Meray Mohsin – EP 21 – 30th Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Soha. Soha, what are you doing?
Listen to me. Please leave me right now. Soha, listen to me, at times these things happen
between husband and wife, they fight, look, Khalid always do this. Its not my concern what brother
Khalid did or did not do with you. Soha, listen, please… I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have raised my hand on you. What are you doing?
Why are you going? Because I cannot live with
a liar and cheat? Where will you go? Where ever I go,
you don’t have to worry. I am your husband,
you cannot go without my permission. Ok, I am telling you I made a mistake,
I am sorry… I said don’t touch me, if you have some humanity remaining,
leave from here, its easy to raise your hand in anger. I am really angry right now. Look Soha… So now her husband will
make her work? Aunty, job is something she did
before marriage too. Yes, it was for time pass and
out of her interest. Now she will have to work
to fulfill her wishes. When Raza finds out he will be hurt. Then why don’t you tell uncle? I told him but both father and
daughter are stubborn and egoistic. You two feel that way, uncle is aware of everything
that happens with Soha. He knows what she is up to. You don’t stress about it. Soha. One second listen to me. Leave it. Sit down, have water. Soha, please have water. Here, come on. Here. Ok, Soha, tell me, how did this fight start? Sidra. Soha, you are the limit, you still doubt Mohsin, you two will ruin this relation in
your battle of egos. This relation has been ruined. There is nothing between us now. You tell all this to your brother,
don’t talk to me, because I have decided. One second, sit down, listen. This trust is everything between
a husband and wife, now if you don’t trust each other,
this relation will break. The wife is not the only one who has to trust her husband,
the husband also has to trust his wife. You might never understand this because
brother Khalid never doubted you. Mohsin doubts me. Forgive me.
I misbehaved with you today. Soha. Brother Mohsin, Soha is leaving. Do you hear what I said? I heard you. If you heard me, stop her, she is leaving. Let her go if she wants. What do you mean? Brother Mohsin, she is your wife,
convince her. I have tried to convince her, she didn’t agree, let her go. She will come back in a day or two. Brother Mohsin,
you know you are at fault this time. When I made so many mistakes,
another one won’t change anything. You always complained that
I didn’t tell you when leaving, so today I am telling you and
leaving forever from this home. Brother Mohsin,
did you talk to Soha? I called, she is not picking up. Then call again, think about it, she is your wife,
the respect of this home. She left the home herself, I didn’t drag her out. Stop talking like a child, what you did with her was in front of everyone,
should she have stayed? You remember when Khalid was dragging
me out and you saw it, you didn’t like me staying there for a second,
how could she stay here? She has no one here, God knows where she would be,
she has no one here. She must have gone to Nazia, I will go get her in two days. Are you sure she is there? What if she didn’t go there?
Go find her, for God’s sake. There is no need to fool me, ]I saw you get out of that car. Who was that? Soha, pick up the phone. Yes Mohsin. Did Soha come over? Soha? Here? No.
What happened? Nothing, we fought on something and
I raised my hand accidentally. What? Are you mad? How did you raise your hand on her? Ok, I agree I made a mistake,
stop this right now, please try and call her,
she is not answering my phone, call her and tell me where she is. I am disgusted by you. Soha? pick up the phone. She switched off her phone? Yes Nazia. The bell was going through,
now she switched her phone off. How dare you raise your hand on her? Go find her now and
tell me when you find her. Okay. Damn it. What is this? There is no need to fool me, I saw you get out of that car. Who was that? Tell me. What do you think? I came after you or your status? No, you were after me, because you
couldn’t tolerate your mother, you used to get out of your father’s house and
sit on the road every other day. If I wasn’t there, God knows what
would have happened to you. Hello, Mr. Nadeem, there is a girl at the shrine,
she has a bag, she doesn’t look like she is from here. Fine, I will check, you too come. Madam, who are you? Where are you from? Let me check your bag. What is in it? Madam let me check your bag. Madam, let me check your bag. Hello. Sir this is Yaqoob. Who Yaqoob? Yes, Yaqoob, what happened?
Everything ok? Sir, madam Soha fainted at the shrine,
we are taking her to the hospital. Shrine? What is wrong with you?
What was Soha doing at the shrine? Sir, I don’t know but she was here at the shrine,
now we are taking her to the hospital. What hospital? I am coming. Raza, please be strong. How can I be strong? So much happened to my daughter
and I didn’t find out. I am such a unlucky father. She made a small mistake
and I disowned her. I will never be able to forgive myself. What does regretting and
talking like this do? Thank God that Soha is fine, the doctor gave her a drip she will
regain consciousness soon. Aunt, what happened to Soha? Its good you came. Hello, Soha, where are you? This is Raza. Uncle, you? Why did you call here. Uncle..Soha. You have no relation with Soha now.
She is with me now. Thank God, I was worried. You have no idea where you
wife is and in what condition. My daughter made a mistake
trusting a man like you. Uncle she got upset with me
and left the house. I tried to stop her but… I knew it. I knew it well that you don’t deserve her, and she had gone mad. Uncle listen to me. I don’t need any explanations, you are not worth being my son in law. Even late, but Soha knows your reality, she will never come back to you. Listen, you will get the divorce papers soon. Raza, what are you saying?
He is your son in law. What you did to my daughter,
I will never forgive you for that. Don’t you show your face to her, leave her life forever. Uncle, what are you doing? Raza, he is your son in law. He is not my son in law,
I have no relation with him, did you not see what he did with Soha, she was on the road,
at the shrine all night. I will never forgive him, if he comes in front of me,
I will choke him. Uncle, calm down,
what are you doing? Doctor, how is Soha? She is perfectly fine, she is back to her consciousness,
you can meet her. Thank God. Mr. Raza, there is a good news for you, you will be a grandfather soon. Raza. I will not hear any explanation, you are not worth being my son in law. Even late, but Soha knows your reality, she will never come to you now. Listen, you will get the divorce papers soon. Don’t show her face again, leave her life forever. Child, stop it. You are a brave girl of mine. Papa, I want to talk to you alone. Yes, go ahead child. Papa, please forgive me. I am really sorry, I have really hurt you, I am getting punished for it. Child, don’t say that, children make such mistakes. No papa, you were right. I was hasty in making a decision, please forgive me. That’s it child,
I don’t want to hear anything more. What hurts my daughter
and makes her cry, I don’t want to hear it. I will tell you one thing, I will take revenge for everything, he will remember it for the rest of his life. The one who hurt my life, I will not let him see his child’s face, you don’t worry. Sleep for a while. What happened is wrong, sister in law shouldn’t have left like this. Yes, brother Mohsin didn’t try to stop her. Her home is in Lahore,
God knows where she will be. Why are you being so
sympathetic towards Soha, I think you are forgetting the
hell we got because of her. Its good she left,
our brother is free from her. Sister, what are you saying? Brother Mohsin’s home is getting ruined
and instead of being sorry, you are celebrating? Hey, when Mohsin doesn’t care,
why should we? Who said brother Mohsin doesn’t care? Do you see his condition? He doesn’t come home,
when he does he stays locked in his room, he doesn’t eat, he talks to no one.
I am scared seeing his face. Sister, you do one thing, you talk to sister in law and
somehow convince her to come home. Here, taste it and tell me how it is. Did you add sugar. Sweets aren’t made without sugar. Its so hot, you gave it to me
for no reason. I asked you to taste it. Have it yourself. Hasty decisions are often wrong. One was made my Soha, she suffered cause of it
and now you are being hasty. He dared to raise his hand on my daughter, I will never forgive him. Whether he comes here begging,
I will not let Soha go with him. Okay, what will you do? Get her a divorce? Yes. Raza, what is wrong with you? Be smart. Don’t get angry and emotional, think and decide.
It’s a matter of Soha’s future and her life. Look, I am her father, I can think of the best of
my daughter and deciding this, I cannot ignore that incident. I will talk to the lawyer and
talk about the divorce. What are you saying? You cannot get a divorce in pregnancy. You are upset right now,
when you calm down, we will talk about this. You don’t mention Mohsin in
front of Soha right now, the doctor has told her not to talk stress. You hear me? Did you call Mohsin? Yes, I called him. He is coming. He is coming? Yes. I asked him, he said he is not hungry. What do you mean not hungry? Now will he stay hungry
all his life for that girl. It’s a matter of a few
days he will forget her. Like you forgot Zahid. Where did Zahid come from? You are crossing your limit Batool. If I am quiet, doesn’t mean
you can say what you want. Okay, you two stop arguing. Mama, talk to her not to interfere
in the matters of our home. What do you mean our matters?
What do you want to say? You know well what I want to say. You are married, you have nothing to do with our home, so its best you stay away
from Mohsin’s matter. Ok Jahan Ara, stop it.
Go and make breakfast. Go. Talk to her. Talk to her. You be quiet,
why do you have to respond to everything. Come on, give me the tray,
I will take food for Mohsin myself. Here. Good morning. How are you now? Better. Someone is here to meet you. Who? Meet them yourself. Soha. What sort of a friend are you?
So much happened and you are coming now. I am so sorry, I came as soon as aunty told me, you please stop crying. You are not well,
you don’t take so much stress. Did you eat? Ok, have this soup. Not right now. Ok, I will massage your head. Your shoulders? Your head? Will you watch a movie?
Can I get you popcorns. I am fine, don’t worry about it. I cannot see you cry, please be quiet. Mohsin, come have breakfast, look if you don’t eat, I won’t either. How long will you hurt yourself in
the memories of that useless girl. Sister please, don’t say that about Soha, she is my wife. What wife? The one who doesn’t care about you? Who didn’t even call you once. You slapped her a little,
she left the house with her bag. Do girls from good families do this. If something happens tomorrow, his family will blame you, if they ask you, what will you say? I am worried thinking that when the family and locality finds
out about this, what will we do, how will we answer them? Ok, come on have breakfast. You go, I will eat.


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