Mell Hall Video Tour 2011 – Kendra and D’Layne (Winner)

*MUSIC* Kendra: Hi, I’m Kendra
D’Layne: I’m Layney
Both: And this is Mell Hall Kendra: This is the awesome ping pong table. People are already using it. Kendra: This is the studying table. D’Layne: Big Screen T.V.
Kendra: This is where we put our mail. *sings* Kendra: There’s no elevator in Mell Hall, which means you have to walk up all three flights of stairs.
D’Layne: Which is awesome, though, because you get lots of exercise. *MUSIC* Kendra: With it being so close to Halloween and all, we decided to be festive. Kendra: We are really decked out for Halloween right now We’re pretty festive.
D’Layne: Yea, we got our spiderweb ceiling and pumpkins and spiderwebs and all that good stuff. And it’s really bright in here, because we’re friendly, fun people and we like to have guests so we have a roomy futon and a few ottomans and stuff to sit on Kendra: Yea, Sunday night is Choo Choo night, everyone comes in here and we all have Choo Choo’s and watch a movie or just hang out and stuff. Kendra: this is my side of the room, and my colors are blue and
black, which we didn’t realize in the beginning that Laney’s are like pink, so we have blue and pink and it works. Yea, I hang my book back up because too much stuff on the floor is annoying. And then, here’s my desk but this is my favorite part, my monkey plate because college is so serious and you gotta have some fun. So that cheers me up sometimes. And what me and Laney did was use contact paper and I did a Penguin and my initials for mine.
D’Layne: and she did a turtle for mine. Which is awesome, and some initials. And then for closets we both kind of made them our own. Personalized closets, and I got like a little hat fetish going on. So, you see all my hats.
Kendra: And I really like sunglasses, so this is kind of a good way to keep them organized and have them all there. And we have our T.V. of course because, oh my gosh study break, T.V., gotta have it. Jersey Shore, yea! D’Layne: This is all my awesome cards from home, and pictures that remind me of my family and stuff and everything’s like pink and matches and then this is my little Georgia section over here. And then my ribbon basket, which is like one of a kind. No one else has a ribbon basket like this. And then our colored curtains are hung up and they probably match a lot of things. Kendra: It’s really awesome when it’s bright and sunny outside, it makes our whole room look like a rainbow And then, of course, the best part of our room is the food cupboard, cabinet, shelves, whatever they’re called Cause you always gotta have those late night snacks D’Layne: And on the bottom as you can tell is our cereal shelf, because Kendra’s dad works for General Mills and they’re awesome. We get cereal.
Kendra: So if you’re ever having the breakfast munchies, let me know. D’Layne: And then the best part is the fridge. If you ever need a drink, we’ve got drinks. We’ve got Mountain Dews, Cokes, Hugs. You want a hug? We’ll get you a hug. Waters kind of all disappeared. We have a microwave too. Kendra: Those are our beds. Like I said, mine
is black and blue and Laney’s is pink.
D’Layne: and colorful. Kendra: And colorful, yea! D’Layne: And we have a sink.
Kendra: The lower 5 residence halls all have sinks in the dorm rooms, so that’s nice if you have to brush your teeth, or wash your hands, or do dishes even Yea, we have our extra spider webs there. *beeps* D’Layne: It didn’t go in
Kendra: Keep going! *beeps*
D’Layne: It’s not working! *MUSIC*

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