Father, we shouldn’t be
helping Rana Vikramjeet. What has he done for us? Jaimal, this is not the issue of
the enlistment of the Sisodias. The day Vikramjeet looses against
the Mughals, it will be our turn. We’ll cross that bridge
when we get to it. We’d rather die than
bow to the Mughals. What Mansingh did was
not done, but… You were saying something?
– I feel there will be a twist. This time something or
the other will happen. Which means?
– I have received news that… Akbar has sired a son. And the mother is Jodhabai
Mansingh’s sister. – So? So the Mughal Rajput is the
crown prince of Hindustan. He’ll ascend the throne. – Only if he’s alive.
– You only think about Menta. Menta is only a small
part of Hindustan. What, in your opinion,
should we do, father? We have to accept Akbar’s
sovereignty. And if we have to fight we’ve
to join hands with Vikramjeet. Otherwise, on our own,
we’ll lose… God bless you. – Mother, where is Krishna?
– Have patience. You are very much concerned
about your sister. – Have you ever inquired about me?
– But mother, you are right here. Whereas she will get married
and leave some day. What about the proposal from Ajmer? I’ve sent them a message
that I’ll meet them soon. – What did you get for me?
– Take this. – And for Meera?
– She has asked for a ring. – But brother, this is for me? – So? This stone won’t suit her. She is a saint. We must first get her married. Even though she’s not my daughter,
I feel concerned for her. I want to get both of them
married on the same day. – To the same man?
– This girl is mad. – She’s an imp!
– Brother, what about my necklace? I’ll give you that
as a wedding gift. Now don’t ask when you’ll get that. – When will you get it?
– I know that. And when will the marriage be? – When you find a suitable boy.
– That’s the difficult part. You also make her understand what
Meera’s mother explained. “I love Krishna and nobody else.” “I love Krishna and nobody else.” “You are only my husband.” “I love Krishna and nobody else.” “He’s the only one for me.” “He is the Lotus-Eyed One.” “He is Omniscient.” “Some like jewellery…” “I love Krishna and nobody else.” “I love Krishna and nobody else.” “But all this means nothing.” “I’m adorned with jewels…” “…but they don’t fascinate me.” “I love Krishna and nobody else.” “I love Krishna and nobody else.” “You are only my husband.” “I love Krishna and nobody else.” Just find out where Meera
and Krishna have gone? They’ve gone to the riverside. They’ll go to the Krishna temple
on the other side of the river. This is the Sisodia territory.
What if something happens? But Meera is an ardent
devotee of Sri Krishna. We too are His devotees but
she’s obsessed with Him. – Priest, I’ve got a lamp for
the temple. – May God bless you! Child, come in. Priest, why is this temple in ruins? – Don’t devotees come here?
– Devotees do come, but very few. The royal family worships
Mother Durga. So the subjects also pray to Her. The offerings are there. – Where are you taking him?
– Madam, you take the boat. – I’ll deal with them.
– So you’ve come from Menta? – Let him go.
– No, and you can’t leave either. Don’t you know, people from Menta
are forbidden to come here? Will you let us go or not? They’ve come from Menta. You seem to hail from
the royal family? Cover your head. – You are Virandev’s daughter.
– Say King Virandev. What is the matter, Krishna? Don’t you know, people from Menta
are forbidden from coming here? Don’t you know Jaimal had
insulted our family deity? Let them go, but hereafter… …if you spot any Mentaite
drown them in the river. Child, leave immediately. If he sees
you again, the Rana will harass me. – Who was he?
– Didn’t you recognize him? – No. – He was Rana Vikramjeet’s
younger brother. Meera, come, let’s go. On the next moonless day,
the war shall end. I’ve accepted this proposal
from Akbar. During the festival of colours, he
wants to celebrate his son’s birth. The Emperor has shown foresight
in deciding upon the day. I realized his wisdom the day
he married a Rajput girl. We’ll have to again
prepare the army. Every soldier is very valuable. The Rajput’s are tired of war.
They must be given all comforts. – Where is Bhoj? – He’s gone to
Chittor to arrange for fresh forces. Ask him to come back immediately. There’s a message from Akbar. He has invited us to celebrate
his son’s birth. He says we can fight anytime… …but this is festival time
and my son’s birth… so let’s forget our differences. It’s so typical of him. – Will you go?
– No, but I’ll surely send a gift. After all, Mansingh is
my relative as well. We’ve received congratulatory
notes… …from every nook 8
corner of Hindustan. Tansen, along with precious gems
we also received dry-fruits… do you want to know what
he’s sent for me? Asafoetida! Because they know I like my lentils
tempered with asafoetida. They know I’m a resident
of Hindustan. That I’m a Hindustani and not
an invader from Samarkhand. The dead bodies of my ancestors
are proof that I’m a Hindustani. I’m glad that even Rajput blood
flows in my son’s veins. Do you know what the Rajput’s have
sent as gift on my dear son’s birth? Can you identify this? This is a harp that a snake charmer
uses to charm a snake. Can you play it? Rana Vikramjeet Singh has
sent this gift for me. So that I learn to play it for
the snake I’ve given birth to. I’m sorry for this, Emperor. Mansingh, it’s i who am sorry
for not controlling myself. Do you know what the Shia community
from Hindustan have sent me? Uncover it. This sandalwood paste, this sacred
thread and the cymbals… this is what they’ve sent for me. They taunt me for being a Hindu. I want such a faith for my son… that is above all barriers
of religion… and can reveal his country’s
name, his individuality. “Hey Krishna…” – Greetings! – Greetings! Is Jaimal, I mean…
is King Jaimal at home? – He’s gone to Aimer but…
– Cover your head. How could you come here? Did the
people of Menta fail to recognize you? No… The colors of holi disguised me. No…
The colors of holi disguised me. Instead, the festival
was merciful with you. Even we know how to get even. Your watch is so vigilant that
we dare not cross the river. Let me know if you have any work
on the other side of the river. As such, we won’t let the habitats
of Menta step there. How dare you talk like this
while you’re still in Menta? Child, whom are you arguing with? I’m Bhojraj, Rana Vikramjeet’s
younger brother. My brother has sent
a message for you. You’ve really grown up!
It’s ages since I last saw you. Dear, get some color.
Let me first play holi with him. – You seem forlorn.
– Damn you! Brother has said that he’ll meet
you at whichever place you decide. He’d like to come here also
if it’s fine by you. Infact, it will be an honour
to have him as a guest. He has honored me by
sending you here… I’ll repay it by meeting
him on his home ground. – I heard he’s come back to Chittor?
– That’s right. The war is stalled for a while
and so he’s at home. I agree that the Rajput’s are
a force to reckon with. We did fight valiantly. But how long can we sustain
with a handful of forces? How long can we fight Akbar? If we fight amongst ourselves, it’ll
be easier for Akbar to defeat us. I too am thinking on the same lines. That if we get united we
can form a large army. If Menta joins us the other small
provinces too will join us. I’m with you. But our enmity will not end. As you wish. In the vein of
continuing our enmity… take my younger brother
under your wing. What? Give your daughter Krishna’s
hand in marriage to him. I’ve fixed Krishna’s marriage.
Here is the token. Distribute it to everyone.
Where is Jaimal? Why are you so dazed, Queen? I’ve fixed the date for
the next full moon day. You’ll sacrifice your daughter? Yes, Kuwarbai. But this is the time when the
Rajputs need to be united. – So this compromise…
– But Jaimal has gone for… – I’ll make him see sense.
– This is not possible, King. I’ll not sacrifice my sister by
getting her married to a Sisodia. The people from Aimer have
even sent the token. Father, I too have fixed the date
for the next full moon day. No, Jaimal.
There will be an outrage. There will be an outrage
if this alliance breaks. Don’t worry, father. Even the King of Aimer
is with us now. – We’ll deal with these Sisodias.
– Shut up! Don’t only talk about destruction. History is not made by
slaughtering lambs. You’ll be finished if you don’t
project a united stand now. If die you must, then
die for a goal. You can’t become brave just
by wielding a sword. You must always die
a soldier’s death. – But those people…
– Go… …and just follow my instructions. Explain to them that this is not
my daughter’s marriage… but this a marriage between the
Rathores and the Sisodias. Jaimal has still not returned. Yes, there is no news from him. Perhaps he will get back tomorrow. Is there anything lacking in the
marriage preparations? No! We’ll gift her a palace. As regards the necklace
of the rare gems… …that Jaimal will gift his sister. But what does Krishna want? Rajput girls never go against
their parents’ wishes. Rajput girls live and die for
their husbands as Satis. I wonder what’s taking
Jaimal so long. Is there still no news from him? What will happen now? Both the
bridegrooms have arrived. The Ajmer Prince won’t let the
Sisodia Prince marry her. Many Rajput’s will be
slain for a marriage. None will return without the bride. What will happen now? Let them fight amongst themselves. It’ll make things easier for Akbar. C’mon let’s go out,
the groom’s procession has come. What else do you wish to do,
you are looking good. Come, let’s go out. Dear, I don’t know if
I took the right step. But I finalized your marriage
to Bhojraj for a cause. This was the only way I could’ve
united the warring Rajputs. Only by sacrificing you… could I have put an end
to this age-old enmity. And so I sacrificed you. But all this was futile. Now I’ve no other means to
unite the warring Rajputs. I’ve no other means. Now only you can save them. Brother, what about my necklace? I’ll present you that
as a wedding gift. Krishna can’t die for my sake. I can understand what
must’ve happened. I too am a Rajput and have
sacrificed my family for the country. This dead body won’t be taken. The marriage will take place. She was not your daughter
but my daughter-in-law. She’s still not dead. She’ll die
tomorrow in her in-laws home. We’ll perform all the rites there. The cause for which this
marriage was fixed… will surely be met. Brother, in Rajput families,
corpses are not married off. I’m proud of my husband who for
the sake of his country… could poison his own daughter. I’m also proud of my daughter who
obeyed her father unquestiongly. And gave up her life. You’d only said that Rajput women
can become satis for their husbands they can even live
for their husbands. If all your lineage wants
is one of my daughters… then Meera is also my daughter. Marry her. “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” “Meera without her Shyam.” “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” “Is incomplete.” “I am married to someone now.” “But my heart still
belongs to my Lord.” “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” – Whose marriage is it?
– The king’s daughter’s. – And who’s the one riding the horse?
– The bridegroom. – Meera, don’t move.
– And who’s my groom? Lord Girdhar is your groom. Lord Girdhar! “Only my body leaves, my
soul is with my Lord.” “My Lord means…” “…everything to me.” “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” “You are the only one I know.” “I’ll serve you all my life.” “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” “O Lord, I am an ascetic.” Sister-in-law! What is all this?
No rituals were observed. Nor did she seek any
elder’s blessings. You saw she was in no state
to perform the rituals. Then you could have put her
in the guest house for a day. How can she enter her new home
without performing the rituals? I have performed all the rituals.
What else do you want? She only has to perform
her part of the rituals. Will you do that for her? I too have seen many brides but
none who gets fits like this. Think rationally. If your in-laws want to take your
bridal palanquin over my dead body… wouldn’t you have been
in a similar state? Krishna’s last rites
were yet not over. – How are you feeling now?
– Better. I was waiting for you. I’m sorry… that this had to happen on
my first day in your house. Don’t worry. I don’t think I’ll be
able to keep you happy. But I’ll try not to
hurt you any further. Krishna died and I… Do you feel caged? You know that this alliance
was solemnized for a cause. We have to honor that ideal. I may not have any other
relation with you. As per the norms of politics, the
Rathores did make a compromise. But couldn’t cleanse their hearts
of their hatred for the Sisodias. I don’t hate the Sisodias. – Then what is the reason?
– It’s my faith, my lover! You love somebody else? Yes. Is he a Rathore? No. – A Sisodia. – No. Then who is he? I’ve played with him as a child. And when I grew up,
I’ve loved only him. Then why didn’t your parents
get you married to him? I’ve already been married to him. Who is he? Krishna! – Who Krishna?
– The one whose idol I’ve brought. I didn’t expect you to have
such a good sense of humor. You think I’m joking.
Don’t you believe me? I believe you but I
too have married you. Don’t you trust me? You’ll believe once you wear this. – Despite knowing that I’m
already married? – Yes. That marriage is your soul’s
and this is wordly. You’ll never separate
it from your body. – Vikramjeet has not come?
– He’s gone to the battlefield. He’s sent his sword
for the sacrifice. Praised be Mother Kali! Offer the Prasad to the goddess
and send it to the royal kitchen. Break this and put it into this. Take this out of the kitchen. What are you saying, Queen
Mother? This is Prasad. Maybe, but still take
it out of the kitchen. This is meat. This is not raw meat but Prasad. The chief priest has personally
performed the sacrifice. Don’t disrespect it. I’m not disrespecting
anybody’s prayers. I’m only saying that meat
will not be cooked here. But this is the norm followed
in this house. We can’t feed vegetables to
the saints we’ve invited. This is unprecedented. Over here,
you’ll have to follow our customs. I’ve been entrusted with the
responsibilities of this house. This is my feast and only I’ll
decide what is to be cooked. Is this your house or mine? I’ve been told it’s my house.
Ask your brother if it’s yours also. Priest, shall I serve the food? – Will you accept the offerings?
– Certainly! Then what about the
Prasad that you sent? – Shall I throw it away?
– Anger leads to destruction. I’m the priest of the Kshatriyas
and we worship Goddess Durga. Meat is also an offering which the
daughter-in-law cooks to feed us. Pardon me, priest. Sister did
suggest it, but I refused. The Goddess is like a mother
who gives life, not takes it. Stay in your limits and don’t
argue with the priest. I like to discuss with her.
She seems learned. – What is your contention?
– It is like the stone in the grains. I only have devotion and love and
that too only for my Krishna. Krishna, who steals butter is
ignorant of all these things. Dear, these are the palaces
of the brave Rajputs. To resolve the nation’s problems… Kshatriyas can’t sing hymns
on the war front… they have to wield weapons. They’ll become weak if their
diet consists only of butter. It was that weak butter
thief had told Arjun… to fight and wield weapons. Then why do you resist the
offerings of these swords? These swords should be used against
the enemy on the battlefield… not on helpless and innocent
animals and birds. It is cowardice to do so. Meera, will you serve
food or just argue? Priest, shall I serve the food?
Everyone is very hungry. I’ve experienced hunger pangs
in your maternal home. I was kept starving while my
hands and legs were tied. But you can’t punish me for that? Enough! I made a mistake
by arguing with a lady. And to atone for that, I won’t
speak to anybody for five days. Shall I serve you food? “I yearn for my Krishna.” “I yearn for my Krishna.” “I am lost in Your memories.” “I yearn for my Krishna.” “I have forsaken everything for You.” “And yet, I am not at peace.” “The pangs of separation
are unbearable.” “I yearn for my Krishna.” “I am lost in Your memories.” – Greetings, brother!
– God bless you! – How are you and my daughter-in-law?
– Fine. God bless you. I’m sorry for not
attending the feast prepared by you. But now I’ll eat the
food cooked by you. Did you keep my share or did the
sages polish off everything? Brother, eat fresh food that’s being
cooked instead of the stale one. Prasad is never stale although
it does get cold. – Daughter-in-law, heat it up.
– But… I hadn’t cooked meat so
even he didn’t eat it. – Only vegetarian food was cooked.
– Why? Wasn’t the sacrifice made? The sacrifice was made but
as Meera was fasting… You also fast on Tuesdays? My mother also fasted. And so she would also never
cook the sacrificial lamb. I still remember how Bhojraj
ate meat at aunt’s house. Anyway, I’ll eat only
what you’ve cooked. Meera, I too will eat with brother. You seem happy? You don’t think I am happy? – What are you making? – A turban. – For whom?
– I’m dressing Krishna like a Rajput. As the country, so the look. Tell me, what is your relationship
with Krishna? What a woman should
have with her man. – And with me? – You are my lord. – If you don’t like it, then…
– I heard you were jealous of Radha. – Who told you so?
– Lalita told me. – She carries tales against me.
– No, infact she keeps praising you. I found it strange that
you are jealous of Radha? But not anymore as I too experience
that emotion for you. – Has brother left?
– Yes, brother was praising you. He was saying that you
are very virtuous. Brother has entrusted me with
a great responsibility. She said these are the house keys. You only keep it. – Brother has given it to you,
so you keep it. – But, I… Give it somebody, I’ll give my
jewels also for safe keeping. My mother-in-law had
rightly said… that I was marrying a monk.
And that jewels won’t satisfy you. And that she only craves for love. But she is always preoccupied. I heard you sing very
well and you write too. I’ve often seen you jotting
down something. – You must’ve read it too.
– No, I’ve not stolen anything. Sing for me. “The Rana praised a monk.” “Radha got upset and the town
people ran helter skelter.” “O Lord, bless me.” “O Lord, bless me.” “I long for a glimpse of Thee.” “Meera yearns for You in
the bylanes of Vrindavan.” “O Lord, bless me.” “I yearn to behold You.” “O Lord, bless me.” “O Lord, bless me.” “Your blue form is adorned
with a peacock feather.” “Vrindavan is the pious
place where You dwell.” “You are Meera’s Lord.” “Always stay close to her.” “Lord, let me behold
You at midnight.” “O Lord, bless me.” “I long for a glimpse of Thee.” “Meera yearns for You in
the bylanes of Vrindavan.” “O Lord, bless me.” “O Lord, bless me.” “O Lord, bless me.” “O Lord, bless me.” Child! There is lot of devotion
in your voice. Blessed is the family
you’ve married into. Your voice has the sweetness of
saints and the longing of a beloved. Meeting and separation are
two sides of a coin. Sing on this musical instrument.
Take it Ask her what was she
doing in the temple? And who has given her this
musical instrument? I met a saint at the Krishna
temple near the river. – He gave it to me.
– Brother, he was the cobbler Raidas. She mingles with just about anybody. Was he really the saint Raidas? Anybody singing hymns
becomes a saint. If you continue to sing there,
you too will be known as a saint. Brother, ask her how she was
dancing with gay abandon. Meera, your living seems different. Why? Is singing hymns prohibited
in this house? The daughters of this house don’t
go out without permission. You had told me that
I’m not a slave. But I also never said
that you are free. Give me this guitar. Don’t try to take this from me. Whatever you want to say,
say it to your brother. I don’t want anything. I feel like renouncing the world. Meera, you can’t do that now. I’ll either go to Kashi to saint
Tulsidas or to saint Raidas. I’m at my wit’s end. Meera, calm down. You have certain
duties towards your husband also. Why doesn’t he take me with him
whom I’ve taken as my husband? Why is He playing games with me? I’m not Radha who’ll wait
patiently for Him. I’ll respond to His flute. Brother left in the morning
and has yet not returned. He must’ve gone to Udaipur
to meet Vikramjeet. You know he can’t leave Chittor
without brother’s orders. On the day of the feast also,
the same thing had happened. He went to the forest and
just kept riding aimlessly. – His mind is not at peace.
– I know. These are days of the war and
he shouldn’t be in a state… that can mar his thinking. Shall I send Meera to her mother’s
home for a few days? – If Bhoja wishes.
– What is your advice? This will be best for Meera also. – Orders?
– Whose is playing the flute? The cowherd routinely takes the
cows to graze at this time… and returns at dusk. – Ask him to change his path.
– As you wish. Distribute the rest
amongst the devotees. – Priest, I’ve brought this for you.
– God bless you, child. You’ve revived this dying temple. With your coming here other devotees
too has started frequenting it. Does the Lord also come?
I come in search of Him. Devotees are a form of the Lord. You too are one of His forms. When God was going to Vrindavan,
Radha came… Priest, don’t talk about Radha. – Why? – She is my rival in love. Devotees are all alike. Then address her as
Meera or me as Radha. Meera, the Rana must have woken up. When did he sleep to wake up? I’m responsible for his condition. – What is this? – The Rana has
asked you to visit your parents. And has said that… What is the Rana’s message? He’s said that he’ll send
for you when he needs you. ‘Without telling anything you
did what I wished for.’ We sent you as a bride. And the Sisodias made
a saint of you. Brother, I’m at fault, not the Rana. Then why did you come here? Now everything is your
husband for you. Didn’t mother tell you this
at the time of your marriage? Pardon me. But since the Rana
deserted me you too are behaving thus. You are fighting with everyone. Ask mother to bless me. So that I can fulfill
my incomplete training. You cannot accompany me. I’ve to do this journey all alone. Sudhakar, come here. See that the lamp doesn’t
get lit off. – Who’s that? – It’s me, Meera. If you are Meera than why this ‘I’? Sit down, child. – What do you want?
– Will I get alms? When I was blank,
I thought I had everything. When I got something,
I thought I got less. I want knowledge. A word of love… …is entire library. Wasn’t devotion enough that
you want knowledge too… …from a low caste man… …and illiterate. You came here from Rajputana. If you had went north,
you would’ve reached Kashi. You would’ve met Tulsidas. Go to Tulsi. He’s a scholar. He’ll teach you. You imbibed it. “I took the form of my beloved.” “I took the form of my beloved.” “I adorned myself.” “I left all inhibitions.” “I took the form of my beloved.” “I took the form of my beloved.” “Customs and traditions…” “…has been cast away.” “Customs and traditions…” “…has been cast away.” “Ornaments of your name…” “Ornaments of your name…” “…and vermillion has being
applied on the forehead.” “Meera became your devotee.” “Meera became your devotee.” “I took the form of my beloved.” “I adorned myself.” “I left all inhibitions.” “I took the form of my beloved.” “I took the form of my beloved.” Daughter-in-law. This temple won’t open again. Is this Rana’s order? Kings don’t meddle in religion. To protect the religion… …I can even order your king. So this temple was closed
on your orders. It could be demolished
too on my orders. Priests will have to change
God on your orders. Don’t argue with me,
daughter-in-law. I could’ve given death penalty
to that priest… …who interfered in king’s duty. It’s my right to get
that penalty. I’ve interfered. I give you chance to repent. Tomorrow is husband’s day. Fast for your husband
and offer penance. Your husband is your God. Yes. God is my husband. You’ve locked my God… …behind bars. I… …will fast for him. I’ll break the fast… …when he appears. You think this temple
will open again. I don’t know. You’ve the right to
shut the door… …but you can’t stop God. I don’t know… …if you’ll open or… …God will open himself. Daughter-in-law. I’ll give the news of
your arrival to Bhoj. I’ll tell him… …Meera is testing her belief. Order her… …if she wants to return
home dejected… …I don’t mind. What did you bring? Food.
– For whom? You. Mother has sent it. She knows I’m fasting. Fast for husband’s day is over,
queen. Look at the moon and
break the fast. She knows… …when I’ll break my fast. You don’t know, Uda. She won’t break fast like this. You don’t know how
stubborn she’s. I didn’t know earlier. Now I’ll know… …when she breaks the fast. “Wake up, God with flute!” “Lord.” “Wake up, God with flute!” “Night has passed.” “It’s dawn again.” “Every door is opening
one by one.” “Wake up, God with flute!” “Lord.” Queen didn’t even drink water. Let it be. It’s good. She’ll die sooner than later. I’ll see… …who opens the door
of the temple. “Bless me with your sight.” “Without you…” “…I can’t live.” “Bless me with your sight.” “I am like a night without moon.” “I am destitute without you.” “I roam anxiously.” “My heart pines.” “Beloved.” “Bless me with your sight.” “O’ Lord, clouds scare me.” “O’ Lord, clouds scare me.” “Dark clouds have gathered.” “Quench my thirst.” “O’ Lord, clouds scare me.” Today is the 14th day. How long can she live without
food and water? Let her die. Who needs her? Brother… …has gone mad. I’m not interested in sacrifing… …thousands of my soldiers
for my stubbornness. I love my soldier’s
life as my own. For my own principles,
I can sacrifice… …my life and his too. Akbar is delusional if he thinks
his religion can unite India. Religion isn’t a country. Religion is religion. My faith is witness… …that before going to war… …I let Jodhabai apply vermillion
on my forehead. And I swear by holy Koran
to do justice. I don’t want to force my
religion on anyone. I do want… …that India should become one. And this one community
should say united… …that we’re Indians. Our nation is India. Sword can’t decide this. Only love can decide that. For that you don’t
need strength… …but devotion. Meera, you talk like sages. If I could write and
sing like you… …I would’ve taken
Sitar to battle. But I can’t use that weapon. I want your souvenir
before leaving. Tie it. I promise… …as long as I’m alive… …I won’t separate from you. Won’t you apply vermillion. I’ll get it. What happened? What happened? Tell me. My Gopal… Where is my Krishna? Who took it? Did you move it? Go up and meet him! This new temple was made for you. So that you don’t have to
go out for devotion… …and the honor of this family… …should be saved from
your shamelessness. Lalita. “You can, but I won’t sever…” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “With whom else can I
forget bond but you?” “With whom else can I
forget bond but you?” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “You are river and
I’m your fish.” “You are river and
I’m your fish.” “You are earth, I’m dust.” “You are moon, I’m moonlight.” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “You are pearl and
I’m the string.” “You are pearl and
I’m the string.” “You are God, I’m your devotee.” “Meera says, God…” “Meera says, God of Brij…” “Meera says, God of Brij…” “…I’m your slave.” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “With whom else can I
forget bond but you?” “With whom else can I
forget bond but you?” “You can, but I won’t sever…” “You can, but I won’t sever…” Go to Chittaur. And give me the correct news. I heard Meera has left home. Ok, king. “A mendicant is always
lost in thought.” “A mendicant is always
lost in thought.” “They settle in towns
or forests.” “A mendicant is always
lost in thought.” “They sleep on carpet
and on ground too.” “They sleep on carpet
and on ground too.” “Meera says, O’ Lord…” “Meera says, O’ Lord…” “…bear all trouble
with a smile.” “A mendicant is always
lost in thought.” “They settle in towns
or forests.” “A mendicant is always
lost in thought.” I’m only a singer, king… …but she’s composer. Is there any other voice better
than yours in India, Tansen. It’s a voice of devotion, king… …and of love. Since I heard… …it’s echoing in my
mind and heart. I too want to hear that voice. “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “With a crown of feather…” “…he looks alluring.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “With tears…” “…I’ve spread my love.” “Now I got the reward of joy.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “I’ve no friends or relatives.” “I’ve no friends or relatives.” “I’ve forsaken the
maternal house…” “…what can anyone do now?” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “I’ve worn the veil of devotion.” “I’ve worn the veil of devotion.” “I’ve made garland of love.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “With a crown of feather
he looks alluring.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” “I’ve only Girdhar Gopal,
no one else.” This is voice of love
and veneration… …why is it caged
in king’s court? There is only one such
voice in India. I can fail to recognize it. King honored me by calling
me to court. You would’ve been more honored… …if king had left court… …to join your veneration. Tell your king… …by buying the voice… …he can’t buy God. You can’t say that to my king. I’m saying it in front
of the king. Marvelous! Marvelous! Accept this gift… …on my behalf. You started buying
and selling again. This isn’t a price… …but a gift. Offer it on the idol of God. Do you know what this is? This is Akar’s necklace given
to your wife in reward… …for her good singing. Never before our family
was mocked like this. I befriended Rathore to
increase our honor… …not to get disgraced. I went to get a daughter-in-law
from that house. This woman has betrayed us. She had desecrated religion. We’ve to make decision about her. In front of the royal
priest and scholars… …I’ll summon court of religion. Whatever punishment they decide… …should be accepted by you. Even if it’s death penalty. Human is incomplete. Human can’t test a human. But religion… …is the rule of the society. If anyone breaks that rule… …he’s a culprit of religion
and society… …and God. It’s ethical sin. And social crime too. Brahmins! And subjects! King Bhojraj’s wife… …queen Meera is accused… …breaking not one,
but many rules. To discuss that… …this religion court
has been summoned. With God’s wish… …and subject’s permission… …I start the proceeding
of this court. Read Meera’s crimes
to the subjects. The society rules have
laid down norms… …that wife should accept
religion of her husband. Meera refused to accept the
religion of her husband. Meera made relationships
with other men… …they weren’t from her
in law’s family… …nor from maternal house. She mingled with people
of low caste… …and destroyed the traditions
of royal family. Meera tried to burnt
Krishna temple… …which was closed
by royal decree. Without husband’s permission… …Meera left her husband’s
house… …and stayed out for
more than one day. Besides Rana Bhojraj… …Meera considers someone
else her husband too. As per the religion… …it’s a sin for any woman. From the main enemy of
king and subject… …and the nation… …King Akbar,
Meera accepted gifts. He was the reason for her own
brother Jaimal’s death. Meera. You refused to accept the
religion of your husband. I’m asking you. Did you refuse to accept
your husband’s religion? Why don’t you answer? Mahant is asking… – Uda. This isn’t your family problem. This is about religion
and justice. Meera… …your silence… …will be confession of crime. I give you one more chance
to defend yourself. Did you refuse to accept
your husband’s religion? My religion is one. World is like an ocean. – Meera. This isn’t the time for poems. Answer the question. My religion is one. World is like an ocean. Do you accept… …that you’ve other husband
besides prince Bhojraj. One with crown of feather… …he’s my husband. The court should accept… …that you’ve two husbands,
not one. I’ve only Girdhar Gopal… …nobody else. As a wife, what’s your duty
towards your husband? Do you know that? Can you give your
husband a child? You’d surely know this
duty of a wife? I’m soul… …not body. I’m feeling… …not view of a society. I’m a lover… …beloved… …a mendicant for love. I’m not a link of relationship. I’m not tied to any family. You get food from your
family to live. Don’t you’ve any duty
towards them? And these clothes?
– Clothes are for body, sir. Body isn’t for clothes. The way clothes isn’t more
important than body… …body can’t be more
important than soul. The family that sustains you… …and the society in
which you live… …don’t their rules mean
anything to you? Today… …right now… …I forsake my family
and your society. I’m sorry, Meera… …that I’ve been appointed
for make decision. As the royal priest… Saint Raidas is my priest… …not you… What other knowledge could you
get from the man of low caste? Your sacrifice hides deception
to avoid society and duties. Your love… …seems to be full of lust. Or else for many days… …you wouldn’t have stayed with
other men outside the house. You’ve disgraced the
royal family. You’ve misled the subject. Rana, without any thoughts… …could’ve given you
death penalty. But it’s my greatness… …that I’m giving you
a chance to explain. Because my religion… …still gives more important
to penance… …and forgiveness
than punishment. Anger makes us insane, sir. Don’t be angry. You think of your religion. I’ll do my duty. I’m not scared of death. If this body which
binds me dies… …then I’ll get free. I’ll get salvation. You’re tied by consequence. But I… …know the consequence of wish. My duty…
– Don’t teach me scriptures. This isn’t era of deties. Are you creating another
scriptures. God’s scripture is one. God too is one. My Krishna! Your Krishna! He’s not only yours. We’ll complete the proceedings
tomorrow. Take Meera to dungeon again. – You are back from the battle?
– Yes. I came back to face
this conflict. You are hurt? It is nothing compared to
the hurt you have given me. – Ask for forgiveness.
– But what is my fault? If you’ll ask for forgiveness,
brother will forgive you. You don’t know that it is Been decided to give
you a death penalty. You’ll have to consume poison
in everybody’s presence. Meera, run away. Go to Dwarka, nobody can
do anything to you then. Why have you become so weak?
My Rana is a Rajput. This doesn’t befit my Rana. The Prince is unwell and thus,
won’t be able to attend court. What has happened to him? What has happened to him? Are you really concerned
for Bhojraj? If you stay together,
you feel concerned …for your neighbors also. So won’t I feel
concerned for him …with whom I stayed for so long? Amongst your family, who else
are you concerned about? I’m concerned for you too, whom I’ve given lot of agony, priest. Silence! You are concerned about people
whom you want to desert? The concern is for love,
not the family. Nothing can lessen my love. Meera, you are obsessed and …our law forbids from
punishing the crazy. It treats them. Can you treat love? Silence! This is the
court not a theatre. All are requested to
maintain silence. Meera, you are accused
of being a traitor. You accepted a gift
from Emperor Akbar, …the country’s sworn enemy. – I’ve no enemies. – Isn’t your
country’s enemy your enemy? For you, your country is
limited to where your power ends. Your domain increases
or decreases. I don’t accept your parameters
as my country. You don’t accept Akbar as your
enemy, who killed your brother… and who injured your husband? Politics is the King’s
domain, not mine. It is my duty to
mete out justice. And it is my duty to
punish the guilty. I’m not asking you not
to fulfill your duty. Do you know your punishment? We both know the punishment. I free you from the
sin of killing me. The court will give
the verdict tomorrow. Come in. Take this key and free
Meera from prison. Jashwant, who brought you here
will see you to the gates. Lalita, take.
Time is running out. – How will you face court?
– Stop sermonizing to me. Go! Go from here. You cannot say anything. You are also afraid of Meera. I’m also feeling that halo. And can’t hold her gaze. I am helpless. I can’t bear this. My eyes are closing
and falling a sleep I… …can’t see anything. I’m drowning. Lalita, you may go. The court and its subjects
are witness… to the verdict on Rana
Bhojraj’s wife Queen Meera. As per the scriptures
and society norms… Meera has been proved guilty. It has been proved that she
violated the laws… ignored the royal honor
and flouted family ties. The court has decided on a
death penalty for all her crimes. The court orders Meera to drink
a goblet of poison… in the presence of the court. God bless you! Respected upholders of the law and those present
in the court… I’m feeling sorry to give
this news that… the King of Menta became a
martyr at the hands of the enemy. Meera was their
only remembrance. I request the court… …to be compassionate towards her. The law doesn’t only
want to finish crime. But it’s duty is to
create trust also. We’ll give her one more chance. If she accepts her husband’s
religion… …and asks for forgiveness… then the court will reconsider
its decision. Meera, you have time to rethink …till the gong strikes
three times. Wait! Let me talk to her in
private just once. Meera, just once… Don’t you know not to call back
when one goes to the warfront. I’m walking on my path of truth
so don’t call me back. “I am lovelorn.” “But nobody understands
my anguish.” “I am lovelorn.” “But nobody understands
my anguish.” “I am lovelorn.” “The path of love…” “…is strewn with thorns.” “Love is…” sublime “I am lovelorn!” “But nobody understands
my anguish.” “I am lovelorn!” “I am lovelorn!” “I am lovelorn!” “But nobody understands
my anguish.” “But nobody understands
my anguish.”


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