Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 11 | 26th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

what bad has my daughter done to you? you wed off my daughter with an old man, you’ve destroyed my delicate daughter what sort of a brother you’re Javed? how did you let this happen? you are being angry…
be quiet! all is the plan of both of you there isn’t anything like that you’re being upset, as if it’s a sin to have a young & mature daughter she is such a nice girl, a young girl tomorrow or day after she’ll get married, then everything will be of Maira’s shut up! you don’t have any child of yours since God hasn’t blessed you with a child, so you don’t know about a mother’s feelings… I’m feeling so helpless what is wrong with you? why are you arguing with mom?
go from here go from here! Javed, make me meet my daughter.. for God’s sake take me to her OK, OK… one minute… let me make you talk to Maira on phone you’ll feel a bit satisfied… OK…
yes, make me talk to her yes, give it to me mom, brother Zafar’s phone is busy at the moment, may be he is busy no, something wrong must have happened with her, take me to her right now mom, please listen to me… look take me to Maira’s lye down, please rest lye down No, please take me to Maira I’m telling you to please rest for sometime, I’ll make you talk to Maira… I promise good please rest for sometime
why you did this to your sister, why? the day is on it’s peak, the guests have gone back… and this madam is still sleeping wake up, Aimen!… wake up wake up! what has happened, as if the doom’s day is here! doom’s day hasn’t come, but it will … if those robbers will be caught which robbers? the same ones, who robbed out house… if they’re caught, then just think! this is our last day in this house so, this is good… if those robbers will get caught it means that we’ll get back our jewelry we won’t be getting the jewelry, but we’ll be losing it and we’ll become homeless what does it mean? your father has got that jewelry robbed what! it means, you guys have planned the robbery in your own house, yourself! yes! we had got the jewelry robbed of that fool Zafar wow! dad seems to be so clever and I was being guilty for no reason bigger thieves than me, are present in this house yes, yes.. you may also taunt we are doing all this, for both of you just leave it mom.. today, one thing is proved the men of this house, can do anything dad can get the robbery done, uncle can get married in this age and my brother Shahmeer, wants to get married on his own choice it’s just me, who cannot do anything look Aimen, I’m very upset at the moment, don’t try to make me more upset get up! get freshen up, & have breakfast… leave the bed get up! leaving… furthermore, I’m so hungry huh whose phone is this? hello! hello mom! how are you? so finally you remember your mother! yes mom, I always miss you but tell me, you don’t sound well yes son, what shall I tell you Zafar has done second marriage what! oh wow! the breakfast is so delicious haven’t you eaten? it has came from the house of your new mother if you find it so Delicious, then eat it quietly don’t make me mad! it seems like, last night you’ve seen aunty Shagufta in your dreams furthermore, what is left with you now? just your dreams only Aimen, stay in your limits… else I… hey girls! hey, come Guriya… have some breakfast it has came from our new aunty’s house wow! you’re having breakfast, and at this time! by the way Ayesha, where are my sweets? and you, I’ll ask you later … you didn’t take me in the marriage ceremony how could I have taken you to uncle’s wedding ceremony uncle’s own daughter didn’t attended his wedding ceremony Aimen, stop your rubbish! why are you being worried? I’ll take you to Shahmeer’s wedding ceremony anyways, leave everything… just tell me, how is she?.. I’ve heard, that she is very beautiful! you shall ask this from her I swear, she is so pretty also, she must be of the same age as of Ayesha’s so young! but your uncle is… uncle has fallen in love for her, that’s why! yes? anyways, leave it.. let me take you to meet my new aunty you’ll feel so good after meeting her as she is so pretty to whomsoever she meets, they starts liking her come.. come on I won’t spare you at all Ayesha! dad, I’ll always remember this slap! you’ve slapped me only once but people, will beat me with their talk again & again what have you done? you’ve destroyed everything! everything… where have been Khalid, his phone is also coming to be switched off why has he switched off the phone? you’re here, is everything fine? why was your phone switched off? the phone’s battery is down what happened at the police station? the robbers were some other people, & the police has tensed us uselessly thanks God! I was so tensed since morning… Zafar hasn’t come along? No, he had some work… so he had gone there have you heard about Zafar’s new act? what has he done now? he has done a news announcement of doing the wedding reception he wants to do a wedding reception has he gone mad! wasn’t the wedding enough? that now he is doing the wedding reception as well make him understand, not to do this else, we’ll be insulted in front of everyone and it will be do difficult for me to meet the extended family members, it won’t make any difference to him though don’t you worry, let me talk to him his will won’t be working everywhere I’m hungry, serve the food… I’m coming OK now I shall see the food I must say, you should talk to brother Zafar about the money on the day of wedding reception the wedding has been done, and now the day of wedding reception is about to come when will he give the money?
he has been quiet! he’ll give them it doesn’t seems good, that on the day of wedding reception I go to him and ask for money what’s the matter of feeling good or not in this? he had offered for the money to us, himself we haven’t gone to him, to beg… right! alright… I’ll talk to him after seeing the right time go & give dinner to mom, she must be hungry I’m not going to serve any food to mom, she must be hungry *sarcastic* again if I’ll say something to her, and she gets upset & her condition gets worse, then don’t blame me I had just thought for the betterment of this house just go & serve the food to her, yourself Shaheena, she is an elder one if she says something in anger, then it’s nothing to get upset upon.. you should tolerate it oh yes! you only make me tolerate everything should tolerate! *sarcastic* only I’m left to tolerate everything tolerate it! just see, what I’ve brought this your wedding reception’s dress tomorrow is our wedding reception tomorrow? yes tomorrow so I’ve invited my friends & relatives I’ve called your brother also I want to talk to mom OK, have to talk to mom… and look at me… I’m dieing to talk to you look, I want you to listen something from me and something I listen from you I want to make this moment special with you aren’t you happy with this marriage? I’m happy then why you seem to be upset? there isn’t anything on your face, as a newly wed bride I’m not feeling well… I want to sleep for a while you aren’t well, or you don’t like my face? do you like somebody else? tell me the truth don’t lie to me, nor hide anything from me it’s not the matter if any such thing will happen, then I’ll bury you alive! just remember! Javed! you didn’t made me talk to Maira, tell me the truth… is she fine? mom, I had called her… but couldn’t talk to her I had a word with brother Zafar he has gone to the market, to buy a gift for her for the wedding reception tomorrow is the wedding reception, & we’ve to go… you can meet Maira there you may talk to her as much as you want to alright then, we’ll go a bit earlier then OK? yes, the timings are of 9 PM… so we shall go by 8 PM No, we’ll go at 7 PM alright, OK..
I’ll sit & talk with my daughter oh God! both the son & mom has made me the thief, as if only I’m getting the benefit of Maira’s wedding let him come out of the room I’ll ask him, as he is showing so much love to his mom will you have dinner? shall I get it?
NO… daughter in law, must be getting it… I guess Shaheena… Shaheena, bring food for mom serving… yes, yes.. I’ve prepared sister in law, tea aunty Maira, have the sweet dish…. I’ve prepared it myself leave it… she’ll take it herself she isn’t a kid what about that? didn’t you get any call from the police station? No, I didn’t get any call… but I’m thinking to visit the police station after breakfast what’s the benefit?
the thief won’t get caught though you’ll waste your time uselessly No, I won’t stay quiet! I’ll get the robbers caught, and will jailed them Aimen, do one thing for me yes uncle take Maira to the beauty parlor in the evening why, all OK? it’s my wedding reception wedding reception!
all of a sudden? Zafar, I’m your elder brother… you didn’t even bothered to tell me the marriage is done, it’s enough… leave the wedding reception but wedding reception will take place today only I’ve already invited some of my friends & important relatives you may invite to whomsoever you want to OK if you’ve already decided, then there isn’t any need for me to say anything as you wish! pass me the sugar! what are you thinking? eat… eat this, its so delicious it’s limit he doesn’t care about his age, nor he cares about his young daughter he is on the path of making his new wife happy sir will do the wedding reception he’ll get us disrespected in front of all what! wedding reception! whose? dad’s? yes… your father wants to do the wedding reception what does he wants?
why he wants to create our drama? aunty.. was dad so happy about mom’s death, that he’ll fulfill all of his desires? aunty, I can’t live in this house I can’t live in such a house, where my mother isn’t respected a little even I want to die, let me die, aunty… I don’t want to live here No… control yourself control! that girl is very clever she only wants that, there shouldn’t’ be anybody with Zafar and she could get all the wealth of Zafar’s after his death but you are wise, right! control yourself, control… tell me, how shall I control myself? I am hating this girl & my dad he has left me all alone, aunty… no body is mine hey, no my child… you aren’t alone I’m with you I’ll make my daughter get her rights I’ll help you but.. you’ll only do what I’ll ask you to do do you understand!…
control yourself I don’t understand anything, aunty be quiet!… don’t cry be quiet! when will the bride come? she must be arriving… you go & check hi! how are you… hey Rabia… hi! how are you? hi! you don’t respond to my call at all may be I was busy just meet me, as I’ve to talk to you mom, you’ve no idea how restless I was to meet you I was so worried, that I can’t even tell you she is coming… hi! hi! how are you? you look so pretty! right! her makeover is so good hi! I’m coming.. yes, yes… I know my child I also felt the same, I use to think how will I live, but.. I did patience, by thinking that my child shall stay happy at her house may God, always keep you happy in your house mom trust me, I can’t stay with this man I feel so restless, while being with that man I’ll die, I can’t live with that man… please take me back no, my child… don’t think about this even, it’s sin for you as you’re married to him let me do one thing… let me talk to Zafar he’ll respect whatever I’ll say to him, for sure… I’ll tell him that I’m taking Maira home for 2 to 3 days mom, I’m not talking about 2 to 3 days, I’m talking for forever why don’t you understand! I can’t stay with him no, my child… you shouldn’t say this.. take care of ours & yours respect I’ll take you with me, if God willing… you may come to me brother Zafar… are you happy? why? it doesn’t seems? No, no I was just asking like that… as it’s good to know about the groom’s mood did you meet Maira? yes, I met her.. but she was talking with mom.. so I came here by the way, brother Zafar… the food was so delicious! it seems, you’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding I’ve earned all my life when I’m blessed with happiness, so I feel like spending it openly by the way, brother Zafar… I was thinking that if you would have given me the balance amount of 5 lac rupees, so it would have been good just see… the time is also right what do you mean? won’t I give you your money?
or will I eat it? No, no.. I even if you haven’t said this to me, still I would have given them to you brother Zafar, I didn’t mean to say that… I was just asking like that he is such a rude old man Maira is trapped so badly Shaheena! what is it, why is your mood so off? the wedding is over, you’ve eaten the food as well… shall we leave now for going home? also, call your mom.., she has been sitting on the stage hold on… OK then, we shall leave… sit greetings you look so dashing really! heartiest congratulations! I got a bit late it’s alright… come, let me make you meet to my bride, come how so sudden? just hold on, I’ll tell you everything at least, meet her Maira, he is my nephew… Shahmeer Shahmeer… she is Maira hey tell me, how did you find my bride? congratulations to you! you’ve started to mourn again, what’s your problem? I feel, you love somebody else No its’ not the matter then for what you’re mourning? I’m noticing, that since our marriage has occurred your attitude is so weird there isn’t any sort of nature in your as a bride I am thinking about Ayesha she is been hating me I’ll be understood wrong! you’ve to spend your life with me, not with Ayesha furthermore, Shahmeer & Ayesha’s marriage is fixed very soon, both of them will get married make your mood OK Maira, I won’t ever forgive you you were about to get married to uncle, that’s why you didn’t gave me any answer about the love if you had to get married, then why in this house? if you had got married with somebody else, then may be… I would have got some patience if you’ve got married to somebody else, then there must be any hope within me now I can’t even think about you, Maira… Shahmeer… what happen? why there are tears in your eyes? that girl has got married, mom married! which girl? to whom I’m in love with got married! it’s good, that she has got married…. just leave her I’ll get you married to Ayesha, my child she loves you so much, she’ll keep you very happy mom! leave me alone! but.. what spell that scoundrel has caste upon you!
that you’re asking your mother to go from here also, you’ve come after such a long time… and you’re standing here, mourning for her huh… I must say Javed, you shall go to his factory tomorrow morning… and talk about the money what was the need to talk about this on the wedding reception? if I wouldn’t have talked about it now, then when? & what’s wrong in it? just after getting married, when we talked about the money… he backed out what if he didn’t gave us the money in future, then what we’ll do? look, what I’m trying to make you understand, just understand it! if you’ll try to eat everything so hot, your mouth will get burn brother Zafar, is a very difficult person if he refused to gave us the money, then you or me.. can’t do any harm to him I’ll get Maira, again here from his house he’ll be restless for his wife, for lifetime I’ll take out the money from his throat alright then, stop this rubbish! have tea & sleep are you going to the factory tomorrow?
or shall I create a scene there? for God’s sake, Shaheena there isn’t any need for you to go anywhere and do anything I’ll go to brother Zafar in the morning Shahmeer… when did you came? I feel so happy to see you here what happen, you seem to be upset what does it mean, what happen?
who are you to ask me this? sorry, Shahmeer I saw you worried, so.. you’re my biggest problem every time you’re on my head a person can’t stand, sit or stay anywhere in peace Ayesha! so this is your reality! you’ve been engaged to Ayesha, & then you fall in love with me! and how fool I was that I fall in love with you but I had forgotten my bad luck is bigger than my life oh God! give me patience… to take care of this exam I will be able to take this pain mom, where are you? just see your daughter has become so worthless don’t cry, my child… don’t cry Shahmeer has done so wrong with me, aunty now you’ll feel bad for such a petty matter I’ve been waiting for him since so long and he did this to me! first of all, dad’s marriage has killed me and the rest is due to his brutality Ayesha! you know Shahmeer very well how soft hearted he is right now, he is been suffering from an emotional trauma and this emotional trauma, is a success for you what does it mean? I had gone to him he was crying so badly crying! why? why was he crying? the girl, with whom he was in love with… she has got married somewhere else and now, its upto you that how do you control him how much he insults you & tries to make you go away from him get close to him, try to solace him right now, he needs your support nature is giving you another chance and Ayesha, the time has been changed now girls, have to take care of their love themselves I’ll live somewhere else, after leaving this house it’s so difficult for me to stay here, while Maira is staying here Shahmeer, are you fine? and why are you up, so early? I’m fine something had fallen are you keeping the clothes in the wardrobe? No I’m keeping them back in the suitcase why? you’ve came last night only, where are you going again? I’m not feeling good here I’m going somewhere far you’re so upset, because of her who is far from you, who was never yours Shahmeer, the world doesn’t ends at her marriage this is your house I’m still waiting for you aunty loves you so much… we all need you forget it, by assuming it as a dream and accept the reality! sorry, I scolded you last night trust me… there wasn’t any sort of intention of mine shall I keep it? I’ll keep them you may go now I want to sleep a bit alright let me bring breakfast for you, have it first & then go to sleep who is it, so early morning! yes, Furqan when are they coming? alright, I’m coming OK if the breakfast is ready, serve it.. if it;s not ready, then prepare it I’ve to leave in an hour oh Wow! the newly wedded bride, is preparing the breakfast for her husband for the first time in our kitchen, wow! he had to leave early, so he was asking me to prepare the breakfast I couldn’t find the tea powder, can you please let me know… where is it? how many things shall I tell you? you’ve to come here daily to prepare the breakfast so whatever is kept at whatever place, just see it carefully since you’ve entered in the kitchen, then prepare breakfast for all of us as well did you listen, what I’ve told you? yes, I understood! and take care of kitchen’s cleanliness specially I don’t like dirty kitchens do you understand?


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