Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 10 | 25th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

the door is locked what!… now what’s this new drama? Ayesha are you inside! Ayesha… Ayesha open the door just see, the new bride is waiting outside open the door… what’s this misbehavior Ayesha? open the door this is my mother’s room and I won’t tolerate anybody here, do you understand? who is she? she… both of you shall meet as well Ayesha she is your new mother and Maira… she is your daughter congratulations to you! hey, you’ve got a ready made daughter no worries for doing the upbringing or so… just live your life freely very nice, dad… very nice you’ve brought a bride of your daughter’s age, I feel ashamed for you I have already investigated the guy is of a very nice family background, he has got his own business the first wife of that guy had died Shaheena is her well-wisher she wants her life to get settled down I had told you, that I’ll get you married to an old man hey what has happened to her? Maira, hold her.. Maira Maira, open your eyes… Maira! Maira, open your eyes… Maira you shouldn’t have talked to mom, about the money I know, that I shouldn’t have done that don’t know, how this matter slipped out from my tongue Maira had to get married somewhere eventually it’s good that it happened with brother Zafar, and we all will get settled due to this excuse but your mother can’t see anything except for Maira now just see, how will this mother & daughter will defame me in the whole world hey, no…. don’t worry about that I know how to make mother quiet huh… as if you really know, how to make her quiet! why are getting upset now?
you were looking so pretty today I got late in complimenting you, but I’ve complimented you! I am strong though
but this time is so heavy on me, what shall I do? no need to worry! it’s just that she has taken a lot of stress, usually girls do get worried at the time of marriage now don’t disturb her, & let her rest she’ll wake up herself thank you, doctor forgive me, as I’ve disturbed you at this hour it’s OK, brother Zafar if there is any other problem, do call me then sure… come, let me take towards the gate what is this new drama? come on let her sleep, she’ll wake up herself… come on aunty, why father has done this? I can feel your pain sister Shagufta was my sister in law I feel so hurt… however, she was your mother though but there isn’t any benefit in banging to your head to the wall, my child your own head will get injured, don’t cry and look at that girl, how clever she is as soon as she saw, that the father will get compelled as per her daughter’s will she did the drama of being unconscious, all of a sudden! and look at Zafar, how he had ran to bring the doctor! and why won’t he run? his wife so young! and that poor Shagufta died, by just listening to this that she is the wife of mother’s age, but she couldn’t even produce a son aunty! my child, have some patience… dad has done so wrong… he has done so bad I won’t ever forgive dad I’m with you my child… control yourself just control… aunty! aunty! Javed just go & ask the caterer that when the flat bread will be prepared, all other things are already prepared & we are getting late. Go & ask him ye, I’ve called him… it’s ready, I’m juts going now to bring it yes, go & bring it quickly you’ve already done the preparation of your sister’s destruction now, what’s the need of taking all this stuff? mom, what has happened to you? now, when Maira will come in a very big car, wearing beautiful clothes… you’ll feel good leave the anger! he is right! aunty, just go & see that in how much big bungalow your daughter is living in all the world’s luxury is there furthermore, brother Zafar’s business is very big… your daughter is living a luxurious life you’ll pray for me mom, she has got married now… just leave the anger, & pray for her happiness alright? mom, you may stay ungrateful! just be happy, that your daughter has got married to a very rich family you’re standing as if… wow! she left without even listening to me! I feel you’ve done good for Maira, while fulfilling your enmity with her what rubbish you are talking! go & pack this, go quickly in the kitchen… don’t know when Javed will come I’ve to get ready as well congratulations to you! no worries for doing the upbringing or so… just live your life freely where am I? you are in your house, with your husband why are you being afraid?
we are into a relationship now you’re my wife & I’m your husband why your hands are so empty? you could have got some Henna design applied on them anyways, I’ve brought this for you wedding gift! you had slept early at night, so I couldn’t give you who does that! anyways leave this, how are you feeling now, tell me I’m fine if you’re done caring for your wife, then also look upon your daughter she is burning with fever Rabia I won’t spare you… I’ll see you when you come here what happened Ms. Parveen, to whom you’re being angry upon early morning? hey Khalid, everything has slipped out of our hands, everything! just wait & watch, how Zafar will become a henpecked! and this Rabia! if she comes in front of me.. I’ll see her if he had to get married, then he must have got married to some widow what can happen now? Do not act when it’s too late I know how to control this I won’t let them take everything so easily I feel so pity for that innocent Ayesha how she was sobbing last night I feel so sad seeing her like this take care of her, she feels so left out don’t know what more she will feel onward alright, if Zafar asks about me… then tell him that I’m going to the factory, OK? huh… if he remembers something except for his princess, then only! do the breakfast, then we’ll go tot the doctor let me die mother has already gone (died) but today, I feel like you have also gone for me everybody has left me so alone no one is for me what are you saying, Ayesha? don’t you want, that your father may get happiness? Ayesha, my child don’t I have the right to get the happiness of my portion? I don’t want to listen to anything leave me alone just eat something, then we’ll go to the doctor mother was more nice wow! amazing! Maira has been so lucky! where was she, & where has she came now… this is called luck so now you accept this, that all has happened because of me only brother Zafar’s age is a bit more moreover, I feel proud on my sister’s fate just leave it, you can’t get everything in your hands ready made for the whole life I don’t understand this, where are all the family members? nobody has came to us for the hospitality, no guests no noise, nothing! where has everybody gone? oh yes, this is a wedding house… the guests must be sleeping oh! so what… we have been sitting here since long time nobody even bothered to ask us about having water, at least go & check Shaheena, the trends of rich families are different,… what do you know about it! what will I go & check upon… then already know that we are here I must say, we shall talk to brother Zafar about the balance 5 lac rupees not today you stay coward, for the whole life don’t know, how much more time we have to wait she is your mother right?
you are her daughter? how do you dare to touch my mother’s photograph… hey, no Ayesha.. I was just
just stop your rubbish! I hate you so much you’ve snatched my father from me & has taken my mother’s place, what else do you want? I won’t spare you I won’t spare you at all Ayesha! you’ve beaten me for her sake? what as such has happened, that you’ve forgotten your manners? as far as age is concerned, she is of your age… but she is your mother in the relationship, apologize to her not at all don’t even think, that I’ll apologize to her shut up! beat me… beat me more… beat me! No, I don’t need any apology Ayesha, you please go to your room… let me talk to him who are you to ask me to leave from here? this is my house! and this is my mother’s room… do you understand! I won’t let you live here and you also remember this! Ayesha! Ayesha! my daughter is very emotional & immature when you’ll give her love, she’ll become friends to you how can you hide such a big matter? which matter? the matter, that you’ve got such a young & elder daughter why do I need to hide anything? Rabia has told your sister in law everything but I never knew anything about this so, this is your problem look Maira, I’m a very straight forward person I don’t make relations based upon lies and my daughter is a truth and you’ve to accept her what dull color you’re wearing? I like these colors and I like bright colors and I don’t like the girls who argue go & change, your brother & sister in law are waiting outside you are such a clever woman what have I done? and why are you being so angry on me? say it, tell me.. how much money you’ve taken from Zafar for this marriage? oh God! sister Parveen.. what has happened to you? what are you talking about? I had just taken the money for fixing the proposal hey you scoundrel, if you had to get Zafar married, then can’t you tell me? I could have searched for a sister in law for me, myself and then you’ve got him married to that girl, just look at Zafar’s age & that girl is so little in front of him Oh! so tell me one thing you’re upset on brother Zafar’s marriage or on that girl? if you’ve to get Zafar married, can’t you get him married to any widow? who must had 2 to 3 kids? you’ve got him married to a girl of his daughter’s age furthermore, you didn’t even inform me I keep on calling you, but you proved to be such a clever woman you didn’t even attended my one cal look Rabia! just listen to me carefully if anything bad happened in my house, due to this girl.. I won’t spare you do you understand? Oh God! you are so kind & merciful O God! I pray for a good fate of my daughter whatever was written in her fate, she has got it but my God! now bless my daughter’s life with happiness may Zafar prove to be a good husband for Maira so that she forgets the injustices of her brother & sister in law O God! you are so kind & merciful tell me more, sister Parveen… how are you? you’re fine! thanks to God you tell me Rabia you made a very sudden attempt in getting a proposal for Zafar I got compelled in front of brother Zafar’s insist what sort of compulsion? you must have looked upon our status you had searched the most poor family for us sister Parveen… Rabia’s work was just to show the family for the proposal brother Zafar, took Maira from our house after his own interest & liking greetings! how are you all? absolutely fine hey Maira! you look so beautiful…
how are you? how is mother? what must have happened to mother, she is absolutely fine obviously, she has completed her responisblity of wedding off the daughter! it seems like, her daughter was a big burden on her that’s why she has thrown that burden away, very soon I mean to say that, she was getting a very nice son in law like Zafar so why would anyone have waited, right? sister in law, I’m so hungry.. get the breakfast served yes, yes… let me get it served so, how are you all? yes, we are fine… are you fine? they haven’t come till now.. don’t know why are they taking so long? she’ll come Oh god! this bread is so oily! it seems that you’ve got it prepared from an ordinary shop No, no… we haven’t bought it from outside these breads are prepared by Shaheena at home this sort of food isn’t cooked in our house and Zafar doesn’t eat anything, except for olive oil what has happen sister in law… sometimes we can in take heavy items tell me, where is brother & rest of the people? your brother has gone to the factory, early morning Aimen was tired, so I didn’t wake her up… and Ayesha! she is burning in fever here you go your daughter is here daughter! yes, yes.. daughter come Ayesha… say hi! to your uncle & aunty oh God! if Maira is your mother then with this relation, they are your uncle & aunty.. come & say Hi! wow! the child has got all the maternal relations brother Zafar! why didn’t you tell us before the confirmation of the proposal, that you’ve got a young & mature daughter? why didn’t you tell us? No, No… you’ve told us Javed, he has informed us… may be you’re forgetting this, it must have slipped from your mind alright, have the breakfast have the breakfast all of you, have the breakfast there isn’t anything I haven’t even made anything for my daughter she is coming home for the first time, after her marriage how shall I prepare the sweet dish? hey Ali, I was so busy you’ve started to show me attitude.. since you’ve got the job… if you would have been on my place, you would have run away from here in 2 days you don’t know, these English men doesn’t allow a break for a minute even you don’t get a minute break, but at every minute you try to contact her hey Ali, please check… what’s the problem going on Maira’s phone is continuously switched off I am so worried I had also tried, but yes… the number is switched off but if you say so, shall I visit her home & check on sister in law? No, no her family is very strict… it will be so much problem for her also don’t pronounce her sister in law, at the moment what! I shouldn’t pronounce her as sister in law? you are being over joyed in your heart
& you’re showing me attitude! hey Ali, please find the solution to this problem I am so worried but what’s the benefit?
you can’t even tell your mother she’ll get convinced… first of all, she (Maria) shall get convinced what!
she hasn’t got convinced till now? she hasn’t accepted it, but I know her feelings oh brother! this is 21st century and you’re into 16th century look, listen! if you’ll go in such a slow motion, then she’ll get married to someone else Ali! don’t ever say any such thing Maira!… Maira is only mine I won’t let her be of somebody else hmm … good OK bye! oh wow! Maira.. your luck has become so good what a great house, line of cars & such a beautiful room yes, correct the ones, whose all life has been spent in wearing the torn clothes, how will they respect the beautiful & good clothes just see now, how she is mourning you’ve done fraud with me what fraud have I done? just listen to her… I haven’t done any fraud you’ve got such a big house… also you’ve got so much gold you have been wearing a gold chain, along with two gold bangles… a very big car is parked outside did you worth for all this? no right? if there had been any other girl, she must be very thankful to me for lifetime… unlike you, being so ungrateful he has got a young & mature daughter or my age young & mature daughter, as if she has come & sat on our lap! just be wise Maira, aged rich man are very rare to be found they wander around their young & beautiful wives hey come, please… brother Zafar, you know… I was just talking about you to Maira and you’re here I was making Maira understand, that she is so lucky to get brother Zafar as a husband alright, brother Zafar.. we shall take your leave now the breakfast is done already we have a traditional ritual to take the daughter home after the breakfast so we need your permission, mother must be waiting also Javed, the problem is.. I don’t accept these sort of non-sense traditional rituals furthermore, I am about to give a wedding reception in some days.. then you all may come & meet her OK, this is fine as well shall we leave then? let’s go then… OK… bye! OK OK Maira bye! come what as such has happened, that you’ve forgotten all the manners? as far as age is concerned, she is of your age… but she is your mother in the relationship, apologize to her just see… I won’t sit with patience she’ll apologize to you for sure don’t be dishearten… don’t cry my child mom… where have you gone? father has left me all alone, as soon as you’ve gone by slapping me, dad has made me realized that I’m all alone mom, I can’t live without you.. please come back mom, I miss you so much alright, tell me sister in law… how is Ayesha’s health now? she has got no fever, but still I have made her fall asleep after giving her the medicine it is very clear Zafar, she has been totally shattered by your second marriage she’ll be alright with the time how will you stop people’s tongue?
what will you answer the family? and on that, this reception ceremony I’ve got marred only, had not done any sin and reception is my happiness… whoever wants to attend it may attend it, if not then get lost don’t become blind, in the beauty of young & mature wife a beating person’s hand can be stopped, but the tongues cannot be stopped and what will the people say? what was the need of girl’s family, that they have wed off their daughter to the man of her father’s age don’t know, what problem was there in the girl.. that they’ve wed off her all of a sudden my family members are enough to taunt me, what’s the need of others he wants to do reception! Hello! yes inspector alright, I’m coming what happen, where are you going? it was a call from the police station, the robbers have been caught who did the robbery at our house what! really! this is such a good news,
have you informed Khalid? I’ll call him after reaching at the police station, just take care of Maira OK, I’ll take care Oh God! don’t know, in which condition my mother would be in whether she had eaten the food or not whether she had taken the medicine or not I wish to hide in my mother’s arms I would have never got separated from her mom… where are you? just see… your daughter is so worthless mom, I’ll die without you Hello! listen to me it’s been a tragedy… Zafar has gone to the police station and he is telling, that the robbers have been caught are you kidding me! why will I be joking? just call Zafar and ask him, what has happened over there if those robbers have been caught, then what will happen to us? Zafar won’t spare us stop being worried by this, he can doubt on you you just go to the police station OK, I’m going she is such an unlucky girl adversities have started, as soon as she has entered in the house what will happen now? what happen?
you haven’t brought Maira along, where is she? yes? what happen? Javed Maira hasn’t come? what has happen, somebody tell me something where is Maira? Javed what happen?
I’m being so restless what happen, something has happened there? mom, nothing has happened your son in law, has forbidden himself… he told us that he’ll come himself to drop her after the reception for God’s sake, stop being worried about Maira she is very happy in her house brother Zafar has kept her very delicately Javed, what as such has happened? why did you hide, such a big matter from me? such a big matter! what such a disaster has occurred, that you’re being so angry? isn’t this a big matter for you?’ that a young & mature girl is present in Zafar’s house!
who is of Maira’s age you should be ashamed,.. how dare you! and I have done all this for you I thought that you’ll get some money & your business will get started and it’s good that he has got a young daughter tomorrow or day after she’ll get married… she won’t be sitting in the house for life you haven’t done good you haven’t done good to Maira, Shaheena Javed… Oh God! Mom… Javed Javed… Javed… mom, what has happen to you! mom… hold mom… mother open your eyes

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