permission
for constructing one more temple? Where the money of Mewad
has to be spent . . . is not your prerogative Queen,
it is mine. Alright, then isn’t it
my prerogative to ensure . . . the women of Mewad,
forgetting their family traditions . . . crossing the threshold of
their homes . . . not start dancing
and singing before people? Oh ! So why don’t you clearly say
that it is not the temple . . . but Meera’s worship
that is bothering you. . But remember,
I have promised her . . . that no one will separate her
from her Girdhar Gopal. If anyone tries to break my promise
until I am alive . . . he should also be ready
to suffer the consequences. You understand, Queen? You can leave now. Mother, crying won’t help you. Think of something, do something. What do I do, Uda?
I don’t understand what I should do. Don’t worry Uda, when her brother
explains, she’ll understand everything. Come, Mahajan. Greetings Queen. Don’t hesitate, sister.
He is our well wisher. He is famous in the whole of Mewad
for his wiseness. I suggest that even Vikram
follow his advise. Uncle, I will do as you say. Mahajan has become our trustworthy
advisor from this moment. So, when can
you spare time for us? Why ask?
I am at your service from this moment. But remember, let Mahajan’s coming
here remain a secret. Alright, but what advise do you give?
– A small task, Queen. The idol that is
causing all the problems . . . what if that itself goes missing? You are right,
but if Rana gets a whiff of it . . . If I was not good at my job,
why would I be famous? Just hear me without any worry. Careful. Careful Panda. Let’s go. Mahajan has never failed until today. Nor he ever will. Where did he go? Prince! Get up!
– What happened? Have you seen my Girdhar Gopal? He was with you.
– He was, but . . . Then where can he go?
– Where do I look for my Girdhar? Lalita, get up! Where did my
Girdhar Gopal go? Did you see him? No.
– Where did he leave me and go? Give. . .quick!
Is anyone watching? No. Enough ! How will the flute be
played now without the flute? Prince Vikram unnecessarily gets
worried. I can . . . What’s happening? Run ! O Girdhar Gopal,
don’t ever leave me again. Rest assured. Dayaram and Mahajan
will come with the good news. Disaster! Master, disaster! What happened? We cannot believe even after seeing
that such a thing can happen. But what happened? Didn’t I tell you Master,
that the Prince’s wife is a sorcerer? We realized today that
the idol she calls Girdhar . . . Is not Girdhar’s idol.
– It is a magic idol. We buried it deep in the ground. But it ripped open
the ground and came out. We somehow managed to save
our lives and come here. So has that idol come back?
– Ofcourse. Yes Master. Suraj, I can’t
believe this is possible. Everything is
possible with black magic. We will have to deal
with this magic with magic. Congratulations!
Your temple is ready. Really?
– Yes. Your temple is ready. The installation will
also be done today. Rana has sent me to bring the idol. ”Forgetting all norms,
I tie anklets to my feet” ”I surrender everything,
my Girdhar is here! ” ”Wearing peacock feathers,
I will dance with abandon” ”My craving of years has been satiated” ”My world is brimming
with happiness today” ”I once again desire to live” ”Girdhar in my body,
Girdhar in my soul” ”Girdhar all around me” ”Wearing peacock feathers,
I will dance with abandon” ”Mohan’s flute
has begun to play again” ”It is echoing in my every sinew” ”I have his name on my lips” ”Wearing peacock feathers,
I will dance with abandon . . . ” Great mother!
The honour of our family . . . on the pretext of this temple,
has begun to dance outside the palace! My head hangs in shame. Bless you. You called me, Rana? Yes Bhojraj. I. . . want to discuss
something about Meera. Yes?
– I’m not saying she should not worship That she should not sing hymns. I have no objection. But she should not forget she belongs
to the royal family of Mewad. She is the Queen in waiting. Dancing
before the subjects is not done. It is very shameful for us. This should not happen again. Yes. Wife, I respect your feelings. I also accept that you don’t belong
to me, but to Girdhar Gopal. That is an understanding between us.
It is our private secret. Private matters of the royal family
reaching the eyes & ears of subjects. . . is against the family norms.
It is not proper. What do you mean? You understood correctly. Not only me,
even Rana didn’t like . . . that the royal queen,
wearing anklets in her feet . . . sing and dance before the subjects. Prince, high and low class
and creed are all man made divisions. In Girdhar’s temple,
there is no discrimination. Whoever goes there, is just a
beggar begging for Girdhar’s mercy. All are equal. All of them
have a right to worship him. That means you won’t listen to me? Why not? But it should be
something that can be followed. Tell me, just to follow your orders,
should I annoy my Girdhar? Hail Girdhar Gopal ! I’m not saying she should not worship. That she should not sing hymns. But she should not forget she belongs
to the royal family of Mewad. She is the Queen in waiting. Dancing
before the subjects is not done. It is very shameful for us. This should not happen again. Even Rana didn’t like . . . that the royal queen,
wearing anklets in her feet . . . sing and dance before the subjects. Prince, high and low class
and creed are all man made divisions. All of them
have a right to worship Girdhar. That means you won’t listen to me? Why not? But it should be
something that can be followed. Tell me, just to follow your orders,
should I annoy my Girdhar? What dilemma have I got myself into? Who do I listen to, and who not? Master!
– Do you always have to disturb me? Master, you always start
scolding the moment you see me. I’d brought good news.
– What good news? Bhojraj has developed fever. Fever?
Is that good news? It can be turned into good news. Right, Mahajan?
– Absolutely. How is that? But. . . One must be prepared
to do anything to get power. That’s politics. Take rest now, wife.
– I am not tired to go and rest. Are you feeling better? Your hand is no ordinary hand. Your Girdhar Gopal’s
blessing is hidden in it. How can pain stay then? Tell me something.
– Yes? Do you have any complaints,
any sorrow, any . . . Prince, the sacrifice
you have made for me . . . only a great soul
can make that sacrifice. You gave up the right of
of a husband . . . and made Meera Girdhar’s eternal wife. Even several lives will
be less to repay this debt. Don’t embarrass me.
Go make the bed for your Girdhar. Or he won’t sleep.
– First you sleep, the I will leave. I will sleep. The fever has subsided now.
You leave. But . . .
– Don’t worry. The physician is going to come now.
Go and take rest. What do you want? Give me the medicine you have brought. Prince Vikram, you?
– Yes. Give this medicine instead. What is this?
– Poison. No, I cannot do that.
I am the royal physician. I cannot be disloyal.
I cannot commit this sin. Then even your son won’t
see tomorrow’s dawn. Think again.
On one hand is this small job . . . and on the other is your son’s life. Take, physician. Oh God, forgive me. Madam, come quickly!
The Prince’s health is deteriorating. Rana has called you. Prince. . . Prince. Prince. . .open your eyes. Look, your wife has come. Wife.
– Yes? I am leaving.
Your Girdhar Gopal willed that. I am leaving you under his care. Hail Girdhar Gopal ! My son !
– Why did you leave us? Whatever Girdhar wills. Uncle, I fear the physician
may reveal everything. That has been taken care of.
Both father and son were poisoned. . . and pushed in the lake last night. The whole story is over now. One hurdle has been removed. Uncle, we
have to remove the other hurdle too now Don’t worry about Meera,
how can she harm you? If she tries something,
we’ll handle it. Sister-in-law. . . God ! I have never
come across such a woman. Your husband’s body
is lying over there . . . and you are standing
at the window all dressed up? You tormented him enough
when he was alive. Atleast let his soul
rest in peace now. If the world sees you like this,
what will they say? Hurry up, his body
is about to be cremated. Uda, break her bangles.
Wipe her vermilion dot. She won’t listen like that.
Move ahead and break her bangles! No one can eliminate Meera’s husband. Shut-up! Your stubbornness won’t
be tolerated now, understand ! Meera is the wife of Girdhar Gopal.
Girdhar’s eternal wife. No one can eliminate her husband,
not even Girdhar himself. Uda, tell Rana and make arrangements
for her to be cremated with the Prince. Let her story end here. Everyone has to get cremated, mother.
Even I will. But the Prince will have to
go alone today. Why? You claim yourself
to be a great devotee. Don’t you know that a husband
and wife bond is eternal? The wife follows her husband. When the husband dies,
the wife has to die too. That’s our tradition.
– That is what even I’m saying. The wife follows her husband. Where
there is Girdhar, Meera will follow I will tell Rana about your deeds! Your darling Meera has brought
the royal family shame. Whoever sees her dressed as a
bride, laughs at us . . . slings mud at the royal family. There is no point in
telling him anything. Even he can see it all. Rana, I ask you the last time. . . is allowing a widow to live as a
married woman according to tradition? Is all this acceptable to you? Pardon me for interrupting, Rana. I myself don’t want to
live in the palace now. I feel suffocated here. Then where does
my daughter want to live? Under my Girdhar’s shadow And his shadow exists in every place
of pilgrimage, every temple . . . the heart of every devotee. Is that your final decision? It is not my decision,
it is the will of Girdhar Gopal. Okay then child,
Girdhar’s will is undeniable. Arrangements will be made for
your pilgrimage. ”You are Krishna” ”You are Kanhaiya” ”I have given you
my life’s boat to steer” ”Whether you drown me mid-sea
or take me to shore” ”You are Krishna . . . ” ”Since I have opened my eyes” ”I have never been happy” ”The journey is long,
the sun high” ”All my hopes are pinned on you” ”If you wish,
even among thorns . . . ” ”you can make flowers bloom” ”You are Krishna . . . ” ”I have no other place to go” ”You know everything,
I don’t have to tell you” ”The night is long,
the moments full of sorrow” ”What disaster has befallen me?” ”Where do I go leaving you?” ”Tell me that” ”You are Krishna. . . ” Where are you going?
Go back. I plead with you, go back. Is this Goswami’s ashram?
– That’s why I’m asking you to go back. You cannot meet him.
– Why? Is he meditating?
– No, but women are not allowed here. Reason?
– Guruji is a celibate man. He stays away even
from the shadow of women. Is it? Does he consider himself man? Why?
Isn’t a celibate, a man? I think there is only
one man in the world. One greatest man. Apart from him, Meera doesn’t know,
nor accept anyone else as a man. So brother, go and tell Goswami,
that Meera doesn’t meet any man. . . other than Girdhar. ‘ I belong only to Girdhar Gopal,
none else’ ‘ One who wears a peacock feather
crown, is my husband’ Pardon me mother,
this fool made a grave mistake. The knowledge you imparted,
only a great soul can impart it. Get up. Goswami.
To err is human. I will leave your feet
only after you have forgiven me. Girdhar Gopal
is the one who forgives. Now don’t be stubborn.
I have moved ahead on my path. I will not turn back now. Greetings.
– Bless you. What news have
you brought from Chittor? I have bad news.
Since you left Chittor . . . it has become an ill-fated land. Rana Sangram Singh and your father,
Rao Ratan Singh, died in a battle. Whatever Girdhar wills. Chittor was attacked again. All the brave men jumped
into the battleground. And they all were martyred. How is Queen Karmavati? Along with all the other
Rajputani women of Chittor . . . even she sacrificed her life
in the pyre of her husband. Even that is Girdhar’s will. But the people of Chittor wish
that you return to Chittor. Due to your good deeds,
good luck will return to Chittor. Girdhar’s empty temple, on getting
back its idol,will bring back happiness Please don’t refuse, Queen. Don’t refuse, this is the tormented
call of the people of Chittor. Please save Chittor. I take your leave. ”Girdhar Gopal belongs to me” ”How do I live without him?” ”I have to live and die with him” ”Girdhar Gopal belongs to me . . . ” Years ago, when this sorcerer
left Chittor . . . I thought God has saved
our family honour. is related to me. But, by starting all the drama again,
she has reminded me everything. My sleep, hunger, thirst,
this woman has snatched everything. And Master, this time, she has
returned with the support of the people If you try and make her
leave by force . . . the people can rebel. When you have me,
why do you worry so much, Rana? I am seeing you
worried since many days. I thought I’ll bring along
a solution to it today. This is poison. A poison so strong,
even one drop can prove fatal. What are you saying !
– Don’t think about what after this. I will have her body disposed in such
a manner, that no one will know. That’s okay, but this task is
not as simple as you think. Why do you think like that
when you have Dayaram Panda? Dayaram, will you be
able to do this job? Rana has sent
this sacred water for you. He said it is from Chatur Bhuj sent
by your aunt from Maidta. Sacred water from Chatur Bhuj?
– Yes. May I leave?
– Yes. No, don’t drink that.
– Why? He was Rana’s well wisher. I know. But whatever has been
given to me as sacred water . . . I cannot disrespect it. I will consider it the sacred water
of Girdhar and drink it. Madam look,
Girdhar’s idol has turned blue. What nonsense are you talking ! That impostor drank the poison
and Girdhar turned blue? That she is not a woman,
she is Goddess? I witnessed it myself, Master. I understand this pretense,
these miracles, very well. No one can save that brazen woman
from me. That Girdhar is a small idol,
like a toy. Don’t make that mistake, son. We were naive to assume her
divine powers to be magical powers. But . . . ‘ I belong only to Girdhar Gopal,
none else’ Lalita, I want to leave this place. Not for the fear of Rana,
but due to the sorrow . . . that because of me,
my Girdhar had to suffer a lot. Not any more, Girdhar. What are you saying Queen?
Will you also leave me. . . Don’t call me Queen.
Call me Meera, your friend. Our journey
together was only until here. Accept it as Girdhar’s will
and honour it. ”Renouncing the world goes Meera” ”She is lost in
the love of her beloved” ”See her passion, O people” ”Meera is immersed
in the love of Girdhar” ”She shares an eternal bond with Mohan” ”How can it break?
She is the body, he the soul” ”She consumed a cup full of poison” ”And found life even in it” ”Renouncing the world goes Meera” ”She doesn’t know anything,
she is crazy about Shyam” ”Her story is unique” ”She spent a tormented childhood” ”Her youth has been full of pain” ”Renouncing the world goes Meera . . . ”


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