Meet the Billys – Matteo Zecca | Billy Elliot the Musical

My name is Matteo Zecca, I’m 12 years old
and I play Billy in Billy Elliot The Musical. I first started dancing at the age of 9 and
then I watched the show before I started ballet and that inspired me to want to do ballet
properly and be really good at it. I auditioned in 2012 and went to the final
audition and didn’t get any further. And then in 2013 I auditioned again and got it. When
I got Billy I felt really happy and excited, and it was just awesome. In my spare time I play football, do gymnastics,
and just play general sports ’cause they’re really fun. My favourite part of the show is Electricity
because the song, like, pumps you into the dance and makes you do a really good performance.


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