Meet our tutors: Matt Leventhall

I’m Matt Leventhall and I’m the Head of production lighting. You will learn how all the
departments connect up. We deliberately teach you how to cope with limited resources, how to be extra creative, as well as lots of toys, lots of kits. We send people to right at
the top of the industry. Our graduates now are at
the Royal Court theatre. They are at the Opera House. They are at English National
Opera at the Coliseum. And that’s great because that gives us our fingers in the industry. That gives us a network of support. I like lighting because
it falls at the apex of creativity and technology. When you go and see a show, look up who the lighting designer is. The lighting is a huge part of the show. Maybe start to think oh, how is that done? How does this color work? Where’s that light even coming from?

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