Meet The Billys – Ollie Jochim | Billy Elliot The Musical

My name is Ollie, I’m 12 years old and I play Billy in Billy Elliot The Musical. I first started dancing when I picked up one
of my Dad’s cd’s and it was a Michael Jackson cd, and I looked up some of the dancing
and tried to copy it. And then at a dance summer school I tried
a bit of it out and the person asked me to join the dance place, and that’s basically how it all started, then I just started with ballet lessons First, I watched the show for my 10th birthday. My mum looked at the programme and it said ‘Auditions’, so we decided we’d have a go. After my first audition I got a call back,
and in the call back there were, I think, 20 boys. And then they chose 6 of them for
summer school. I then got the part and started training in January. My favourite part is probably ‘Electricity’,
’cause you kind of get to show off all your skills and it’s also really fun ’cause technically
it’s really hard but you just get a lot of adrenalin through it. When I found out I was going to play Billy
in Billy Elliot The Musical I was really excited, ’cause it’s been, like, my dream.

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