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Episode 9 I beg Your Majesty’s forgiveness. I did not know you were here. I am fine. Your skills are amazing, indeed. I don’t deserve it. I wonder if Your Majesty is here because something happened in royal court? Nothing. I just wanted to see the general’s mansion, and whether Xiao Qi is used to it. Draped in silk and fancy food or a shack and simple food, there is no difference. I am never caring of such. Forget it. As long as you’re happy. I haven’t seen Xiao Qi in casual attire in so long. Before Your Majesty, I’ve embarrassed myself. It’s very nice. Your Majesty. General. Your servant seems clever. People selected by Your Majesty are good, of course. Your Majesty. What is that Grand Master trying to do? Tianshu’s two men are obviously trying to hide their footprints. They are being extra vigilant. It must because they are after something. In this era, anybody who is human would want something. However, I trust Xiao Qi. Your Majesty. Grand Master, Tianshu, Tianshu, Grand Master. Last time, Tianshu’s envoy met a group of bandits. How did that happen? That event was investigated by someone I sent. Tianshu’s envoy suffered a total of six casualties. Five were servants and the other was Su Yan. Tianshu’s envoy group, why did they take the corpses back haphazardly, and not mention anything about having the bandits pay back with their lives? After Su Yan’s death, Tianshu’s envoy was led by Zhong Kun Yi. He’s Su Yan’s academy junior. Those two had different aims. With different aims, people do not gather. I see that the bandits actually did him a favor. Now Tianshu sent people to find Grand Master. What is your thought on it, Xiao Qi? I believe this matter needs extra caution. But Grand Master meeting with a foreign body in privacy is not any good event. May Your Majesty come to a resolute decision. Resolute decision? What resolute decision can I make now? To go and arrest Tianshu person directly? If there is a real conspiracy, do you think they’d confess to it? What if such a grand gesture only leads to warning off the enemy? Yes. It’s my short-sighted view. Xiao Qi, you’re always a direct person and I know it. For now, have people watch them, but don’t make any move yet. Let’s see what Grand Master is after. People, once they get old, they are hard to say. If his greed grows bigger, he can’t see the path under his feet easily. Your Majesty. Grand Master is a valued subject of our Tianji. What he says, eight out of ten times, it’s like speaking for Heaven. After years of that, he may come to think he really is Heaven’s proxy. We’ll knock on him a bit when given the chance. Xiao Qi, do you understand it? Yes. I understand. Good then. I’ll return now. Next time, I’ll have some tea with you. Grand Master, I didn’t see clearly. I think it seemed like it was a mass of dark energy. It is indeed dark energy. Then, do you think it’s bad or good? Don’t you already know that? I . . . Though you did not say it, you already mentioned bad. So it means you already reckon in your mind it is a bad omen. I don’t dare. The red goat calamity is approaching. (T/N Chinese astrological belief, the “dingwei” occurs in 60-year cycle) Wouldn’t it be an ominous omen? Red goat? You mean, Grand Master thinks there will be a disaster of war? Soon or later, the fighting will happen. Then should we report this to His Majesty? Of course. He’s just named someone a high general. Soon enough, he’s courted the calamity of red goat. I want to see just how His Majesty will try to protect that rascal. Grand Master is sage. I plan tomorrow to send away those two envoys sent by Su Han. I wonder if there’s anything else you’d like to tell them? Tell them to go back and say, I already know it. I will send someone to investigate and the rest, we’ll talk later. Su Han’s move is to beg me. But I think he’s reaching his hand out a little too long. He thinks our Tianji Court is his backyard garden? Please dissipate your anger. Tell them to go back and tell Su Han, the nephew is already dead, so it’s time to understand cherishing oneself. He’s old now, so he should understand the value of life. I understand. Today on my way to the office, I felt someone calling for me. That must not be an illusion. – My Lord.
– What is it? A messenger from Tianshu came to deliver some items. He says they must be handed to you. Should I bring him here? Or do I bring him to the study? Bring him here.
– Yes. Greetings to Lord Gongsun. No need for formalities. You’ve toiled on your journey. My Lord, this is a list of trade goods and a map my master sent. Your master? My Lord, you will know after reading the letter. My master says if you have time tomorrow, at the hour of the Monkey, he will wait for you at Mirror Lake outside the city gate. If you walk in the direction of southeast, there’s a tea inn. Zhong Tell your master I will be there for sure tomorrow. Yes. Brother Zhong, it is you indeed. Brother Gongsun. Xiao Er, come tie the horse. Brother Gongsun, long time no see. I heard you got promoted to be Tianxuan’s Senior Censor. I came in a rush this time and I did not get a chance to bring you a congratulatory gift. You are being too formal with me. How is it you are in Tianxuan? There are some things I wanted to tell you personally. I did not trust others. Is it about that map? Last time, when I went on the envoy trip to Tianji, I saw the old Yuheng Road around the borders. Since Yuheng became part of Tianji, that road was closed. Now, if we can open up that route, it will be very useful in future. Future? You mean..? Now every nation has its own issues. If one has an aim in life, he needs to make his preparations early. Brother Gongsun, do you not concur? Tianshu’s three major aristocratic families are intertwined. Your suggestion of opening up trade may suffer some objections. This road isn’t easy to travel on, Brother Zhong. Before one steps on whichever road, the one making the journey has already made a decision. Whether it’s a smooth path or a rough path, he needs to move forward regardless. And I’m from a humble background at that. In this world, there is no path for return in this world for me. In this chaotic world, for me it is an opportunity. You may call it fate or aspiration. In the end, it is still an opportunity. Brother Zhong you are very insightful. I have learned. This way. Right now, the world may seem peaceful at a fleeting glance. But just a small amount of external force can crush it. Instead of waiting for someone else to make the move some day, I should make the first move myself. Please, Brother Gongsun. Among the four nations, in terms of being rich, it is Tianquan. In terms of powerful, it is Tianji. And Tianquan has been since its founding a closed-off nation that doesn’t involve itself in mixing with other nations. While Tianji is different. Situated right in the middle of crossroads between our two nations. Fortunately, Jian Bin and Grand Master seem to have discord, which barely gives you and I the chance to catch our breath. Brother Gongsun’s words are quite true. Brother Zhong, have you made up your plan? On the surface, in the name of opening trade, I will use trading goods to open up the old Yuheng road. In reality, there is another small road next to the official road. It is the path that salt and iron smugglers use to enter and exit Tianshu. The official road is for Jian Bin to see. Even if something happens in the future, if he wants to close off the road, we still wouldn’t lose majorly. Though the matter is plausible, to carry it out is quite risky. Brother Zhong, have you made up your mind? I’ve said this already. There’s no path to return. Only forward. Okay. I will echo you on the matter then. If you should have some need later on as long as it doesn’t interfere with Tianxuan’s gain, I shall assist you where I can. Thank you, Brother Gongsun. Facing the Warmth Platform, Tianquan Palace Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Fresh Drama I hope you are well since we last met. Before, I met Brother Zhong Kun Yi. Tianshu’s trade affairs with the three nations are being supervised by him. The two of us will use opening trade as our pretext to reopen an old road, to make it easy for transportation between the nations. Tianji’s Grand Master will try to use this for own gain. Please be careful in your move. May you be well and looking forward to future meeting. Attendant. Go fetch me the old Juntian Empire map.
– Yes. My Lord, they are here. Greetings, my lord. What are your names? I am Geng Yin.
– I am Geng Chen. When you work for me, I just need you to deliver letters. If something amiss happens, don’t throw your life at it. Just destroy the letter.
– Yes. General. There’s a youth who left this outside the door and left. A youth?
– He left this and left. When the guard went to chase after him, he had disappeared. Prepare the horse. I’m going to the Palace. What I said were all true. What were the original words of Grand Master? Grand Master watched the night sky and made a prophecy. The general star changed position and the dark clouds are covering the sky. This symbolizes a very bad omen. I just made a decree to confer the general position and then Grand Master now made a prophecy that the general star has changed its position? Is he saying that I chose the wrong person or that the Heaven was wrong in choosing me? I dare not make casual comments. It’s just that Grand Master has never been wrong in his interpretation of the stars. May Your Majesty– What you mean is I am the one who is wrong? I said the wrong words. May Your Majesty forgive me. High General is here! Respectfully greeting Your Majesty. I have an urgent matter to report to Your Majesty. Where did you get this letter? Someone placed it outside my manor and left without saying a word. The matter involved here is grave. Whether it’s real or not, I think that we should still make preparations. If what is written here is true, are Tianxuan and Tianshu using trading as an excuse to scheme on our Tianji Kingdom? I think so too. Those two countries have been plotting for a long time. Or else, they wouldn’t come up with an idea of using the Epsilon Ursae Majoris old road. (T/N Latin, designation for the star Alioth, brightest star in the Great Bear’s tail) What counter-measures did you come up with? I am requesting permission to lead an army toward our borders and immediately block off the common region between us and Tianshu. Just block it off? Once we increase our army in the border regions, the news will surely spread to these two countries. This will automatically stop their plan of using the Epsilon Ursae Majoris old road. Looks like we can only do that. – Your Majesty!
– Grand Master really came in time. Informing Your Majesty, I think that increasing the border army is inappropriate. May Your Majesty reconsider it. Grand Master, tell me, why is it inappropriate? Right now, the different countries have put down their weapons and are recuperating. If we increase our army now, I fear that it will catch the attention of the other three kingdoms. I observed the night sky. There is a premonition from the movement of the general star. I fear that it might come true with this matter. Just because of an astrological matter, is Grand Master insisting to oppose it? We must not go against the Heaven’s will. What if the Heaven’s will is disadvantageous to our Tianji? This… I feel that letting Xiao Qi go there and take a look is fine too. We must not assume that this matter is true just based on an anonymous letter. I’ll follow Your Majesty’s decision. The three fortresses we have in the border region currently have thirty-thousand soldiers. No need to mobilize any army to go there for now. Xiao Qi, lead a group of your trusted soldiers and go to the border. If the matter written in the letter is indeed true, that the Tianshu and Tianquan kingdoms are planning to plot against us, I am then conferring you command over the army to show them our might. I will accept your decree. What does Grand Master think about that? What Your Majesty said was reasonable. Your Majesty is wise. General, are you going to sever the Epsilon Ursae Majoris old route? Since we are setting out and dispatching the troops, then let us make it more thorough. The Tianshu Kingdom schemed against us. Let us then make them pay for it. We will listen to General’s decision! Divide into three groups. In ten days, conquer the five cities of Tianshu. By your command. Read it to the ministers. The military report sent back by General Qi states, “We’ve already cut off the Epsilon Ursae Majoris old route. The border army were divided into three groups and were already able to conquer five cities of Tianshu.” Informing Your Majesty, Lord Cui Lin, the envoy from Tianshu is asking for an audience. – Let him in.
– Yes. Calling for the Tianshu envoy to enter the court! I am Cui Lin. Wishing Your Majesty good health. Are you here to negotiate for peace or to give me your written challenge to war? I am here to negotiate for peace. Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Fresh Drama The trade matter was the intention of our king. We initially thought that Your Majesty would also be happy for such thing, and never thought that it instead would cause our two kingdoms to go to war. It isn’t what our king intended. Our king doesn’t want the flames of war to continue so he had me bring that peace negotiation letter. We are willing to give up our five border cities to your kingdom. We only wish that it will end the war between us. Those five cities are ours now to begin with. Using them to negotiate peace, isn’t your kingdom lacking in sincerity? The reason for the war in our border region originated from us trying to open the Epsilon Ursae Majoris old route for trade. If you are going to use that as an excuse and will continue with this war, may I ask Your Majesty how are you going to let the people in this world be satisfied with such reasons? Informing Your Majesty, our army was able to conquer five cities in five successive days. Heaven is really blessing us. I think that since Tianshu has intentions for peace negotiations, why not just let General Qi come back? Okay. Let’s do as the Grand Master said. I’ll leave this matter to Grand Master. Write my decree. – Call for Qi Zi Kan to return.
– Yes. – Lord Prime Minister.
– I just received military news that Tianji suddenly attacked and conquered five cities of Tianshu successively. What? I heard that the Epsilon Ursae Majoris old route has also been severed. The Epsilon Ursae Majoris old route got cut off? Then is the royal city of Tianshu still fine? Is Zhong Kunyi still alright? We still don’t know what the situation is in their royal city. Looks like that royal city won’t be in peace. Conquering five cities, who in Tianji actually led their army? Qi Zi Kan. I heard that he divided into three groups and in less than five days, able to conquer five cities. Such a fierce general, we really must not belittle him. So fast. Looks like the rumors of the general star appearing in mortal form actually occurred in Tianji Kingdom. Qi Zi Kan…this person is a very close subject of Jian Bin. He only follows orders from Jian Bin. He is not easy to get along with. No matter if he is easy to get along with or not, we must make preparations. Oh, right. This Zhong Kunyi you mentioned earlier, was he the one who was the same age as you and is also a scholar like you? Yes. Gongsun, if you have care, then it is easy for you to lose focus. Right now, you are already the Senior Censor. You must not cause any delay on our country’s grand ambition. Lord, don’t worry. I surely won’t cause any delay to our country’s affairs. Okay. I’ll get going now. Respectfully sending off the Prime Minister. I fear that when that Zhong rascal went to Tianji Kingdom as an envoy, he had already sent secret messages to Jian Bin’s men. I kept…I kept feeling that something was wrong. I also feel that this matter isn’t that simple. What if this is something that they have previously discussed among themselves? That day, when the military report came, I suggested the strategy of giving up some of our territory at the morning court. His Majesty agreed to it so easily. Thinking back, it indeed isn’t like the usual practice of His Majesty. In His Majesty’s eyes, we of the nobility are hindrances to his authority. Even if he has to let go of some territory, he must still get rid of us first. Could it be…could it be that we belittled His Majesty? Could it be that since he started to promote Zhong Kunyi, he already was setting up this trap? I… I keep feeling that something doesn’t fit right. How is it not right? From the start, he kept saying that we of the nobility are competing with the citizens’ interests. Next, Su Yan strangely died in a foreign land. And that Zhong rascal suddenly suggested trade with other kingdoms. In the end, we saw how Tianshu’s Business Association is now under the control of His Majesty. No matter if it’s business within the country or selling military horses and mining products to other countries, from now on, it will be that Zhong rascal who will have the final say. Other than His Majesty, could there be another person? With such great benefits, using the five border cities as exchange, even I would be willing. Prime Minister Su, how do you think we should deal with this? Currently, the King will not openly harm us yet. We also must not offend him openly. Why don’t we start with that Zhong rascal? Since His Majesty is already making his moves, then we should also express to him our reaction. Kill him. No matter if it’s that Zhong rascal who caused the death of Su Yan, he still must die. Who are you! You actually dare to attempt to assassinate a government official outside the royal city? Lord! Lord, don’t spend too much time with these assassins. Immediately return to the capital! I…! Quick, let’s go! Hurry and chase. Let’s go. Who is it? Aren’t you going to open the gates! They are from the Palace. Let them in! Let’s go! Preview – These flowers are called wild Chinese viburnum. They blossom during the end of spring. When they open, it’s like clouds have fallen into the earth. These flowers are very suitable to be grown by the waterside pavilion of the Facing the Warmth Platform. I don’t like them! Murong likes them. I already sent people to transfer and plant these flowers in the Palace. Ah Li isn’t unhappy about it, right? Does Your Majesty know about a saying that states ‘earning for a living and just waiting to die’. Since you dislike me, I won’t keep being an eye-sore here anymore! I heard that you went to see His Majesty today and even chatted a lot with him. How about it? Is His Majesty better now? I feel that His Majesty isn’t as depressed as before. Right now, he is already willing to talk about General Qiu with me. He also is willing to hear me talk about the present situation. Murong, who really are you? Although I know that you are talented, you were able to become a kingdom’s chief archive officer and even was able to get the favor of the king. How come I seem to be not understanding it? Men With Swords
Season 1 Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Fresh Drama ♫ Outside the city in the ruins, battle horses are galloping across. The war does not want to be stopped.♫ ♫ Put on your armor. A sandstorm of worry buries hundreds of yearnings. ♫ ♫ Troubled times, flurry snowstorms. ♫ ♫ Raise your sleeves, a thrust from your sword. Turn around, and the skies are covered in red.♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face. ♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations. ♫ ♫ Half a lifetime of fate. The moment you have been forgotten, your heart drips with blood. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, present the fleeting time. ♫ ♫ Times of desperation is the spirit that you awoke with your sentiments. ♫ ♫ On that day, silently listen to the spring water all alone. ♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face.♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations.♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face.♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations.♫ ♫ Half a lifetime of fate. The moment you have been forgotten, your heart drips with blood. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, the open shore. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, strength refined hundreds of times. ♫


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