Meet our tutors: Deryk Cropper

My name is Deryk Cropper. And I run the props
department here at RADA. It’s training their stage managers to become adept at finding,
working with materials, creating stuff, and just
thinking a little bit more freely about the things they’re asked to create. So it’s not just theatre, they can move into lots
of different industries, maybe film, TV. And they do furniture
making, so, you know, and upholstery work on that furniture. They do mold making, working
with oil-based clays. They do life castings of
their own face or hands. They would then move on
to more complex props, so they start using 3D printer. We want to send them out of here fully trained for our industry. And that way, they’ll
never be out of a job. It’s all something new, no projects is the same. It’s such a diversity
of craft opportunities that it just makes everyday fantastic. Really nice for me, but
I hope for them as well.

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