Meet the Billys – Redmand Rance | Billy Elliot The Musical

Hi, my name’s Redmand Rance, I’m 13 years old and I’m from Portsmouth, and I play ‘Billy’ in Billy Elliot the Musical. I started dancing when I was 4 because my sister started performing and I just thought
I might as well go along, and then I started ballet when I was 6. I auditioned for Billy Youth Theatre and we
got to perform in the Victoria Palace theatre. I did Electricity and then after that they
said we definitely want you to play the part. So I went along and I got some recalls, and
then I went to Summer School, and after Summer School I did some more training. And then
they finally told me I got the part. When they told me I got the part of Billy I was so happy, it was amazing. I like ballet
the best because I find it challenging and I like to be challenged. A typical day at Billy is packed with rehearsals,
school work, warm up, standbys, doing the show. Every week we have to do a ballet lesson,
an acro[batics] lesson, a tap lesson, an acting lesson – we have to keep up our work so we
don’t fall behind, so we keep up with our training to keep our fitness high. My favourite thing about being Billy Elliott
is the applause after Electricity. It’s like really encouraging and just shows you
what you’re here for.

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