Meray Mohsin – EP 20 – 23rd Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

She is lying mama, she is blaming me. She has lost it. I am not mad that
I blame you for no reason. That girl calls so many times,
she hasn’t called just once. She calls, I don’t. She says that
you said you love her. Lower your voice, daughters in our
family don’t talk loudly. No matter what your son does,
I should sit and watch the show? Soha, have some manners. If she had manners,
this would have happened. You have given her liberty,
now see the result. Mama, leave all this, Soha tell me, who is calling?
Who is the girl? Sidra, his childhood love. Yes, she calls me, not once but a 1000 times,
but I have always said no. Now even after my refusal
if she calls me, what should I do? Soha believe me I don’t talk to her.
Not earlier, not now. Why would I message her? Confess my love? How can you think that? Soha, brother Mohsin
is telling the truth, he doesn’t lie. Your brother doesn’t lie?
You will take your brother’s side. You will listen to her,
no one will listen to me. Lower your voice. That girl is calling me with conviction
and saying that they have an affair. And you believe her? Instead of lying,
accept your mistake. When I made no mistake,
why should I agree? Okay, Mohsin what nonsense is this?
Mohsin, listen to me. Mama, you go to aunt’s right now
and tell her, her daughter’s actions. There is no need to go there,
it will create a scene. If you don’t stop Sidra right now,
her actions wont stop. It will spread in the family,
you just want a scene to be created. I am making a scene?
They have already made it. Zara is right Batool, we don’t need to go there,
I will talk to Safia on the phone. Mama, a phone call
wont fix this issue. Sidra is crossing her limits,
she blamed me for messaging her, tomorrow she will blame
me for something else. You will have to go talk to aunt or I will go talk to aunt
and brother Zahid, its best this gets
sorted between women, if men get involved it will cause
a fight and I don’t want that. Mohsin, I am sure she got a sign, no one steps forward, what happened
to your wife’s trust, where did it go? You… The one I love,
why does he go away from me? First mama, now Mohsin, I have no one, everyone fooled me. I will go mad living in this house,
just like them. How long will you sit hungry? Come on eat. I don’t want to eat, leave me alone,
I want to stay this way. Sitting alone like
this doesn’t sort issues. Let brother Mohsin come,
we will talk and sort this issue. I am not interested
in sorting this issue, I have decided, I am leaving this home. Have you gone mad? Where will you go
leaving this home. This is not my home, everyone here hates me, I tolerated everyone
cause of Mohsin, when he is not with me, what will I do living here? Soha, you don’t know the importance of
the protection of your home and husband. Look at me, I have my own home,
but I am at my brother’s home. Fine, brother Mohsin really
cares for me and my children, but I still don’t consider
myself safe here. Look, they will respect you,
no one will hate you one day. When my husband is not with me, why would I have hopes
from someone else? You stop thinking negative. Because of one call, don’t doubt your
good husband’s trust. He is a good man, really nice, he didn’t realize that Sidra… He was not interested in Sidra before,
not anymore. No matter what you say
I have decided, once I find a job, I will leave from here. You will really regret it. Talk to you daughter Safia,
she is after my son. She calls and
makes his life hell. I have never seen such
shamelessness anywhere. Sister in law, who gave you permission to blame
my daughter and disrespect her. Have you lost it? Whether we may have a 1000 conflicts, I cannot think of disrespecting
a child from our family. If I had to do this, I wouldn’t call you and
create a scene in the family. Talk to her strictly, she should learn or
I will have to talk to brother. Hello, sister in law… Sidra. Sidra. Sidra. What is wrong?
Why are you shouting? Why am I shouting?
Should I tell you? You didn’t stop calling him even
when I told you not to. Who did I call?
What happened to you? I will tell you,
show me your phone. I won show you my phone. Why wont you show it? You have kept on calling Mohsin,
even after I told you not to. Yes, I did, so, I will not learn. I will not stop calling him. I will see how you call him. Sidra. What is the matter Mohsin? You look upset. Since you got married, I have not seen you happy. What is the matter? Some fight with sister in law, or something else? A love marriage can
never keep a man happy, except for worries, I got nothing. Ok tell me, what happened? Soha doubts me, she thinks I am cheating on her. She doesn’t trust me. Ok tell me, what is the issue? Sidra called, Soha attended it. Your cousin Sidra. Yeah. I had told you earlier
to inform his family, such girls are dangerous, they do anything in jealousy. Sidra, has one mission that
she makes sister in law Soha stop trusting you. Sister in law Soha is right. Her anger is justified, if someone else was in his place,
they would react the same way. Mohsin, if you listen to me, you talk to Sidra’s parents. They are not willing
to listen to me, nor does any explanation
from me matter to them. I feel my house will break, Soha will leave me. Calm down, God will make everything fine, I have given you a file,
have a look. What do we have here? Sir, Mr. Umar is calling you. Fine, I will come. Batool was saying you
haven’t eaten since morning. I am not hungry. Soha, please eat, why fight with food? Brother, for God sake believe me,
I didn’t message Mohsin. She is lying. She is lying. She is after Mohsin,
you are after Mohsin. Have you no shame,
you are after a married man. Mama, she will have us
insulted in front of the whole family, we will not be able to
raise our eyes in front of anyone. Yes. Talk to her strictly or
else I will marry her to anyone in a hurry. Brother, aunt is blaming me, I am telling you
I didn’t message him, you believe me. I agree I like Mohsin,
since childhood, but I will not do
something so cheap. I know he is married, why would I do it? You are my sister, I know you well. Fine, if you still don’t believe me,
see my phone. See the messages,
see who’s number it is. Tell me if I am lying.
Mohsin messaged me, I didn’t. You shameless girl, you are giving your
phone to your brother, have you gone mad? Mama, it is really Mohsin’s number. Sidra is right, he is after her. You know, there is something else, he calls me after a little while
and apologizes to me. What is my fault if he cannot live
with his wife and he calls me, you just think I am wrong. Everyone blames me,
even you mama. How dare he? I will not leave him. I will not leave him. Hey, where are you going? I am going to aunt. Don’t you dare,
I will go with you. I alone am enough
to handle Mohsin. I told you I am coming along.
You wont go without me. Fine we will go, you have set fire
and enjoying the show. Get water for your brother. I will not leave Mohsin. Yes, I wont leave him either,
you sit down. Sit. Get water. Damned girl. Talking on the phone
wont resolve this issue mama. You go to aunt’s home, if you want, I can come along. No need to go there and create a scene,
the whole family will know. After all, we have already been
insulted cause of your wedding, I cannot handle anymore insult. But mama,
this is a matter of my respect, Soha doesn’t believe me,
she doesn’t talk to me and you… She is your wife,
at least she should trust you. I trust you completely,
I know you wont do this. That girl should believe you too. I will go see. Mama, why don’t you
talk to Mohsin, why is he insisting
on going to aunt’s? Come. Come aunt. We didn’t come here to sit, we came here to fix you. What nonsense is this? I am not doing
stupid things, you are. You are married and
you are instigating my sister. I will not leave you. Brother Zahid leave me. This is the reason
I didn’t want you to come here. It will create
a scene in the locality. A scene will be
created now mama, I will tell the whole
locality about his actions. What actions? What did I do? You attacked our respect. You shameless man, how dare you instigate my sister? My naïve sister, you message her and call her,
trying to instigate her. Now shamelessly you look me in the eye
and saying what I have done? I have not done anything like that, go ask your sister, why does she call me? She has made my
and my family’s life hell. Has she no shame
to hit on a married… What did you say? I can hit you too brother Zahid but I wont do that
cause I really respect you. Mr. Moshin someone like you
doesn’t look nice talking about respect. Being married,
you flirt with girls in the family, have you no shame? You are crossing your limits. This is a weird scene, you are responsible
and you blame us? Instead of talking to your daughter, who has made my son’s
life hell by calling all the time, you came here
to fight with Zahid. Hey. Hey. You people are blaming my sister. Mohsin messaged Sidra in the morning
himself and confessed his love. How is that possible? Mama he is lying. What? I am lying? I am lying? Then… Show him. This? What is this? This message came
from your number, it came at 9 am. Tell me, answer me,
whose number is this? This is my number,
but I didn’t send these messages. Wow. You didn’t do it then did the angels
come down from the sky to do it? After this proof, there is no point of any argument. Mohsin messaged Sidra herself, he has accepted this
in front of everyone. Absolutely. Its clear now, sister in law,
before you point fingers at others, look at your own self. I am telling you, if after today if someone says
anything to my daughter, I will teach you a lesson. Come on Zahid, lets go. Stupid people. Mama, trust me… Batool, you too… I trust you, but if you didn’t
send these messages? Who did? We need to find out. After this proof, there is no point of arguing. Mohsin has messaged Sidra himself, he has accepted
this in front of you. I think its aunt’s conspiracy, brother is not like that. I trust him completely. Me too. But mama and sister
are not ready to accept this. No one listens to him,
not even sister in law. Obviously, brother Zahid showed proof, who will listen to brother Moshin? But I don’t understand one thing, how did that message go
from brother’s phone. I don’t get it either. Soha, at least you believe me,
I didn’t message her. So you are trying to say you didn’t
send the messages from your phone, someone else did. I made a big mistake
trusting you and marrying you. Listen to… I don’t want to hear anything because you have nothing
left to give explanation on. You broke my trust Mohsin
and I will not forgive you for this. Soha. Soha. That is it, I don’t want to hear
anything after this. You know what you can message
who you want, go meet who you want,
because I will do what I want to. You are overreacting. How did that message
go to her phone? Did you accidentally send… No, I checked my sent items, there was no such message there. This is strange. Are you sure, it had your number in the message? Yes, it was my number. Its possible that someone
in your home is conspiring. No man, why would someone in
my family do something so cheap. Its possible that
sister in law Soha did this. Why would Soha do this? I think sister in law
Soha is tired of you. To get rid of you and
your suffocating family environment, she did this drama. You say yourself sister in law
Soha fights with you on small things. She is unable to adjust to the environment
and restrictions at your home. Soha cannot do this,
it’s not possible. Well done. Well done.
Really nice home. I told you Zain
has a good choice, you will really like the house. Yes. Come uncle, I will give you a
tour of the rest of the house. Hey, your aunt is
the in charge of this home, show it to her and then
after that we will talk about business, I am sitting there. Ok? Did you see, he was lying on our face, he wanted to be innocent
and blame my sister, you wanted to marry
my sister to such cheap people? Be quiet, when was I adamant
to marry her there, I went cause you people asked me to
or else I wouldn’t have given a damn. Those days you were in love
with Jahan Ara and that damned woman
was in love with Mohsin. He too loves me. One minute… Shameless girl,
have you no shame, talking like this in front
of your mother and brother, I will cut your tongue. Get her married off soon, don’t delay it further,
I am telling you. Have breakfast. I am done! Damned shameless girl,
you have no shame. I have no shame, tell brother I will not
marry anyone else, if I marry someone
it will be Mohsin. I will cut your tongue even
if you mention him. Why wont I take his name? I will take it a 1000 times,
go tell brother this too. If you don’t marry me to him, I will die. Die and kill me too. Stupid, fool. God knows
why she is in my life. Where were you? I have been waiting
for your call for 2 days. I am so sorry, I was stuck with work,
I couldn’t call you back, and listen, your work is done, I sent your CV to a few people,
you will get interview calls. Thank you so much. Listen, did you take
permission from Mohsin? I don’t need his permission now. What do you mean? There is nothing between us, I cannot live with a liar. As soon as I find a job, I will leave this home. Did you two fight? Thank you so much. You have really supported
me in this situation. Don’t be silly,
what are best friends for. Pray you get the job. God willing. Listen, should we have lunch? I am getting late, I will leave. No, I will take you for lunch,
I want to talk to you as well. What? I will tell you
when we sit down. Come on. Your wife left early
morning without telling us. Where did she go? How would I know? She doesn’t need permission in fact,
she doesn’t even have to inform us. She has done this earlier too, she got ready
early morning and left. You should have
stopped her mama. Who am I to stop her? When she doesn’t
care for your respect, why would she bother
telling us anything? I feel that she went to her
father’s home upset. If this is the case, then Mohsin no need
to go convince her. I am telling you. So. You brought this bottle
to the restaurant? Tell me, what did you need to talk to? Actually I want you
to meet someone. Who? Lets order lunch first.
Excuse me. Listen, I am not hungry and
I have not told anyone at home, so I have to go back. Ok, then lets just have coffee. You please get 3 cappuccinos. Who is the third one for? Tell me. You actually know him. Who? Hi. Listen I have to go. The coffee is coming. So, Soha, how are you? Good. And how was your interview? It was good. Coffee is here. There coffee is great,
how can you miss it? Thank you. Its my favorite coffee,
have some. I am getting late, so I am out. How? Cab. Have you gone mad?
How will you go in a cab with us here? There is no need for that,
its enough. Soha, sit, we will drop you. Cheque? Yes, excuse me. You clear the cheque,
we are outside. Okay. Soha, your water bottle. Who am I to stop her? When she doesn’t
care about your respect, who are we to ask? She didn’t even tell us,
taking permission is different. She has done this twice before,
got up early, got ready and left. You came home early. Where are you coming from? I went for an interview. Without asking me? And why do you need a job? I don’t need to ask
anything from anyone and I need a job because I feel suffocated
with you in this room. You are not saying this,
this is someone else. I know who is brainwashing you nowadays. Who dropped you? I am asking you something. No one needs to brainwash me, I have a brain and
I can see everything myself. Leave my hand. I made a mistake
understanding you. You didn’t make a mistake I did. I loved you and you… When a person has something to hide,
they blame the other person. You are being unfaithful
and blaming me? Shut up and tell me
who you came with. Don’t try to fool me,
I saw the car you got off from. Who was he? Tell me. I wont tell you now. Understand one thing Mohsin,
I am not a liar like you. You can have an affair with your
cousin by lying but I cannot do that, I have not been brought up like that. Shut up Soha. Before you tell me to shut up
look at what you are doing. If you really liked her then
instead of having a secret affair, you should have married her, after all,
you came to me seeing my status, as soon as papa disowned me,
you went back to her. Shut up. I am talking to you,
where are you going? I don’t want to create
the scene any further, enough scene has been created. Leave my hand, we will talk when you are
back to your senses. We will talk right now, what do you think I came
after you and your status? No. The truth is that
you were after me, because you couldn’t
tolerate your mother. You left your father’s home every
second day and sat on the road, if I wasn’t there,
God knows what would have happened. Listen to me Soha, come back! Soha. This girl is really ill-mannered. She has no manners
to talk to her husband, she fights with him
every single day. Stop this drama, come upstairs! I said leave my hand. Brother, what are you doing?


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