Meet The Theatre: Red Bull Theatre

♪ (rock guitar) ♪ Classic is a word that means
a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For Red Bull, where we sort
of take the core of our work from, is from the Jacobean plays of
Shakespeare and his contemporaries. It opened the door to a
lot of lesser-known plays. Often, they choose
plays that you don’t know. That are old, that you should know.
That now ring true in a new way. As opposed to classics or
chestnuts, you know, that you love. They don’t do those plays! Red Bull, to me,
speaks to the playwrights that historically,
were out to cause trouble. It’s like watching an episode of Empire. It’s the same, sort of like,
machinations, and it really does go to some deep and dark
aspect of human nature. A place that people are not willing to…
(laughs) You know, you don’t always want to, like,
sleep with your sister and, you know, screw over your father to
take over the company, but it’s really fun to pretend to do that. There’s a lot of companies in New York
who are producing classical plays. Good companies. But the modern take on classic
language, with a contemporary edge, I know for a lot of actors, everybody wants to
work at Red Bull, to have an opportunity to do a play that very few other
companies are ever gonna produce. Jesse, despite the limitations
of money, he’s a lightning rod, and we have a lot of dormant
lightning sitting out there. You’ve gotta have a place in
New York City that does the plays! Or at least reads them,
who reads them to an audience. And the only place they do
that on a consistent basis, with this treasure of plays,
is the Red Bull Theater. I’m always looking for a
way to thread the needle of, it’s gonna feel aesthetically honorable to
the period in which the play was written, as well as sexy and hip enough to be
exciting for a contemporary audience. I don’t know if irreverent
is the word, I mean, there’s clearly a lot of
reverence for these works. But let’s do them now, let’s not be
precious about it, let’s get in there and dig in, and see what resonates today. I love hearing audience’s
reactions of the blood spurting out, or the dead body falling on the stage, or whatever it is. So this place is a
very, very unique center, in which those who can do
it and want to do it, show up. Because, where else are you gonna go? ♪

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