Meet Firangi | Making of Thugs Of Hindostan | Chapter 10 | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan

The first time I heard the script
I really loved the character of Firangi. He is a strange guy because he is
not a very reliable person at all, he is someone who is constantly lying, you don’t know when
he is speaking the truth. He’s not a character that
you would want in your life… …and that was his charm, that somebody who could be
entertaining, could be charming… …and at the same time
be just so unreliable. What’s the word in English
for “kaminey?” Bastard! That’s me, sir!
Fun meeting you. He is a total vagrant,
he is horrible and selfish. In real life, if I knew anyone
like Firangi… …I would stay 10 feet away
from them. He has a dual personality. He is great fun,
he is smart, intelligent… …and he has a difficult job
of balancing two great powers. With Aamir there is always the joy
of seeing him become the character… …so to that extent it was
a little scary as I was afraid… …that he might become
so much like Firangi… …that he may become
completely untrustworthy. If you talk too much, I’ll twist
your neck like I did theirs. Fortunately, I don’t know
anyone like Firangi… …but perhaps there is a little
of Firangi in all of us… …at least secretly hidden
inside us… …so you have to kind of tap inside
yourself to try and bring it out. Firangi’s look I think once
we got the basic sketch right… …then it was a process of trials. Whatever you put on Aamir, Aamir uses it and he
becomes that character, he really loves the skin
that we provide. And for us green become
a favourite colour for him… …because he is a chameleon. He is full of envy. He changes colour according
to the person in front of him. When I started working
on the character… …I don’t know why I
instinctively felt… …that he should have a nose pin. It was something that was
very instinctive for me. There were like 100 nose
rings lying in front of him; a very thin one, a pretty one, a nice one which looked good
but had a very thin wire. He chose the one with the thickest
wire and the heaviest weight. This will become really big. Look for small one. So when you’re playing
the character I want to try… …and feel as much as possible
that I am the character… …so when I live with all of this
it becomes a part of me, the nose ring, the ear piercings,
it all becomes a part of me. So that is why I decided
to go in for real piercings. Can we step out, Aamir?
I don’t want to see this. No, you have to watch. You have to watch the pain
you’re causing me. I’ve seen him go through
all those piercings… …and it was really a very brave
attempt, I think, on his part. When I tell you take a deep breath,
take a deep breath and hold it. I think he’s given a lot of blood
to this film. Wow, there’s so much blood
coming out from there. And I can have painkillers also right? If the pain is too much. It is a character which is playing
to the galleries… …but if you play too much
to the galleries… …then he’s not being honest. It’s a very tricky edge to follow
for this character. So it was one of the most
challenging characters… …that I’ve played in my career. Aamir has done a brilliant job. I keep telling him that this is by far
his most brilliant performance. The beauty of working with Aamir
is that it is process-driven… …and it is creative-driven. Give it to me in the- cup? Yeah in the cup. So- There is no one who can be
a better Firangi than Aamir. Aamir is just so amazing at this kind
of a quirky, layered character. In my career, I cant think of
any other instance… …where I’ve actually said yes
to a film because of the character. Because the character of Firangi
was so attractive to me, it was something I really was dying
to do when I heard the script. 1, 2, dash it. Nonsense, quick march. 3, 4 pudding-wudding.
Good night!


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