Meet the MSMT Company: Connor Harrison

My name is Connor Harrison and I am
playing La Cienega in “Bring It On.” So La Cienega, she is a student at
Jackson High School. Jackson is a place where diversity is celebrated. La Cienega
is a trans woman who goes to Jackson. In the script it does say “transgender” but
as we know “transgender” does not necessarily mean binary trans; it could
mean non-binary. But the preferentials that are stated toward La Cienega
are typically “her,” “she,” “sister” is used, so things that led me to believe that she
is a trans woman. I am non-binary myself. This is the first time that I’ve got to
play a role that is not cisgendered, that is trans — ever. There’s a part in the
process as an actor at the end where you have to inject yourself into the
role in order to make it truthful, and that usually takes work for me, and for
this role it was just like, “Here I go!” like, “Here I am.” Honestly from like day two, I just I felt like I could really put me into it and bring a lot of raw honesty
to it, so it’s rea lly fun being able to show me through this role. So La Cienega has a
lot of feminine power. When she walks into a room she walks in and everyone
knows that she has power. She would never bite someone who didn’t deserve it but I
definitely have that energy. I feel it, especially since I’ve come out as
non-binary, like, I don’t mean to sound pretentious, but girl, I got power, because
I know who I am, and so does she. So that is a part of her that I really
really like, and also is a lot like me. I like a show where I can just be in a
world where it’s normal and no one says, “Oh my God, like, you’re trans, like tell me
about that,” or “Ew,” or “That’s amazing.” it just is. It’s not special and it’s not …
it’s not revolutionary, it just is. There have been times where people have
misgendered me that I’ve said, “Oh, it’s ‘they.'” And then I get an “Oh my God, I’m so
sorry, like what can I do, blah blah blah,” and then in that moment they think it
becomes my responsibility to be like, “Oh, no it’s fine,” and then it makes it about the person who made the mistake. And I’m sitting there like, “I don’t do that,” and I just kind of sit there and wait because you know, you deal with your own emotions. I don’t think every cis person who’s dedicated to justice understands. We can all grow in ways. I can too. Even though I am oppressed doesn’t mean that I don’t
have places to grow even within my own community and knowing my own oppression. I have an amazing song called “It Ain’t No Thing,” where *I* get to say it’s not anything and *I* get to say this is who I am and you
can love me or not and it’s not someone else telling me, oh, love yourself. La
Cienega loves herself and she knows it and she’s saying to other people, you can
love me or not and I’m still gonna love myself at the end of the day.

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