Meet our tutors: Diane Favell

I’m Diane Favell, I’m
head of wardrobe at RADA. Costume is involved
with two courses mainly. We have a stage management
course, which is called the Technical Theatre and
Stage Management course. When they come to wardrobe
with rotational teaching we teach them basic sewing techniques, how to use a sewing machine, and how to be a dresser. We think this is really important to make them better stage managers. And we also run a postgraduate
diploma in Costume. We only take four people a year. Throughout the whole of the first year the students are wardrobe
assistants on the shows and then in their second
year they can either be a costume maker for a show
or a costume supervisor. We have so many shows and
they’re all different periods. There’s a whole chain of
things they have to do from hems and seams, do
corset making, millinery, hair and make-up. The students will have
their personal projects, so they can make any
costume that they desire and have been dreaming of making. We teach them everything
we know about costume.

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