Meet the Theatre: TADA! Youth Theater

(children singing) -TADA! is a musical theatre company
that provides kids, any kid interested in musical theatre, a place to call home. Any kid who really wants to try this,
there is something for them to do here. The writers, the composers,
the lyricists, the designers are all theatre professionals, that
believe that children deserve the best. We’re not just sort of cranking
through the shows that everyone knows, we’re doing original work. -About things that I think are
important for kids and their families in New York City to explore. -It’s a place where kids can come to one
place from any socio-economic background, any ethnic background, and they have that
like-mindedness, the love of theatre, the love of performing. They can sort of let it all hang out,
they can be themselves. -Everyone around you is supportive
of you being your full, authentic, crazy, wild rambunctious self. It’s such an amazing experience to be with
people who are also so passionate about what they do here at TADA! —
singing, acting, dancing, all the arts. Well I’m a puppeteer, and I joined
TADA! initially to like, gain confidence to be a puppeteer
and to be a performer. -I started a year before her,
and then she came a year later, after she heard how great it was. -She always seemed like she had a lot of
fun after she came home from rehearsal, and the shows she was in always looked
really well done so I wanted to do it too. -My memories of TADA are just me
trying to be that sponge and soaking up as much as I could
(laughs) at that young age. It kind of um, revved my engine,
it kind of awakened something in me that made me want
to strive for the best. ♪ -Jordan was very creative,
Jordan was always trying new things. He’s now on our board and he’s
doing a lot of work, he’s very, very busy. -These kids are growing
up in a very different time. They need to be learning how to think, and
they need to be learning how to create, and theatre does that for them. And it does that in a way
where they’re not just doing it in their own head, they have
to work with the other people. They have to respond, they have to
react, they have to really be there. -So one of the things that I
started really early on at TADA! was doing programs in the schools. -The education program reaches all of
the children that we can’t reach here at the physical space of TADA! We really try to reach as many
kids in New York City as we can. -TADA!’s been around for 34 years,
and some amazing people have walked through our doors and are doing work on
Broadway, on TV, in film, in classrooms, in courtrooms, in operating rooms… I’ve had the pleasure of
seeing so many wonderful kids grow up into fabulous adults. I want them to always be great patrons
of the arts, and keep the arts going, and support the arts. (children shout “TADA!”)

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