Mehbooba Theatrical Trailer | Puri Jagannadh | Akash Puri | Neha Shetty | Sandeep Chowta

No one loves a soldier Until the enemy is at the gate La ilahi illallahi Mohammad Ur Rasulallah Only a soldier has the heart to love the nation It is enough to get just
a small place in that heart Doctor… Ravi… It would have been great
if these borders does not exist Hit… I know you… You need him? Yes… If you kill us, we will be born again We take birth again and again You rascal Hail to Salman Khan Hail to Sharukh Khan Hail to Aamir Khan
and hail to Abdul Kalam Hail to humanity Hail to the love Hail to my beloved (Mehbooba) MEHBOOBA…. (Beloved…)


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