Meet our tutors: Joe Windley

(upbeat music) My name is Joe Windley. I’m the Lead Voice Tutor at RADA. The voice is a fantastic
area of human activity to study and to work with. I would work with them
along with other tutors in their first year. We’re bringing them into
a place of security. We teach practical voice, speech
and accent, voice and text. And then as we roll into the second year, things start to get a bit deeper,
more emotional connection, and greater sense of courage. Classes continue in the third year but obviously the main
driver of the students work is being in production and we work alongside them to shift their technique
in a more professional way. When we’re looking at people with voices that we feel are trainable, we’re looking for
something that’s playful. They need to be able to respond to the rigours of professional work. It’s a privilege when
they let us walk with them as their voices are developing. It’s a privilege actually.

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