Meghan Markle Family Drama?

From a young king to a future princess,
royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to marry on May 19th.
>>[LAUGH]>>And according to Us Weekly, Meghan reportedly wants to break
tradition and have her mother Doria walk her down the aisle instead of her father.>>Wow.
>>Thomas. The only problem Is that that’s not
what Megan’s half sister Samantha is telling people. Yesterday, Samantha appeared on the
British morning show The Right Stuff and claimed that unless his plane crashes-
>>Meghan’s dad will be there and will walk her down
the aisle, and that any rumor is the contrary is quote rubbish.
>>Wow.>>Meghan has yet to respond to Samantha’s comments. In fact, People is reporting that
Samantha herself hasn’t even been invited to the wedding.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Bye, bye Samantha>>[APPLAUSE]>>So ladies, this is some royal tea. Where’s your tea?
>>Yo. Exactly. Sipping.
>>Well, you know Prince Harry made the comment that she’s going to finally,
Meghan’s finally gonna have the family that she never had.
>>And so once he made that statement, that’s when [CROSSTALK]
>>There you go.>>This sister started coming in.
>>Yeah.>>And she’s also got supposedly Samantha has a book coming out called,
The Pushy Princess. So it’s [CROSSTALK]
>>Why is she doing this?>>Cuz she needs to make some money.>>Cuz. Yes.
>>Yeah, she, I mean [CROSSTALK]>>She’s an opportunist and she’s a cornball in my opinion.>>Yeah.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Like go somewhere [CROSSTALK]>>A hundred percent.
Yes.>>This is not your wedding. It’s your sister’s wedding. We didn’t even know about you. Go somewhere. I’m over her.
>>She’s actually telling on herself by her actions. A real sister wouldn’t do this->>Never.
>>To her sister.>>Never.>>That’s why she’s half sister, she’s half.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And I’m sorry->>Half sisters won’t do this.>>There bomb half sister’s out there. She’s just a wack sister.>>She’s a jealous sister, I think. Maybe that’s what’s going on. I don’t know. But when somebody comes up in any way of success or happiness, you always have somebody who’s gonna try
to climb and and just block the light and throw some Haterade on your game,
sometimes even family members. God sees you man. Don’t even,
don’t even worry about those people. God sees you, and he will take it down, down.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes. [CROSSTALK]>>That is just like Tan says.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I think she’s jealous like Monica said but it’s like Tan said you’re
showing your true colors, you’re showing who you really are [CROSSTALK] so about
the time your book comes out we already know we already read you.
>>[Laugh]>>You’re black, you’re and you’re just trying to get attention>>But let’s,
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Let’s think about this. How historic would it be if Meghan had
her mother walk her down the aisle?>>Amazing. I love that.
>>Instead of, cuz I don’t know what was
the relationship between her dad and her and her mom.
>>Yeah. She’s never come out and said.
>>Right.>>That there’s strain between her and her father. But obviously she’s
closer to her mother and this isn’t just any wedding.
>>Right.>>This is the Royal Wedding. She went from being an amazing
beautiful actress to now being a very well known woman across the globe. So, she’s going to be very emotional,
she’s going to be anxious, even though it’s a beautiful day and
sometimes you just want your momma. And that’s okay.>>Yeah.>>Totally fine.
>>[CROSSTALK]>>The tradition is that, you know, the father walks her down, but I love it.
>>I think it’s a bride’s choice, it’s whatever the bride wants to do.
>>Absolutely.>>A lot of people were like I didn’t have my dad walk me down the aisle. I walked down by myself. That’s just what I wanted to do.
>>I was right behind you.>>I was like, I wanna give myself away. Yes you were, fixing my train.
>>Fixing the train. [LAUGH]
>>But I think it’s a bride’s prerogative
to do whatever she chooses to. If she wants to walk with her mother,
amazing, a father, both. You know, I had two dads,
which is what my sister did. It’s whatever you wanna do. It’s her special day, and
I just can’t wait to see it. We’re so excited for her.
>>I know.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Are we gonna go?>>I don’t think we’re gonna go Lonnie.
>>Why not?>>I don’t think we’re gonna go.>>Somebody’s gotta have a [CROSSTALK]>>It’s on the weekend.>>We were with Samantha. We didn’t get invited. We didn’t get invited.
>>But we just->>We ain’t with Samantha.>>We could stare in the streets.>>No, I’m not down with Samantha.
>>No.>>I’m just saying.>>We can be outside with the [CROSSTALK]>>We said that we wanted to crash a wedding. What if we crashed the royal wedding?
>>Royal wedding!? That would be amazing.


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