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Welcome subscriptions Gongsun Qian, son of a declining family in Tianxuan Kingdom. Committed to reviving his family and devoted to Tianxuan Kingdom. Men With Swords Season 1
Episode 2 How long has that rascal been here? About half an hour already. A few others came during the time, but they all couldn’t wait and left. He’s the only one left sitting, and it seems he never changed his posture either. I see that he must be resolute. In another half an hour, if he’s still not left, then bring him to the side hall and keep him there. Yes, Sir. This way, Young Master. Young Master, please wait. Our house lord will be here after he’s finished with his task. Thank you for the trouble. Great indeed. Lord Prime Minister. I am ill-mannered. I just saw the board out and I couldn’t contain my itch to play. May you not find fault in me. So the board’s solved. Great. I’ve humiliated myself. Gongsun, I’ve read your writing already. You are fitting of being called an extraordinary talent. We are in need of people in our current landscape. Would you be willing to follow me around? That would be a blessing to me. As long as I can be a service, I shall commit to it ardently. Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki Your Majesty, you’re awake. Your Majesty, do you still feel aching in your head? I’ve brewed some tonic. Please take it and soon, you will be more comfortable. Get lost! I don’t want to see anyone right now! You all get lost! Yes. Qiu Zhen. Qiu Zhen. Your Majesty, you shouldn’t have come. I . . . I wanted to escort you out. I shall not fail Your Majesty’s command. May Your Majesty be at ease. That year, when I gave the command to annihilate the House of Qiu, were you . . .? Your Majesty. The past needn’t be brought up. Qiu . . . Lord Prime Minister, please wait. Your Majesty is not in pleasant mood. If His Majesty wants to play a board of chess with you, you must play a round with him. Your Excellency, would His Majesty play chess with me? Lord Prime Minister, this way please. Your Majesty. Your old servant is in Your Majesty’s presence. In Your Majesty’s attendance. Your Majesty, the weather is quite nice today. The flowers in the palace gardens are blooming grandly. Perhaps you would like to go stroll around. Loosen up your bones and body. I only wish to let these bones go. Your Majesty, this is a junior I recently just met. His chess skills are extraordinary. If Your Majesty wishes to play chess with him, perhaps he could accompany Your Majesty for a round. In Your Majesty’s attendance. From now on, you’ll stay by my side, and serve as my close servant. You can never be more than half a step away from me. Get up. Qiu Zhen. Qiu Zhen! You are not Qiu Zhen. – Prime Minister.
– Present. You all can leave. Now . . . I have only this dagger left. Lord Prime Minister, the dagger in His Majesty’s keep does not seem special. The special is in the person behind the dagger. The story on it isn’t something a few words can truly tell in full understanding. However, in the future, you will come to know it slowly. Actually, General Wu’s burden is even heavier now. Currently he’s the only one who can lead our military command for battle. If Qiu . . . Never mind. Gongsun, about the letter of recommendation, have you seen anyone who has the potential for great use? There is a fierce warrior who can take charge. But someone who has the potential to be a general, I have yet to see one. However, I have caught wind of some rumors lately. That somewhere outside Tianji’s jurisdiction, there are strange sightings of a white rainbow passing by the sun (an omen). Everyone’s making their own guess. Some say a star general is coming out from there. Some say someone developed a divine weapon there. Whether it’s true or not, you must send some competent men to investigate it. Yes. Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki May I ask if you are the legendary sword-maker who’s developed a divine weapon, Qi Zi Kan, Master Qi? Just some false rumors. No need to mention them. May I ask who you are? I am a collector of various swords and daggers. I heard news that a divine sword was forged in your oven. So I rushed here to take a look. I wonder if you would oblige, Master Qi, and allow my eyes to witness a treasure? Just some rotten metals. No need to take a look. I don’t believe you’re being humble. I believe you’re not even the owner of this forge! Your Highness. Did the letter reach the sword forge? Jian Bin. Juntian Empire’s Duke of Tianji. Among the four great city-states under the Juntian Empire, his Tianji is the only one that has not proclaimed independence. The message pigeon we sent out already returned. Your Highness, do we not wait? Wait? Wait for what? My guess is that someone is staying on the mountain, not wanting to return. On this journey, so many times we’ve encountered calculated attacks. We just need to get beyond this treacherous path, and the land in front won’t have any place for assassins to hide. Go. Qi Zi Kan. Duke of Tianji, Jian Bin’s close guard. Originally a sword-maker in the mountains. Later recruited by Jian Bin to serve under him. Your Highness, we must not indulge in fighting. Escaping in peace is the greater aim. The heavens will not let me die. Whose command are you following? – Your Highness!
– Don’t look anymore. They all are death squad warriors. They surely will not keep any valuable items on themselves. Yes. I came late and caused you to be in danger. Hope Your Highness punishes me. It’s all thanks that you were able to come in time. Or else, I would have been dead. Your Highness, it’s not wise to stay in this place any longer. It’s best that we leave now. This is the sword that you made? Blood doesn’t stick on it. It is indeed extraordinary. It’s because I made this sword, that’s why Your Highness got into danger. My crime should be punished by execution. You really are being too distant from me. You have saved me from danger numerous times. What crime did you commit? Next time, don’t say these things anymore. I am heavily favored by Your Highness and have nothing to repay. I am willing to die for you to thank you for your grace. Between us, no need to make such promises. Prime Minister, a top secret letter. The assassins were killed. Bin is returning to his city-state. The people we sent to assassinate Jian Bin are all dead. Could their identity have been known? No way. There are not many valuables on a death squad warrior. What I’m worried is that there might still be an able person by Jian Bin’s side. He actually was able to keep him unharmed. The scouts we sent to Tianji before reported that there were only empty houses there. If my memory serves me right, that swordsman hut is not far from the place where Jian Bin was nearly assassinated. I am guessing that these two must be related. What you said is right. We must re-discuss this matter. Informing Prime Minister, the General’s Manor sent someone to relay a message. General Wu’s injuries have worsened again. – Hurry and prepare the carriage!
– Yes. Gongsun, tonight, hurry and go organize all the military reports about the border territories. So that just in case, we can make plans earlier. Yes. Tianji Respectfully greeting Your Highness! Rise. Thank you, Your Highness. Your Highness, we heard that you encountered danger on your way here. We all couldn’t do anything and could only pray to the gods every night. Today, seeing Your Highness returning safely, only then are we all able to be at ease. You have worked hard, High Priest. On this journey, there were so many twists and turns. It’s all thanks to Qi Zikan. Or else, I fear that even Heaven couldn’t have protected me. I understand Your Highness’ feelings towards your personal guard. But Your Highness must not make disrespectful comments about Heaven. High Priest, you are being too strict with my word. Your Highness… Your Highness, what’s wrong? Hurry and call the doctor. Your Highness…what’s wrong? Are you alright, Your Highness? Your Highness, are you okay? Your Highness, what’s wrong? Your Highness…what’s wrong with you? Informing Your Highness, the people who tried to assassinate you were death squad members of Tianxuan. Lord Gongsun. Lord, this is a top secret letter from Tianji. What does it say? There is an able person now by Jian Bin’s side. His name is Qi Zikan. A few years ago, he already is Jian Bin’s personal guard. Don’t know why, but one year ago, he went into seclusion in a hut within the mountains to make his sword. The assassins we sent to kill Jian Bin all died under his sword. He now has returned to the palace with Jian Bin. Based on reliable news, Jian Bin really thinks highly of this person. Tianji, Tianji… This is really big trouble. If General Wu is still here, our Tianxuan Kingdom will still be able to fight with the state of Tianji. But with the current situation, I fear that it would be hard. Prime Minister, I have an idea. Say it. The areas we are fighting with Tianji about are just some cities by our borders. Those cities have suffered wars successively and most are already empty. They really will be no use to us and should just be abandoned. I think that the state of Tianji surely also thinks that way. Moreover, our kingdom already has no able general to use. Why don’t we just express some goodwill with Tianji for now? What you mean is… The Tianji state upholds the practice of sorcery. Every matter is decided by the High Priest. Since that’s the case, why don’t we play by their interests and borrow the words of Heaven to stop the battles. Borrow the words of Heaven… to stop the battles? Gongsun, I’m leaving this matter to you. Xiao Qi. Your Highness, what instructions do you have? Nothing. I just felt that it was already too long ago since I called you that. It’s already late. Hope Your Highness can sleep early. There are still a lot of documents I haven’t finished reading. It’s fine to sleep less for a few days. The scout reported that the assassins we met on the road were from Tianxuan. Tianxuan? After Tianxuan succeeded in assassinating Emperor Qikun, if not because Ling Guang’s most trusted subject died in front of him, I think they would have already advanced southward several times more. Right now, within their kingdom, there is already no skilled military general. In my opinion, it’s better to do a counter-attack. What you are thinking is similar to my own thought. There were rumors before that you have created a precious sword. It complies with the General Star of astrology. How about you lead my army? Your Highness, military power is a grand matter. May you think about it carefully. Your Highness! Your Highness, High Priest is requesting an audience. Your Highness, High Priest asking for an audience this late at night must be about very important matters. I think that it’s better that you see him. Xiao Qi still likes to say things that I don’t like to hear. Forget it. I also am not sleeping yet. Just let him in. Yes. Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki Respectfully greeting Your Highness. You were just in time. I actually have something for you to think about. May Your Highness say it. Tianxuan, Tianshu, and Tianquan have proclaimed independence and created their own kingdoms in the past three to five years. Only our Tianji didn’t follow suit. Right now, everyone is coveting the whole Empire. Should we also change how we are addressed too? Or else, we are acting like a kingdom but not really a kingdom, having a king but not really a king yet. What Your Highness said is so right. Your old subject did see an omen tonight. After the half moon, there was a ghost that entered it. Then the sky turned into a celestial swirl. This is a sign foretelling a mix of prosperous and ominous occurrences. May Your Highness memorialize the spirits for guarding. Mix of prosperous and ominous? Yes. Yaoguang Ah Xun? Murong Li. Yaoguang Royal Prince. Upon Tianxuan army’s penetration of Yaoguang Kingdom, he’s lost both country and family. – Ah Xun, how did you come?
– This is the King’s jade seal. Bring it with you and flee at once! My nation is destroyed, and my royal father and all of them are gone. What meaning is there left for me to remain on earth? Preview
Our Tianshu Kingdom isn’t considered poor, but we are not as strong as the other three kingdoms. You’ve only ascended to Kingship not long ago, and there are a plethora of things to tend to. If you rush in your vying for power, would you not be afraid that the people of the world will start wielding their tongues recklessly? How dare you! Don’t you forget, you played a part in what happened that year as well! I have been spectating the night celestial patterns and I have discovered the signs for our Tianji. I discovered our Tianji Fate Star is in a grand splendor. Its flourishing pressing the central enclosure (constellation). What sign did you see in the sky? A very top, prosperous omen. In that case, starting today, we will become Tianji Kingdom. We will consult the calendar and set a date for our country’s founding. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, allow me to say a few more words. The world-wide havoc isn’t something that will only last a year or two. Tianquan has Tianxian Barrier. We just need to guard the Yuzhao Pass well, and no one can enter here. Why don’t you just stay still and let me be a Fortress King. I can’t seize the world and I don’t want to either. – Report.
– Your Majesty, the world will really go into a havoc. Your Majesty! Guards! Take him away. This…Your Majesty! Men With Swords
Season 1 Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki ♫ Outside the city in the ruins, battle horses are galloping across. The war does not want to be stopped.♫ ♫ Put on your armor. A sandstorm of worry buries hundreds of yearnings. ♫ ♫ Troubled times, flurry snowstorms. ♫ ♫ Raise your sleeves, a thrust from your sword. Turn around, and the skies are covered in red.♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face. ♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations. ♫ ♫ Half a lifetime of fate. The moment you have been forgotten, your heart drips with blood. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, present the fleeting time. ♫ ♫ Times of desperation is the spirit that you awoke with your sentiments. ♫ ♫ On that day, silently listen to the spring water all alone. ♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face.♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations.♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face.♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations.♫ ♫ Half a lifetime of fate. The moment you have been forgotten, your heart drips with blood. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, the open shore. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, strength refined hundreds of times. ♫


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