Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 1 | 17th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

what are you giving brother? not 200, give 300 why 300? we had decide 200 it was but not decided that you will eat CHAT for half an hour in the middle half hour? it might be just 5 or 10 minutes you seem educated what do you mean? why are you saying lie what ? your son had take10 minutes in wash room what are you saying give him 300 , don’t create a scene on road thank you sir hey!! where are you going ? come on rich man oh brother I am not a rich man for us you are …. bye I am so hungry ….. ohh its okay , come on have this eat this we will eat meal in evening done at least ask from where we will eat?
done at least ask from where we will eat? from home or where else ? no we will eat from outside why from outside, we have already consumed so much don’t be miser , I will manage okay fine . we will eat from outside by the way … by the way what ? nothing this one come on sit down stop here why? what is here ? I want to show you something yes but .. I am not saying to buy, just want to show brother stop here stop here come here brother two minutes come fast what ? what? this is that necklace … what is its price ? I did not ask for prize , I came with Anooshay then I saw is it beautiful? so much I saved 28000 . I will buy it some day till then it will be sold it may sold then what? I will buy some other one like this its really too good yes , lets go , two minutes has passed, otherwise Auto driver will charge more 100 rupees run run come come on lets sit take shower why Tv . go for sleep, every time you want cartoon what are you doing I am seeing that how rich I am … come on !!! I am saying truth, whenever I feel that I have less money, then I take my valet out and use to see your photo, then I become rich all of sudden buy that necklace for me I am thinking the same, but we must know the price ? it must be about 80 to 90 thousands and you said that you have 28000 yes so 50 to 60 thousand are left its so much…. my two salaries tell me what may I do? sleep quietly you are awaking , how you may sleep.. what you might think about that your husband can not buy an ordinary necklace for you may I tell the truth, I am restless more than you please sleep I am not feeling sleepy my status is showing me a thumb Mehwish how can I tell you, I wish to buy all the necklace of the world for you now you are insulting me Danish insult? what are you saying ? I am becoming lost being ashamed when did I say that buy that necklace for me, I just liked that so I think to buy some time and if I may not buy it then I would not die, now sleep, you always become late on Mondays you are feeling pity on my helplessness now think a new story its not like that my love, I am happy in which situation you keep me, I love you I love you asalam alekum Mr Khalid, how are you ? salam sir walekum asalam shall I bring tea? yes, do you smoke ? nno, but just sometimes then give one to me what?you will smoke ? I do not smoke , but sometimes … then tell , me what was happened with Mr Mohabat Ali, was he came again? day before yesterday , he came , as you left , boss refused bluntly even boss told that if Mr Danish will do signature then I will do, this is that necklace what is the price ? I did not ask price , when I came with Anushay then saw , is it beautiful? so much I saved 28000 , I will buy it some day sir tea whenever I feel that I have less money, then I take my valet out and use to see your photo, then I become rich all of sudden hello today early in the morning / I become mad till evening by going here or there how are you little one? not little one , Roomi okay Roomi how are you ? what do you mean by here or there ? all of sudden my brother realized that he should get married what? he is getting married ? yes, and doing like that if he will not do it on Friday the girl may get married on Saturday with someone else what? his marriage is on Friday ? Friday marriage , Thursday Mehndi and on Wednesday DHOLAK wow by the way , I am feeling pity on Danish , why? its obvious , if he has to buy three suits in the end of the month, then he will abuse me with my brother I am watching cartoons, may you speak slowly okay baby , but why are you watching cartoons, you should be at school .. it did not take admission yet, I am thinking to get it on next month my Meerab is younger than him yes she is two months younger than him, she is about to go in Prep. and he useless man is watching TV at home am I useless man ? she is kidding , watch cartoon may I come in sir ? yes come sir down Danish he is Mr Mohabat Ali, he wants to talk you talk with him, if you will get his point then it would be fine otherwise I told him this is an ill legal work sir was saying for the sake of you, it is some much ill legal , actually it is total ill legal it is not my authority , even not in the boss’s authority inquiry may take place who will inquire ? since 70 years this country is running by the people whom no one can inquire and the people who have the fear of inquiry , in old era they used to walk , now they come with motor cycle do you have motor cycle ? yes then when you will buy car? I mean how you will buy a car ? if you would think about inquiries then you will have the car of 2014 in the year 2024 and I can not give the guaranty that in that era the car would be running with petrol you are saying right but … but what ? look Mr Danish , its a government office, the work you would not do, somebody else will do the same may be he will take 1.5 lac instead of 1, I will give two, my work will be done, what you will get? actually my problem is that if you would listen then you must be laughing on me make me laugh, I mean tell your problem to me when it was the first day of my job , my father was alive he did say to me it is a government , government means office of nation , father used to think like that consider government’s work as a work of nation , and government’s money as nation’s money to be a big man , there is no need of money and position one who is not trustworthy, may not be a noble, may not be great man I think you did not understand , he used to say government’s money as the money of nation and used to say the money of nation as consing of nation brother he used to say right but he did forget to tell you one thing consing is that which is in your supervision, what do you have in your supervision ? just nothing the thing which you are considering consing , it divides into so many peoples and even your angels could not know about, and that has also your signature if you are not believing then have a bat on it , you will do sign and not get a single penny from 2 lac you were taking about lac , I mean you were saying that I will give you one lac so you were increasing the rate no , its not like this , I was reminding you that you said “I will give you a lac” then forgive me, have two lac give me one day one day? I may think over it or if will be needed then will go to the grave of father and will say that your point of view is wrong about consing also will tell about kid’s fees child’s fees? no he does not go to school yet will go some day , then will you not pay his fees ? yes I will how, a good school’s fees is starting from 18000 listen , when I went to mall I saw your necklace is remain there , you did not buy .. from where I may buy , from salary I can only safe 1000 or 2000, don’t know till when it will safe ? if tomorrow Roomi will go to school ,then it may also go oho but I told him, how much I like the necklace if he does not have money then what would be done by telling so much can be happened , but his fear may go he feels ashamed or remembers his father’s words I did hear his father was died but his word did not die , he left it for us then tell him clearly , the house can not run like this, I will also do a job he will not be agreed why he will not agree he says who will look after Roomi there we go… but he is right, if I may go to the job then where Roomi will go but may I tell you something, he has decided this time, he must do something did he say something ? no but his eyes were saying that I will get necklace either he has to be sold asalam alekum walekum asalam show me this necklace which one? the green one okay, take the green necklace , sit no , I came to ask the price one, will buy tomorrow 103000 103000 , will meet tomorrow sure will meet tomorrow bye I asked the price of necklace when ? today , when I was coming from office what is the use of asking, you hurt yourself uselessly by the way how much ? 103000 your two salaries leave the necklace , and listen a new problem is here also tell that wedding of Anushay’s brother so we will go listen , ask that when it will be ? tell , when ? on Friday , Wednesday Dholak, Mehndi on Thursday , we have to go all three days we will go Mehwish, tomorrow when I will come from office , then will go for shopping I know why are forcing on that we have to go three days , no problem, you will get three dresses you will get something more what more ? leave it, I will give you surprise tomorrow finish it , hurry up today I will come earlier earlier means? 2 or 2:30 p.m but how, you used to say that you can not leave before 4:30 p.m, you remember when I had to go to doctor tomorrow situation will be changed , I am doing friendship with the boss wow great indeed friendship has done, I delayed it for one day why? when he is saying about friendship, then what is the use of delay ? it takes one day to accept a friendship higher than your level you did not ask that why will come at 2:30 p.m yes I forgot
you did not ask that why will come at 2:30 p.m yes I forgot I will take you to shopping , finish this , I am bringing more eat this eat this 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 ..very good have a nice day papa do one thing, ask Anooshay in which school Meerab does study ? for what? we will admit him in a school, he watches cartoons whole day like useless man bad word papa see he is specking English very good papa, have a nice day papa do you know about this fees of that school ? may be 10 or 15 thousand and your salary , do you remember , how much it is ? 48400, but you know , my signature has a lot of power if I may do signature on a file of two penny, a cheque of two lac would be signed how are you brother Danish ? fine , and you ? I am also fit, tell about sister in law , what I may tell ? how is she ? she is fine are you going to office right now I am cleaning the plague indeed going to office do you have some work ? no , I am just asking come someday with sister in law to our home will bring someday okay I am going bye one minute brother one second yes how much it cost ? what ? your car will you buy it ? I can purchase , tell me the price it may be about 12 lac 12 lac is it very much high ? no its not much high so may we talk no , not yet , after some days show it to sister in law, she will become happy I said not yet I am just thinking yet if you do not have total amount then do not worry , for you monthly credit will also fine buy this, sister in law will become happy will talk next month , defiantly , okay I am going brother Danish he talks about sister in law only what happened , why you people made so bad faces, is someone died? I will come back and take statements of all people , stay here no everyone was saying “no” so I have only one answer for your question and its “no” because .. because ? my father used to say the amount of government office is the asset of nation, never cheat the nation answer is good it means your father was used to say good things your phone is ringing stop , give your phone to me its my wife’s call don’t worry if it would be your wife’s phone then you will talk, give me the phone why you did not come yet, see the watch , its 3 p.m your wife’s call, talk with her hello what I am asking ? what are you asking ? you said that you will come at 2 p.m , I m ready since 2 p.m I can not come what ? if I will swear then will you trust ? I swear , I did forget father’s word I did decide that I will take money, indeed it was done that I will get two lac on first deal I was taking about the surprise , ask what was that ? I was buying the necklace , the same one, may be more than that shall I sale my motor cycle ? then how you will go to office its my problem , a bus goes from here leave , if she will ask then I will say its not our status who will ask? I am talking about Anooshay , she came today so I did show off in front of her she thinks that if you want then I can wear any thing don’t be worried please , do not give any hope and don’t talk about selling the motor cycle . its not worth more than 30 thousands do you remember the price of necklace , get something for eating, I did not cook anything hmm go and sit on sofa, all the times he does naughty acts now I understand Mehwish, in 2019 fathers words have no value now I have seen the people of anti corruption , now I don’t have their fear beside necklace , I am thinking to buy Monti’s car and if you may get to be caught ? my boss got bail after the court timing if you earned 10 million , then you may get freedom in one million its just the honest of 5 to 6 days , then everything will become normal what I will wear n his brother’s wedding ? I mean I bought my all three artificial sets with her his brother getting married in so much hurry then tell me what I may do, after selling motor cycle , we are not getting full amount take loan
then tell me what I may do, after selling motor cycle , we are not getting full amount take loan now don’t say that father did also stop to taking loan from whom? the friends are for this, I mean they would give 80 to 90 thousand in bad time I don’t have any friend other than you I thought I have you , so I do not need any friend you tell me, ever I gone to any friend ? I have all friendship with you so you should go, and make friends, and make friends who may help you in your bad time lets go Roomi I will make omelet for you, come brother half……….. brother give 10 kg fish give him first okay take loan , now don’t say that father did stop for taking loan how much for you half kg so you should go, make friends who can help you in your bad time come on , I bought dinner papa mama has slept , but she did not make me sleep did you eat something ? I ate omelet with bread okay good , I am making her awaken asalam alekum walekum salam sir may I bring tea ? yes sir want to talk with you say I want two thousand as loan , I will make it deduct from my salary my wife is about to give birth to child , today I may take her to the hospital at anytime ask from Mr Shams , he earns extra money sir who earns extra amount are such mean , I asked him yesterday, he said I will tell it to boss what happened with boss? what could be happen sir, he is drinking coffee in office okay I am doing something thank you sir may I come in sir ? come Danish what a pleasant surprise sir ? surprise? its a surprise sir, the people of anti corruption was taken with you with them so…. then I got Shams’s message at night , I was shocked, you got your bail in two hours how bail could not done, team of anti corruption wrote by themselves that they did not find anything in inspection how it is so sir ? they did open some files in front of me everything was in files not in the city all was made in an hour , he was asking 1 million, I did offer 2 million he stopped the car at that place , and said to have one cup of tea one cup of tea ? yes , after tea he said go to your home and come to magistrate’s office at 1:30 p.m you know when I went to magistrate’s office , the same officer opened the door of my car and said “sorry for inconvenience” he was pretending like he would arrest all who will not give the money will be arrested yes it is I am thinking that we may show honesty for one week one week sir ? what happened?
one week sir ? what happened? actually sir on the behalf of two lac I did promise to my wife to buy a necklace there is a wedding of her friend’s brother , she was worrying anyways if you did promise then fulfill it, buy necklace for her how sir , in salary …… call Mr Shams , stop … yes sir Shamas deposit two lac in the account of Mr Danish, ,, no, no, don’t deposit in account, give him cash


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