Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 2 | 24th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

what are you looking like this I want to tell you something tell the man who was at parking , yes his son got admission in school so may I get your admission in his school , have you seen his school its third class so will I go to a big school ? yes my son will go to a big school so my all friends will jealous when? who came at this time? good morning recognized me? I did not recognize but I seen you somewhere in the building Monti oh Monti , yesterday Danish was telling about you what he was saying ? he was telling about your car , he was saying that may be we will buy that okay , did he also tell which I was saying about you ? no , he told nothing , what did you say ? may I say in front of you ? yes tell first take this sweet of “NAYYAZ” my mom told me that give it to the most beautiful girl but I am not agreed with mom , I think no one is more beautiful than you in this building interesting come sometime to our home, at least to see the car thanks for NAYAZ welcome what is this? enough eat a few hello I am coming towards you yes come the meaning of coming is not that I may stay with you , we are going for shopping at this time? this time or at what time ? I mean Danish is not at home , if I may take Roomi with us he will eat our brain don’t worry ,. we will buy ice cream for him, and leave with driver , I am coming , get ready listen … is it the same which I did show ? its the same sir, check it again yes it is the same, pack it money its 105000 , return me 2000 , yes sure thank you stay calmly asalam alekum walekum asalam how are you Roomi ? must show good behavior bye Roomi say bye hello how are you ? fine lets go don’t you have the door’s key ? oh Mr Monti, I have key but…. how are you ? sister in law is not at home, she went before sometime , with her friend in her car Anooshay , she must be her, she is her collage friend actually I/ do not come at this time so that’s why she might gone . and how are you ? I am fine will you not buy the car ? which one? yours? no its old , I will buy new , zero meter actually the thing which is touched by some other one, I do not like that , good day hello papa hello Roomi , where is mama ? mama went for shopping with aunt Anoosha where are you ? I am at play area , eating ice cream okay who is with you ? driver uncle , will you talk ? no, eat your ice cream , when mama will come , tell him to call me. I came home okay love you love you too how it is ? its good how much its cost? 70000 okay and this one ? its expensive , it costs 3 lac 3 lac so what ? pack it its so beautiful right ? pack it pack it Anushay one minute , shall I say something , can you give me 80000 as credit, I will return in 8 months , I mean monthly ten thousand no problem but I have all the money belongs to Amir wait I am asking him show that necklace okay I bought the LEHNGA , and also jewelry its a very good design with Mehwish, listen I am giving 80000 to Mehwish, she liked a necklace she is saying she will return the money in 8 months okay thank you , I have money , I will buy everything okay bye agreed thank you how is it ? very beautiful this one okay 3 club sandwich and tea mama listen take it all , and eat something do not give the jewelry bag why? give mine to me, the which one I am trying since so many months , now bought , so want to keep it with me papa’s called was came, he was saying he reached home oh its 6 o clock, I did not cook the food its okay he will eat omelet , give phone to me
oh its 6 o clock, I did not cook the food its okay he will eat omelet , give phone to me everything is right but hi , one minute oh My God what a pleasant surprise I just pass by for have a coffee , how are you ? I am fine , this is my friend Mehwish, he is Amir’s boss hi and how is cute looking boy ? this is Mehish’s son Roomi you are so beautiful , just like your mama I can not believe it that your friend is married , why all beautiful girls got married so early I am sorry , hope you did not mind why she will mind, who is that girl who will mind her praising that she is so beautiful and you said that she is does not look married , tell me will you coming to wedding ? why I would not come, Amir is not only my colleague but he is also my friend , I will come to Mendi and will dance too Dance , no I cant believe why you cant believe it ? no I didn’t see it see if I may start dance, no buddy can resist against me will see then okay , I will let you go bye he is billion but down to earth , for us he is more like a family I saw that all rich men have some sadness which sorrow he has ? wife’s sorrow, they do not have any understanding first 8 years of marriage they used to do fighting , after that wife went to her parents ,America now she lives in America in 10 months in a year sad she has a bad attitude she uses to do doubts , if she would be here , she might catch his collar is she mad ? she is mad if she would see him with Maria , then she might start shouting that you are doing flirt with your secretory oh !! the secretory who was before Maria, she did slap her in front of all why? what I may tell you, when Shewar went to HongKong he took her with him, when she did come to know, she did create a panic so why he did went with her? they go buddy, secretory of a big man goes to foreign trips , its not a big deal so might thought that there is something in between them this is the problem is it a problem why? she should be happy her husband is so handsome and rich , and also loyal with her is he loyal ? how he could be loyal ? if wife lives in America , then would husband recite the WAZIFA of loyalty he is fulfilling the relation how long he will fulfill , she has the shares in all three companies of Shewar , that’s why he tolerates her sandwich is here , give me the phone are you not coming upstairs ? no its too late and Danish might became dull in your waiting you go okay bye bye come on sorry go, and change your dress why your phone was off? charging was ended there was nothing to eat, I made omelet and have eaten yes I knew that you make very good omelet come on buddy , is omelet enough for lunch? then bring something from outside being happy in other event what do you mean? I am saying right, in others wedding you are going to die in shopping Anooshay is my friend , my beloved friend wow, till yesterday I was your beloved , have you forgotten ? yes I remembered that you also do remember , you were chasing me badly, talking about big dreams , now we got married , and you put me in this small flat our days will be changed days will not change by your promises , only dates will change what happened, are you in the mood of fighting ? not at all the why are you talking so rudely ? today I took credit of 80000 from Anooshay why? listen , no hurry of return , we will give 10000 per month , we have time of 8 months but what was the need ? are you feeling bad ? I bought this necklace I thought you can not arrange 80,000, my dream may not fulfill, that’s why asked from Anoosha I know that what are you thinking ? from where we will arrange 10000 per month, you are worried about this don’t you worry , for 8 months we will consider Sunday as Monday we will not go anywhere , even will not dine out , so 10000 saved you are not believe , but believe it , I will manage and will save the amount why are you giving smile in the answer of everything ..? I am smiling on some other thing , I am smiling on that you know about everything , but you don’t know and even understand one thing what is that? I love you so much Mehwish oh I thought you might say something else what else I may say more than it, and what else you want to listen more than it ? tell me, don’t you have any objection on 10000 per month if you will say that ” you don’t have any objection and you are happy by seeing the necklace then I will understand that you really love me I have an objection Mehwish , I don’t want that my wife would not raise her head in front of her friend don’t be crazy, why I would not raise my head in front of my friend? not in front of friend, in front of whom you took credit its too natural Mehwish, from whom we took credit , we may not raise our eyes and head in front of him okay I will return the necklace take necklace with you, return the credit
when did I say this? how?
when did I say this? how? 140000 , return the credit of Anooshay , and keep remaining amount with you from where you got this much money? its a reward to kick the grave of papa its just like this, when you kick your died father, he dies forever now you will see, neither he will come in my memory nor in my dreams I am feeling sleepy , please off the light where is Roomi he si sleeping , made him wake up but he said I will not do breakfast are you pissed from me? no, what is the matter of being pissed ? for that , I bought necklace without asking you, by the credit of Anooshay that matter is finished , when you will refund her amount then I will forget your foolishness why you are calling it foolishness ? I am saying sorry for that no need of it, I realized that I did mistake , but I will never realize that making a wish is foolishness either dreams may not come true , but everyone dreams, and tries to fulfill them everyone is fool then see all the dreams , make wish for the things which you did not get I am here , I will do all efforts Mehndi is at evening I remembered come earlier will come at 5 p.m take some money, buy something for you while coming back this money is for you, buy something of your choice , I will be happy in your happiness I love you I lover you too boss is waiting for you, come may I come in sir ? yes come in Mr Danish we are waiting for you since 15 minutes 15 minutes sir? I am only 5 minutes late who is talking about your late coming , I am talking about doing wait okay sir Meet them , Mr Fawad and Mr Jawad it seems I have heard the name
Meet them , Mr Fawad and Mr Jawad it seems I have heard the name you have heard and also seen, you have a file named ” Jawad and Fahad” yes sir, may I bring ? its already here, see here it is .. but sir this file was in my cupboard , and its locked well now there is a difference began in our keys ? take this file and sign at the point which is circled by red pencil may I get time of 10 minutes why that ? I will read the file Mr now the formality of reading files has ended , signature this file with open eyes and take one lac rupees from Mr Fawad , and close your eyes and yes, the two lac rupees which you had take yesterday , that was also in this account oh I see!! open an account on the name of sister in law or consume all the amount is some danger ? there is a danger always but in problem this money helps bring tea I will bring that but before leaving give me CHAE PAANI ( money like tip) CHAE PAANI? 2 % , add previous 2 lac then, 6000 oh , do you get it from boss also? I get it by the order of boss okay you will get I am bringing tea listen Danish is calling , yes I will reach at time yes , it seems that you remembered me as you reached what are you doing? was talking with Anooshay did you tell her that you will give 80000 today yes I told she must be shocked by listening she was not believing when you will return her money the say if she will be needed of one or two lac , she can ask from whom? from you you are saying just I am saying truth listen , the bank in area yes open your account there but why? are you okay? I am fine Mehwish, do as I am saying okay okay, listen I love you me too did papa say I love you ? you naughty , you listen all my talks , may I tickle you how much how are you Shawar how are you ? congratulation hello!! looking beautiful thank you so much , you are looking handsome yourself see your beautiful friend is here hi!! congratulations thank you so much hello hi I am sure he is your husband yes Shawar Ahmed Danish hello how are you, fine shall we go yes please come set up is good yes I tried , this is his wedding and all problems are mine yes buddy who is this man? Amir’s boss, we went to restaurant after shopping , there we met he still remembered your name some people do this man has good memory about beautiful girls what he does ? mean? what work he does? I told that he is boss of Amir, its enough wow now you will show your dance me? you did promise okay fine , first give me something to drink okay then we have to go at that corner lets go come
lets go come do you know here he is going ? where to drink let him go see that who is going to give him drink don’t see there Danish it happens in big people it happens there , but your friend should be ashamed please quiet did you bring 80000 yes when she will come back, then hand over to her
yes when she will come back, then hand over to her okay I will what are you doing . lets go wait are you alright ? yes I am then ? tell me who will dance with me? me , obviously , and you know I am really good yes it is he is looking at you your friend . can I dance with her ? she is with her husband, and he is really conservative very bad, why the beautiful girls got married ? anyway finish this drink where is Anooshay’s husband ? he did not come what do you mean he will not come in the MEHNDI of his brother in law ? yes , he will not why? because he is not husband anymore what , they got divorce ? so that’s why she is dancing with other men, and Amir is so shameless his sister is dancing with his boss quiet please okay want to go wash room Roomi wants to go wash room where is the wash room ? ask from someone come hello hi can I dance with you ? I know your husband does not like it but I want I am sorry trust me , I have no bad intentions my husband will not like that okay listen please don’t get pissed over it don’t say like this, a broken heart must get pissed


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