Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 9 | 24th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

*studies revision* what has happened to mom? mom mom yes mom, is everything fine, as you are lying at this time? what difference does it make to you, if I live or die? what are you talking? you know this very well, that how much I’m concerned for you if you would have been concerned about me, then you wold have never argued with your mom for a girl leave it, mom come & help me in the packing packing! Shahmeer… what magic that girl has done on you, that you are going leaving your mom? what happened mom?
why are you panicking? I’m going to Singapore for some office work Singapore! no, no… I won’t let you go that far mom, you should be happy.. that I’m going for office work I’ve already informed dad what about Ayesha? refuse about her to uncle last night I’ve talked to Ayesha, & I’ve told her the truth this is incredible! you’ve made me so happy, very good stop talking rubbish! why shall I stop my rubbish? at least there is somebody in the house, who dares to love I’ll break your face! and Shahmeer, you!… your arbitrary won’t work you can’t get married to that girl, till I’m alive my flight is just in some hours, & you’re talking about life and death! oho! let’s go… let me help you in the packing you’ve become so old now, but don’t you know how to do packing, yes? oh yes, this isn’t any ordinary matter… to fall in love with some girl! I’ve to cut your tongue! whenever she speaks, she speaks to burn the heart feelings, huh! you really irritate mom a lot reduce this habit you are so concern about her! *phone ringing* hi! where were you? I’ve been calling you since so long I’m so sorry, the phone was on silent.. is there any emergency? yes, it’s a very urgent matter
that’s why I’ve been calling you like a crazy person yes, even I’ve to talk to you about something very important actually, nowadays brother is confirming my marriage proposal Maira! hello! Maira! again you’re talking to that loafer! don’t you feel ashamed? brother, he isn’t any loafer… he is a nice guy, & wants to get married to me what is happening here, have you gone mad! stop it! mom, she is not being ashamed! she keeps on disrespecting us just be quiet! you ill-mannered just see this!
again that guy is calling I’ll break her face, also I’ll break her phone for God’s sake, be quiet! I’ve fixed her marriage, and she isn’t ashamed! you should be ashamed earlier, sister in law auctioned me… and now you’re doing another injustice with me mom, just take a side… she is arguing with me! leave this anger, for God’s sake… leave us Maira, I’m going to Singapore for ten days as soon as you get my message, do contact me I’m telling you if she did anything inappropriate before the marriage I’ll kill myself, by hanging to the fan… but won’t let her do any shameful act what has happened to you, what are you talking about?… have you gone crazy? your enemies shall die and mom, for God’s sake… what do you need? at least be a bit ashamed I’m telling you one thing mom… I didn’t find her intentions good, since the first day just be quiet!
just get her married, as soon as possible! else all her stories will reach to brother Zafar, yes! all of you, just listen to me very carefully! she won’t step out of this house, and I’ve said it who are you to say this? who are you to make this decision, in my life? who is anybody! come inside… come don’t you dare to say anything to my daughter! don’t dare! Javed!
Javed! congratulations Shahmeer! I hope that you’ll succeed a lot thank you, Ayesha! just pray for me earlier also, I use to pray but now after my mom, I pray for you only I also pray this only, that you get married to a very good place bye!…
bye! Ayesha! yes, dad Shagufta’s jewelry was kept here, do you know where it is? yes, I’ve given it to aunty you’ve given it to aunty, why? dad, she has told me that she’ll keep in her locker safely she had asked for it, herself have you gone crazy? you’ve handover the jewelry of worth 18 to 20 lacs to her! it’s limit! mom, for God’s sake… save me from that man, I don’t want to get married to him for God’s sake mom… I’ll die I’ll die I couldn’t do anything… what shall I do?
Javed has announced his decision already it’s written in our fate I can’t do anything… I just can’t only this is written in our fate hey mom! you’re crying as if she is the only one who is getting married in this world everybody’s parents do cry when they wed off their daughters to another home my parents have also cried! we had to go, she we go now? where? we have to go to buy Maira’s dress, where else? shrouds are wrapped on the dead people nor the wedding dress every time, people are only crying in this house don’t go, just keep sitting! I’ll take Javed along with me every time just cries & cries jewelry! which jewelry? Oh! OK, OK… that jewelry? I had kept that jewelry in the locker, & I couldn’t find the locker keys since many days I’ll get the new keys made, & will return you the jewelry in few days sister in law, I’m really in need of money by any means, do take out the jewelry by tomorrow by the way, where the keys have gone? I’ve forgotten after keeping them somewhere, don’t know, where they are… alright then, please do get the jewelry by tomorrow Oh! I had got the new jewelry made out of that old jewelry if he didn’t get the jewelry till tomorrow, don’t know what he’ll do to us what was the need to do all this now? don’t know, why he is in the need of jewelry? I’ll lie to him, that the jewelry got stolen.. yes, that’s right! but what if, he didn’t get the jewelry, and he threw us out of the house, then? just be quiet, & let me think you are such a dumb! I’m coming in just ten minutes what shall I do now! what shall I say to him tomorrow?
the jewelry got stolen, yes, I’ll say this Shahmeer, you’re back? you had missed me, so just see… I’m here we call it love, right? but you’ve said, that you are love with somebody else I was lieing to you I just wanted you to express your love freely yes Shahmeer I really love you a lot but I don’t love you I only pray that, you get married to a good place hey! where are you taking this stuff? just go, run!… be quiet! stay quiet! our things! be quiet! dad…
dad! aunty… uncle! aunty wake up! aunty, wake up… quickly! what happen? wake up, quickly! hey what happen?
robbery has been done, we have been robbed what! … really! oh God! my jewelry!… I’m robbed somebody call the police don’t know where all my jewelry has gone?
oh God! we’ve been robbed call the police! what happen Ayesha? dad, robbery has been done…. they have taken all the jewelry of aunty, come upstairs quickly! what! robbery?
yes, come dad, come they’ve fled away you’ve got the robbery done by yourself No, dad it’s not the matter I’ve seen the robbers myself, they were coming from upstairs.. and after seeing me, they fled away you should be ashamed, Zafar! you’re blaming your sister in law for the theft? oh God! I’m robbed… call the police I’m being robbed! my jewelry has been stolen it’s all because of you… now it’s safe, right? hello! police station? aunty, please all is gone.. everything is gone just stop crying now why are you making yourself restless by crying? this was written in your fate mom just listen to me please, lets’ go somewhere else from here.. if I stayed here for a single day even, sister in law will make my life a living hell we can’t go anywhere out of this house, as we can;t afford anything also, my phone isn’t even functioning I should go to Shahmeer it’s very important for me to go to him thanks God, I know his office what are you saying, where you want to go? mom mom, I’ve to go to Shahmeer’s office it’s very important for me to go to him No, my child no… don’t take this step brother & sister in law will come, and then they’ll create fuss mom, I’ll be back before the time they’ll return No, Maira.. just listen to me
for God’s sake let me go… Maira, child don’t do this, just look oh God! help.. oh God! help.. oh God! help.. oh God! please keep everyone in your safety child, no need to be afraid whatever you’ve seen, tell everything to the inspector when I came out of the room, two guys were coming from upstairs they had the whole things along with the pistol when I started shouting, they took me on the gun point, and… after that, they fled away with all the stuff anything else you’ve seen , child… if you need any of our help, don’t be afraid, tell everything clearly they didn’t let me speak anything, they fled away with the stuff OK everything is gone… everything God will give us more, have some patience
everything is gone that’s it Maira! there isn’t any benefit of all this now mom, my luck is very nice *sarcastic* only one last hope was there that, may be Shahmeer will come & save me but, No… that one last hope also slipped from my hands listen.. yes is Mr. Shahmeer here? sorry maam! Mr. Shahmeer has gone to Singapore when? it’s been some time now when is he coming back? approximately in 10 to 12 days it will be so late, till then can you please give me his number? sorry maam, we aren’t allowed to it’s not a coincidence that we are meeting like this I feel like’ God has associated our future with these meetings that hope is also broken mom, brother Zafar has sent a very beautiful dress for her I’ll see, when she’ll wear it they’ll keep frowning… even though we do as good as possible for them brother, why don’t you strangle me to death with your own hands? No, mom today you can’t make me quiet! today I’ll speak you both, together are ruining my life… nothing else I won’t ever forgive both of you I won’t ever forgive both of you in what manner you’re talking to me? I’m your elder brother brother! are elder brother like this? elder brothers even give their life for their younger sisters, and you! what you’ve done to me? neither you are a brother nor a son of anyone you are just a husband only, nothing else I’m hating you Oh! along with Shagufta’s jewelry, all my jewelry has been stolen as well don’t be so heartbroken, if God willing… everything will be good where is Ayesha? she must be in her room, shall I call her? No, I’ll call her myself be ready on Friday evening, as you people have to go with me where we have to go? in my wedding wedding! with whom? you didn’t even searched for the girl, and you are talking about the wedding all of a sudden! I didn’t get this how can you get married like this? not ours, but at least think about your young & mature daughter nobody from us will attend this wedding even if you guys attend or not, but still the wedding is going to happen if i can do all this all alone, then I can get married alone also I’m the bread winner on my own, I don’t need no one Zafar, have you gone crazy? whatever I had to say, I’ve said it already.. rest is your wish did you see? how he had misbehaved with us, he doesn’t respect you a little at least, you be quiet! dad please don’t do second marriage it’s been just some months of mom’s death and you’re getting married! don’t you worry, Ayesha! your other mother, will take a lot of care of you she is of very good nature if you would have been a bit concerned for me, then you would have told me about this matter dad, I can’t give the place of my mother to somebody else, you’ve to change this decision of yours alright, don’t be angry just think about me also after your mother’s death, I’m also left all alone don’t worry… everything will be fine I won’t attend your wedding nor I’ll accept your second wife presently, you are angry
I’ll talk to you later dad, I won’t go and I won’t give the place of my mother to anybody Oh! how courageously he had said, that he can get married all by himself! had you been absent minded, that a marriage proposal has been sent in front of your eyes, and you couldn’t get to know! what would I’ve done then? shall I be spying? all this is done by that scoundrel Rabia! she made a fool of a clever woman, like me Khalid, do something… don’t let this marriage happen else we’ll be destroyed, just think nothing can be done when Zafar thinks about something, no body can change it oh God! how unfortunate time it is earlier we lost the jewelry, and now we are about to become homeless don’t talk rubbish! we are not going to be homeless that jewelry hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s with me really! I had made the robbery done what! Khalid… you are a bigger thief than me what else I would have done? you’ve got us into trouble already you just got spared by an inch only can’t you tell me earlier about this?
I had become so restless if I would have told you then how could we pretend to be original in the drama? alright listen…
yes even if we attend the wedding or not, Zafar will get married for sure I won’t be going… huh you must be so upset, right? as my brother didn’t gave any attention to you you’ve seen so many big dreams, but all got broke oh yes! I forgot to congratulate you uncle is bringing a new mummy for you stop your rubbish! & go from here I really feel pity for you just see, you were in the race to compete me… and this is your worth bye! you were right mom dad is so selfish he doesn’t care about anyone it’s been just some time that you’ve left us, & he has given your place to somebody else but I won’t ever let any other woman to take your place there won’t be any right of hers on any of your things mom, this room was yours & will remain yours only here is the fragrance of my mother I can’t let anybody occupy this I won’t make a call to anybody Javed don’t you feel ashamed, that you’re raising your hand on your younger sister call the groom’s family.. call them I’ll get her married, throw her out of this house whatever are her actions i wish to kill her or kill myself, by handing on the fan look, Maira whatever decision you’ll make
it will effect our circumstances my conditions will get better I will be able to get mom’s treatment in a better way there will be peace in the house don’t you know, how to apologize… let me tell you, like this … we apologize apologize! a compelled mother is apologizing to you No, mom this is more injustice than this marriage No don’t do this both of us will cry then who will wipe the tears of each other? I’m strong enough but this time is so heavy on me, what shall I do? its’ so difficult I was saying, make it happen as soon as possible… what do you say? let me see I know about Zafar, that he has got so much money but I don’t understand about the girl sister in law! what are you talking about? is this the time to talk about this?… be quiet! I believe, we shall start the marriage proceedings now come, for what you’re standing… come I was saying that, what’s this way is this the time to talk about such things? all mood is ruined! you know about your sister in law’s nature.. I’ll make her understand! what will you make her understand… *sarcastic* can I start? yes, you may start Maira daughter of Ahmed Ali, your marriage is confirmed with Zafar khan son of Iftikhar Khan with dower of Rs. 50,000.. do you accept it? she isn’t being ashamed, mom she is being disrespectful to us I accept your marriage is confirmed with dower of Rs. 50,000.. do you accept it? yes, I accept this marriage do you accept this marriage? if she did any inappropriate action before the marriage, then I I’ll kill myself by strangling on the fan I accept do you accept this marriage? yes, I accept do you accept this marriage in the presence of all the witnesses? yes, I accept good… alright, let me give you the money take these yes, I accept make her do the signatures do the signatures congratulations to you the girl is so young oh God! what time has come now what people are doing for the money I’m feeling so bad for this innocent girl congratulations! haven’t I told you, that I’ll get you married to some old man for sure? i don’t understand, why are you crying? on this occasion, you should be giving your blessings to Maira that thanks to God, she has got married but your crying isn’t getting stopped! I don’t understand! they are so ill-mannered people and that boy, we can’t call him a boy… he is the age of her father’s how will my daughter live? I have been thinking, and being restless that what sort of decision you’ve made? mom mom, may be you are right but.. Maira had compelled me to take this decision why? what has my daughter done? what has my daughter done, that you were compelled to take this decision? I have just got only the respect which your daughter was about to put on auction mom, the decision I’ve made.. is absolutely correct what if, brother Zafar is of old age… she will live a luxurious life in that house didn’t you see mom, that she had gone in such a big car her luck has been changed furthermore mom, he is giving Rs. 10 lacs to Javed for the business what! what must be more good than this for us? what! you’ve taken the money? .. oh! hey Javed! didn’t you feel ashamed while taking the money? you’ve taken the money against your sister? and then you say that you’re respectful you’ve done all this in your greediness… and have done injustice to my daughter, now I understand what! what is she saying? everything that I’m doing, am I doing it for my myself? you all are my responisblity, I’m doing all this to take care of you people don’t associate this to me, don’t associate this with me or with my daughter I don’t believe this, my life has become a living hell neither they let us live nor they let us die No, the life of mine & my daughter has been made a living hell mom, have some fear of God Javed is also your offspring but you aren’t able to see anything except for yourself & Maira what do you want? do you want Javed to die? you’ll kill him eventually we are dead… we are dead, madam daughter in law… my daughter is dead, we are dead


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