Meet the students of Goldsmiths – Theatre and Performance

This is the start of where we can nap on the
grass now. Oh my god, can we sit on the grass? No it’s
okay, it’s not bad Do a meditation. I thought I was going to be doing kind of
acting and performing but then I thought to myself that’s quite narrow and I still would
like to explore different things. And there are loads of, so many famous performing arts
schools in London but I just didn’t want to be like
‘I want to be an actress’ because I do want to see other things.
That’s what I like about it, the liberty and kind of like the capacity to try out different
things before you also specialise. So we actually did source our props today,
our furniture today. So what we do is we take a picture of it, be like ‘we want this can
we have it’ then just put a piece of paper on it, and be like
‘don’t touch it’, yes it’s ours. Because at Goldsmiths we’ve got so many
other course going on at the same time. you’ve got fine art people, media, music
and actually we can all collaborate with each other When you are in the same room with all these same people all the time then
you kind of miss out the opportunities to talk to someone from psychology and then they’ll
tell you things that maybe will inspire you to do a theatre piece about the human psyche
or something like. Yeah definitely. I’m really hungry now. Yeah same, same.
Yeah it’s really great, progressing today. Yeah that’s mine. What’s you name? Rachel. How’s your dissertation going? Oh my goodness
don’t even mention it. I’m struggling a lot. I would say that we are both directors, directors and dramateurs. Collaborators. Yeah
I think the five of us are collaborating quite closely, which is nice. We can go either way really, you being very nervous or you being very fearless. It feels safe to kind of throw your ideas
out, if it doesn’t work then we’ll try another one. And then for us we kind of see
things from an overall perspective and be like
are we going in the right direction, kind of helping the actors figure things out because
sometimes we’ll get stuck, and then we’re like okay what can we do to trouble shoot. Year one first day, don’t know anyone we
went into the studio and the tutor was just like ‘let’s start rolling on the ground’.
and I’m like ‘what is happening’ and then we all start rolling on the ground we
all did a lot of contact improv. I was just like touching people I didn’t
know [vocal exercises] ‘Okay good.’
The course very basically speaking is kind of half theoretical and half practical so
we’ll spend some of the time in the studio doing a lot of movement work or rehearsing
and then the other half would be in lectures. Fiona is the tutor for our theatre making
piece now and the way she kind of guides us into a good direction or offers us different
possibilities of taking a piece is very constructive without being too restricting, like
‘oh you shouldn’t do this’, but she’s like why don’t do this other completely
different thing instead. Some people like doing life art so it’s
more abstract and then we are doing something that’s more grounded in the text, or more
practical. The best thing I find is that
people don’t judge, no matter who you are or what your belief is, people just don’t
judge you. Because you are like oh you’re kind of weird
but I’m also kind of weird so let’s be weird together.
You have a home here. Yeah you belong somewhere. I was, you know the bit in the SU with the
tables, I was there doing our poster…

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