Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 7 | 17th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

don’t know, whether Shahmeer has sent my CV somewhere or not? seriously, I haven’t come to take the money keep it son you call me your son, and you don’t even accept what I say to you oh God! it’s even very difficult now to walk you stay worried because of me No, no… make me sit here OK oh God! Oh God help me! aren’t you feeling a lot of pain? your condition seems a bit better than before *phone ringing* Hello! how are you Farah? I’m fine, you tell me… how is mom? everything is same tell me, have you talked somewhere about my job? I’ve called you for the same you shall go to DW Enterprises, the walk in interviews are going on there where is this? I’m sending you the address, but don’t miss it
if you’ll get the job, then it will be so good for you furthermore, they are providing the transport alright, you send me the address…
I’ll go for sure OK what was she saying? she was talking about the job where? it’s in defence (area).. but they are providing the transport, don’t you worry it will be so difficult to commute
you’ll get into trouble mom, what shall I do.. I have to do the job,
else how will your treatment will be done? you know about sister in law’s attitude very well be careful… be careful in whatever you do just think good, & pray for me yes I always pray for you is this your own car? yes, why?
didn’t you like it? No, no.. It’s so good by the way, I’m about to change the car I change the car, every year you know, you are looking so beautiful today that I’m yes there isn’t any doubt in this alright, tell me…
where do you want to go? we shall not go anywhere, we shall
only roam around in the car No… we won’t enjoy, if we’ll keep on sitting in the car by focus will be distracted and I want, that my focus shall stay on you only I hope, you haven’t fallen in love with me you may ask by putting a hand on my heart you’ll get your answer right now, you shall tell me by your mouth obviously, I love you else, you wouldn’t have been with me… right now are you saying the truth? if you don’t trust me, then I won’t talk to you in future No, no.. I didn’t mean to say that don’t be upset with me… OK sorry it’s alright! when you speak like this, you look more beautiful have you told your parents about us? yes, I’ll tell them will you eat something? No… now, you shall drop me home.. it’s been so late now, mom will get angry just stay for some more time, just for an hour please OK mom, I’m leaving for the interview, just pray for me as they are so precious for me yes, my prayers are with you….
may God keep you in his blessings I’ve kept you medicines, do take them on time
OK alright shall I come? No, you keep sitting…
Bye! why Rabia isn’t picking my call? there is something fishy for sure aunty, tea you didn’t go to college today? No I couldn’t wake up in the morning,
may be I’m not well due to fever OK, you may warm the last night’s rice & eat them, alright? OK I’ve brought a good news for you really! yes what? Zafar has agreed what!… this is such a good news that you’ve told me what needs to be done next? hey, what needs to be done now? now, you have to agree your husband & your mother in law just think, that the rest of the work is done already it’s a bit difficult to make my mother in law agree but I’ll make Javed agree tell me one thing yes have you informed brother Javed, that he has got one young & mature daughter? what, young & mature daughter!
have you gone crazy? have you gone mad? I had told you when Javed will hear about the young & mature daughter, he’ll refuse abruptly he’ll refuse only, when you’ll tell him what does it mean? it means, just hide this matter from your family later on, we’ll see… whatever happens later on,
what do we have to do with that? Shaheena Madam! to every problem,
the solution is only money! you may talk to Zafar, then Javed’s job in the factory will also get confirmed and on the other hand, you may get lacs of money…
in the name of dowry but yes, don’t forget my 1 lac you may think, Shaheena Madam! I’m doing that work of yours, that you’ll be facilitated for the life time No, no.. I’ll talk you take up the matter further look, you are sitting empty hands…
obviously, you have to give something but yes, when Zafar will come here…
just talk about the money that we are poor people, & we can’t afford the wedding expenses do you understood or not? you are right good it’s good luck of our company, that an intelligent person like you, have come to us Sir, thank you so much do you know, that one of our office is in Singapore? yes sir, I know so, you will be required to travel
abroad for business purpose it’s OK, you may join from tomorrow Sir, thank you so much you’re welcome …
and welcome to the company thank you, sir Shahmeer! hey, you here? I’ve come here, to give an interview it’s a weird coincidence you’ve come here to give an interview,
& I’ve been selected for the job Maira it’s your call now you go, I’m waiting for you boss is saying, next week…
there isn’t any work in the company I feel like losing the job it has never happened before there is something fishy did you talk somewhere else about the job? I’ve asked some friends of mine OK, don’t you worry I won’t ever leave you in your bad times whatever I’m going to say to you… don’t think about it emotionally, but with an open mind what do want to say, say it! if we stayed in this house for the whole life, in poor conditions then Maira, will also get married to any poor family why don’t we search for a rich guy, a rich family for her? I don’t get this! rich guy, rich family… from where shall I find a rich guy, tell me? Rabia, my friend.. she has told me a really good proposal, they are such a rich family but there is just a small problem his wife had died some months ago Saheena, haven’t you gone crazy? I shall get my sister married to a guy,
whose wife had died just now? have you gone mad? what’s there in this matter, to get crazy upon? nowadays, even poor people are doing this, here the wife dies & there they are doing second marriage what a big deal it is? he has got a very big factory, Javed just think, if he keeps you on the job after marriage he’ll get you a job in the factory…
just think about it, at least who has sent you here? my friend has sent me didn’t she tell you about our requirements? she had told me, it’s a walk in interview walk in interview! look madam… first of all, you are in experienced secondly, I didn’t see any ability in you she must have told you or you should have inquired about it, yourself I think, you’ve wasted yours & ours time…
I’m sorry! I’m sorry, you can go what’s his age? I guess, it’s 40 to 42 years aren’t there any kids? No, no.. there aren’t any kids of him…
I’ve asked already alright.. I can’t say anything right now I’ll think about it, & will tell you I was saying it, because it’s so difficult to get good proposals nowadays, we’ve got this with so much difficulty I’m thinking to say “YES” I’m telling you, I’ll think then will tell you OK give me some time OK Maira, didn’t you get the job? hey! don’t cry, please please be quiet where is Shahmeer? there was such an important work & your dearest is vanished somewhere you already know, that how strict Zafar is about work so, you must have called him his phone is switched off he must be busy with some important work,
just wait let me call him *phone ringing* Hello! Shahmeer, where are you? Kahlid is being angry I was in an interview, mom interview! mom, its one of the best company you know, they kept me on the job
as soon as they saw my CV there isn’t any need to do the job I had told you that you’ll go to the factory if you join the job, then there isn’t any need to talk to me have you seen! have you seen the result of excessive love we are dieing for our kids, & they aren’t concerned at all let him come… then I’ll make his mind on the track all his life, he has eaten the earning of factory & now he feels ashamed of going there… let him come if they didn’t want to give the job, then why have they called for an interview? why did they insulted me so much? don’t know, when the conditions
of my house will change? Maira, please don’t cry I feel pain, as you are crying I have to do job, in any condition mom’s condition is worsening day by day if something happened to her, then I will die I’ve talked to my friend for your job you shouldn’t have come here, without inquiring you have no idea, about the
circumstances I’m suffering through how much these circumstances have
made me helpless & alone you aren’t alone I’m with you you can share every problem of yours with me I don’t know, how to thank you for the support that you’ve given me in my difficult times again the same discussion of being strangers look Maira! sometimes, we do get people on our way but in sometime only, we get deeply associated to them my feelings are some what like this, for you look I know, this not appropriate
to talk about this matter now but… I seriously want to say something to you it’s not a coincidence for us to meet, like this I feel that the God has attached our future because of these meetings I’ve started to fall in love with you I want to spend my whole life with you since when you are having an affair with that rich guy, tell us… tell your brother, why are you standing quietly? and you are doing fraud to me? I’ll kill you what are you saying, Shahmeer? I’m sure, that you also like me even if you accept this or not but the truth is this your mobile has done the magic,
I’ve got such an amazing man you are such a sly you met him all alone, & didn’t even let me knew about it so what should I’ve done?
he has asked me to come alone so that matter has come to this extent! you know, he is such a nice guy, he has got wealth,
car & Bungalow… everything oh wow! it means that you’ve
already visited his house as well No, no.. I haven’t gone to his house…
he had told me, himself by the way, you are fortunate since childhood…
and here I’m who’ll always stay unfortunate aunty had said, that one your are home,
you shall call her how are you, Guriya? I’m fine, you tell I’m also absolutely fine there isn’t any need to say or to listen can’t you see, that I & Guriya were talking about something important I know very well about your important talks don’t know, what enmity she has got to me? leave everything, just do one thing…
ask Ali to give you some gift what is that love, where there isn’t any gift or so? look Maira! please don’t take me wrong you are in difficult moment right now… and I want to support you in these difficult times this is some amount, for your mother’s treatment please keep this Shahmeer, what are you doing? I can’t take this amount from you look, if you won’t take this amount from me…
then I’ll feel that you don’t have any trust on me furthermore, take this amount as a loan look! don’t refuse you know this very well, how much important it is for aunty to get the treatment please, take it…
please… thank you I shall take your leave now Maira… Maira! with whom you’ve come?
yes? who was that guy? I’m asking, who was that guy? what happened Javed? she has disrespected us so much, Javed how will we face everyone? if you don’t have any concern for your respect,
then at least take care of our respect I’m asking you, who was that guy? brother, he was Shahmeer the interview for which I had gone for, he was also there as per coincidence that’s why he came to drop me he came there by coincidence, right?
by coincidence! what is this? what is this? from where did this money came from? I’m asking you, who has given you this money? brother, Shahmeer has given me this amount as a loan for mom’s treatment if you don’t trust me, you may call Shahmeer & ask him I won’t call anyone Javed, have you gone mad! you are raising your hand on your younger & innocent sister, don’t you feel ashamed? mom, today on wards…
she won’t ever step out of this house if she went out of the house, then I’ll bury her here and you, go & call the groom’s family… call them here I’ll get her married
throw her out of this house don’t talk rubbish! mom, you stay quiet! the only betterment for all of us is in getting her married, & throwing her out of this house you, call the groom’s family… call them here Oh God! you both have been doing so good acting for being naive, in front of him and look at the wrong actions! Shaheena, go… Maira, what happened? Maira, what has happen… tell me? Maira, what has happen? who had came? Maira, I’m asking you something… my child what happened? what is all this happening? what has happened? Maira, tell me something… my child mom, Shahmeer has given me that money as a loan mom, I had taken that amount from him
as a loan for your treatment my child.. forgive me.. I’ve become so helpless mom don’t know with whom, brother & sister in law are getting me married to no mom, I haven’t done anything I haven’t done anything, save me I haven’t done anything, mom… I haven’t hi! hi! you people are having dinner here, & the delicious aroma is coming till outside what is this? these are sweets my job has got confirmed oh wow! this is such a good news I’ve told you, that you wont do the job I feel, you couldn’t digest the respect it’s better to take care of your family’s business,
than to become a slave of somebody else dad it’s not in my control to work in the factory I want to make my name in the field of marketing I want to roam around the world
& want to do everything on my own listen to him what do you think?
we have wasted our life? you feel like, your family business is third class? brother, brother..
why are you being so emotional? if he wants to do the job, then let him do why are you putting an obstacle in this? I really find your confidence very well, very good you stay quiet, Zafar this son of mine, has gone mad I’m sorry, mom it’s been late now…
I’m giving the joining tomorrow what’s your salary? uncle, the salary is so handsome…
furthermore, there will be commissions as well this is such a good news,
and a treat shall be given on this yes, we’ll have the ice cream you always think small I’ll do the dinner & that too a very expensive one OK then, let’s have it tomorrow then… say what, uncle? yes for sure… but first of all, appease sister in law you’ll be successful if you’ll take your mother’s prayers brother, what has happened! *phone ringing* hello! hi! brother Zafar… congratulations to you… go to Maira’s home this Sunday & meet her sister in law & brother & everyone in the family alright, I’ll come also do remember to give me my money, by tomorrow… OK? I’ll give alright then, thank you so much… bye! bye! before it gets too late, let me inform Shahmeer come mom, let’s have dinner No, I am not hungry alright don’t eat, at least sit with everyone your these actions, will ruin everything Zafar doesn’t have any son, and you have to handle everything in future mom, just finish this topic now if I had to finish this topic, then I wouldn’t have asked for your marriage proposal with Ayesha mom mom, what are you saying? yes I & Khalid has asked Zafar, for your marriage proposal with Ayesha… do your understand! and you didn’t even ask me? mom, you people are great! *sarcastic* you people are deciding for my marriage
& didn’t even asked me? really! have you become that old enough, that I’ll ask you while taking the life time decisions? mom Ayesha is just a cousin of mine I have never seen her from that aspect furthermore, I like somebody and I’ll get married to her only Shahmeer! oh God! what will happen now? brother has slapped! sister in law snatched the treatment money mom, till when this will be done? when will our circumstances change? how is your health now? fine tomorrow, the guy is coming to see Maira for marriage what has happened Javed, so sudden? you must have done some inquiry I’ve already inquired he is of a very nice family background,
also he has his own business is this your decision only, or other family members are also involved in this? there isn’t any body involved in this,
this is my personal decision Shaheena is her well-wisher she wants that her life is spent well alright let me see, then I’ll give my decision mom, there isn’t any need of
yours to say or to do anything the way she is meeting this guy, by making excuses God forbid, if something happened…
then we have to hide our faces Javed! and one more thing the first wife of that guy had died what has happen to you? where has your modesty gone? don’t you feel ashamed, while thinking about such sort of marriage proposal for your sister? I’m not asking you and whatever are her actions! if I feel like, I may kill her…
or kill myself, by hanging on the fan tomorrow the guy is coming and I won’t want any drama… that’s it! what! he likes somebody else? who is she? has he told? I’ll ask him, once he’ll come he has gone crazy! job of his own choice, marriage of his own choice huh… leave it as if he has said it, and we’ve agreed? this can’t happen have we raised him for this day, so that he does whatever he wants to do? No I won’t let this happen whatever happens, Parveen he should get married to Ayesha only and did you see your sly brother? how he was provoking Shahmeer for the job,
he was supporting him so that Shahmeer shall stay away
from the properties & factory huh,.. what a sly man presently, you stay quiet! just try to control Shahmeer young & mature boys, do get infatuated
with every other girl may be, by passing time his attitude
will get changed as well and he agrees to get married to Ayesha you are right *phone ringing* hello Maira! how are you? I’m good that I know, that you are so good I just don’t know this, that how do you find me? why have you called? oh! I’m sorry today is my first day on job, so I felt like you should say congratulations to me so, you’ve joined… congratulations to you thank you… Maira, today I’m so happy and I wanted to celebrate this happiness with you can we meet somewhere? No, Shahmeer my circumstances doesn’t allow me for this also, mother’s health isn’t good OK Maira… you haven’t replied to my previous question as yet I I’m waiting for your answer don’t give yourself pain of waiting, uselessly my luck is also helpless as per my circumstances Maira, do you know if courage is more, then luck can also be changed and I fully trust my luck & my love OK Maira, have you got aunty’s tests done? has the doctor said anything? it won’t be happening what does it mean? I mean that, today… mother needs to be taken to the hospital do pray alright Maira, bye! Shaheena! Shaheena, come here what happen… I’m coming you’re always crying for the money,
then from where these have came?


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