Meet the Writer | Arinzé Kene | Misty

My name’s Arinze Kene and I’ve written Misty. I had to write Misty because I was genuinely struggling to write a play that I thought shouldn’t’ be very hard to write. Music has always played a big part in my writing. With Misty there is a character in the play and whenever he moves, whenever he’s in motion, whenever he’s active – there’s music. It’s not so much like his theme music but it’s actually him. I realised that the story about the story was probably more interesting than the actual story. And so I started writing about someone trying to write. If that makes sense! The character goes on more a journey because the character is actually me. I’m exercising a new muscle being both writer and performer. It’s definitely a play that was written to be performed. So I’m mainly inspired by actually non-artists – just kinda everyday people. I grew up in Hackney in East London. I was born in Nigeria, Lagos, and I came here when I was young. And generally, I think most of the stories I tell, have something to do with y’know those people who I’ve met on the way up till now. Misty’s been a long time coming.


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