Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 12 | 2nd November 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

yes.. I thought there is some deal done between you two he has taken money to give divorce yes.. I had given him an offer 50 million… yes….
I guess I have said 50 million I am glad! that he did not pass away
after listening about such a huge amount he did not know how expensive you are for me… he thinks that to whom we love are priceless and I say, only those people are worthy the higher is the amount, the higher is the intensity of love… and I felt you must have got sympathy for him I have got sympathy… that much sympathy I have got
that I accepted his wish and let you stay with him tonight again *doorbell rings* he is here… ok!
See you… why did you ring the bell? Roomi would have wake up first I had called, but it was busy why have you bought so much?
who will eat? I always bring like this, for the last 7 years for ‘this day’ I bring usually ‘this day’ means? today is our last wedding anniversary look! just 15 minutes are left only you take out the cake, lit the candles
let me bring the knife why are you doing all this? you are insulting me? what are you saying… ? it is one lover’s wish
just fulfill it… since you are not going, then hold on! take out the cake…
please take it out… it is said if the love is not there
let the delusion stay… one more request… say it… you will keep smiling while cutting the cake Okay! let me come after changing… Danish!… Give me my phone I have never been up in the night, even if I am sad, but today I am wide awake,
I cannot sleep, maybe I am waiting for 9 AM tomorrow *clock ticking* only one minute is left then lit the candles… Um… Happy Anniversary *claps* Happy Anniversary… always stay happy have food I am very hungry… let me take it out do inform before leaving, where do keep various things boot polish…. brush where you hang clothes after washing where do you keep them after they get dry don’t you know? I know! … but … I do not remember you know that… the needle and thread
even I keep that somewhere I forget I just remember kitchen things only… because I keep going inside frequently I do not remember anything else I think you hang the clothes in the balcony after washing them Yes… and those Roomi’s clothes? they are in his room,
inside the cabinet toys …. etc… and what about that spare key of the house? I will give that, before leaving there is no special need for that but you know! that I am a forgetful person if I forget one anywhere, the second one will be helpful Roomi now drinks milk in the glass? you do not remember that even? shall I tell you the truth? I never use to remember anything, but YOU only… and use to think… and the rest of the things, you use to remember it smells so good… and I am feeling very hungry
why don’t you eat… *phone ringing* your phone is ringing… it’s not mine but yours. Oh! it’s mine … it is Mr. Mateen … he has also started loving me Hello!, Mr. Mateen … Happy wedding anniversary thank you!!
how did you get to know? last year you were telling somebody,
I got shocked when I heard that is why I did friendship with you it use to be my wedding anniversary also, on this day Oho… the wounds that you have got?
have they healed now? yes …
they are better now so you are not coming tomorrow? I will come, Mr. Mateen… but I will come a bit late
almost by 10 AM it will be an honor if you will come
take care of your self OK! Bye! Mehwish… today was our wedding anniversary
he was celebrating that… what! it means you both had also cut the cake? Of course!… he brought the cake I had not even remembered
he brought the cake and requested me to cut it then I said, let’s cut it *laughs* he guy has gone mad… many times, I feel the same so how will you live now with this mad person? still, 8.5 hours are left you come here, please Me! ask him…
will he let me come? please come … I am afraid of him I told you, … to ask him … Ok! come now… the food is getting cold… he still must have not slept … when one’s girlfriend is sitting with someone else,
this happens just think .. what was my condition that night? when he took you along to Islamabad it was my wife … Actually!… he wants to come … here? … *laughs* he must be anxious … but what he will do after coming here? he will stay as a bone of contention between us it’s alright then.. ask him to come … but ask him not to ring the doorbell Ok! why don’t you speak with him right here?
now, what’s the shame? *phone ringing* has he refused? No … you can come now Sure? Sure … ok! I am coming …
just 20 minutes try to remember … have I ever withheld anything requested by you? so how can I refuse today? then wake them up
tell them an important guest is coming… the room should be spick & span by the time I return not a single butt of cigarette shall be visible also, pick up my packet till when you will return? almost by morning… what are you doing? I am cleaning although the house is small
but at least we do have an image actually, I am poor, but not dirty … give… give it to me… I will do it Does anyone work at the time of the final goodbye? you sit …
I will be doing all this now so I shall start now please sit… sit now … please sit ….
sit here Hmm … in how much time will he reach? he has told me, 20 minutes then think that he will be reaching in 10 minutes let me put some water for tea I will prepare the tea …
Danish! but why? why you will prepare? who will prepare in the morning?
who will prepare tomorrow night? I will be making … so now also I will prepare, you just see …
I will prepare a very nice one … very strong! your hand is bleeding … Oh man … let me put a bandage on …
Hmm Hmm … aren’t your given wounds enough? I have got the ointment, let me go and apply it what is this? 50 million …. these are divorce papers …. I swear, these are divorce papers
you can check them now put them in your bag quickly…
he will be arriving any time *door bell rings* sorry, I forgot to mention … Hi! … Can I come inside? come … Mr. Shehwar … what has happened on your head? accident … we bikers, keep encountering such small accidents frequently come … Sit let me bring tea for you Tea … let me make it .. No! you do not make
I don’t want to drink tea that is made by you sugar? …
1 spoon thank you!… sugar? I will not drink … you have to drink you are aware that I do not take sugar oh yes …
I am aware of this do you know Mr. Shehwar … when I was in love with her … and
she was in love with me then my height was 6 Feet,
there was some arrogance actually, when one’s wife is faithful
that man walks with a pride like this … but Mr. Shehwar, my height has reduced … for many days, I feel like Now,
I am tiny as a mouse I will get trampled under someone’s feet this relationship of a man and a woman is very weird, Mr. Shehwar if she gazes intently, it gives the feeling of lord and if she starts ignoring, the feeling is of detachment from lord I can feel your pain, Mr. Danish but time has changed now
this happens … women usually realize that their previous love was a false decision, after stepping into marriage at that time, we men should help them… they should let them go honorably, the way you have done I am letting her go,
I have divorced her that’s great ! do not say this Mr. Shehwar I will feel like … “GREAT” is some worthless word
that we can use anywhere it is not great, to steal someone’s lifetime belongings from one’s house’s rubble I am going inside the room
how can you go inside the room? I have handed you the documents
that sets you free from that room you cannot go there … so, what was I saying, Mr. Shehwar?
Hmm … I don’t know, you were saying something yes! .. you were saying, men should help those women
who wants to get free from their first love or those who realize later, that at first, it was a mistake then remember Mr. Shehwar …
I have already done help also, the luggage has been packed look … these are the bags,
now there is nothing of her, except Roomi I would be great, if you had the tea, Mr. Shehwar No, Thank you .. you will also not drink?
No! .. then go! why are you standing here? come … let me show you the door Come … come … Mr. Shehwar how does it matter, if its 9 AM or 2 AM you seem to be a very intelligent businessman but here you have surprised me while dealing you were offering me 50 million for that low-class woman


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