Men Can Dance (In Heels!) Too | It Gets Better: Ballet Dancer Harper Watters

– I am fabulous, I’m
flawless, I’m flexible, but most importantly I am fearless. (upbeat music) My name is Harper Watters and I am a soloist with
the Houston Ballet, which means I am a professional dancer. I kick, split, turn, give
all the shows on stage, but in a classical world of dance. I was one of those kids that
would sneak and watch MTV. I wasn’t allowed to,
but the “The Real World” and “TRL” and watching the top
10 music videos of the week. There was something about
watching Destiny’s Child in “Survivor” with the
camo that I was like, “I need to move like that.” I came out when I was 14 and it was the summer after my
freshman year of high school. I was petrified to go back to school ’cause I was like, “What is gonna happen?” I knew of the performing arts high school about two hours away and I was like, “There will be people
there who accept me.” The dance studio was my safe space. The girls in the studio were friends that I’d never had before and I was lucky enough
to go to a private school that offered creative movement and dance. My first dance class gave me that first taste of you are supported here. The arts is where you are meant to be. But more so, it was the
community of people saying you’re here, you’re allowed to be here. I moved to Houston in 2009 and I was the ripe young age of 16 and I moved there to train
in the Houston Ballet School. I did two years there and when I was 18 I was offered a contract to join the professional main
company of 65 dancers. I had to do this variation where I film it and send it off for a competition and I was rehearsing and
I fell out of a pirouette and my teacher looked at me and said, “Harper, you’re never
gonna get a perfect wave. “It’s about riding the wave you’re given.” I took that as it’s not
always gonna be perfect, but also nothing really matters unless you’re saying something with the steps. Then I was like, “Well,
what am I trying to say? “Am I trying to say I
wanna be someone else “that is successful or am
I trying to show Harper? “If there’s a sea of
people who look one way “and then there’s one of me, “why would they pick me?” If you stick out, if
people are looking at you, that is your opportunity to say, “I have your attention. “Now I’m gonna show you what I’m worth.” I’ve definitely experienced the idea that you have to subdue your
interests or what you like or what you’re drawn
to in order to succeed or in order to fit the mold and I don’t like that because then you’re forcing
yourself into something that you’re not. I think it’s really important to make others feel their best because when we feel our
best, we can be our best. I wanna create a supportive,
kind, uplifting, environment and space for people to
feel like they can succeed so that when I hang up my shoes and look at the company and to look at the dance
world, I see more color. My best advice to someone who is watching and might feel isolated, alone, or like you don’t have anybody is you do and we are here to uplift
you, help you soar, and help you be the best
version of who you are. If you’re nervous, that probably
means that you are about to choose something amazing
and we cannot wait to watch it. Hi, I’m Harper Watters,
and it gets better. ♪ And I know, I know it gets better ♪ ♪ Aye ♪ ♪ Know we gonna make it ♪

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