Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 22 [Subtitle Eng]- Presented by Zeera Plus – ARY Digital Drama 11 Jan 2020

mama had told me that she thinks, you liked teacher Hania but so you are so shy you couldn’t say that… what I couldn’t say? that, “I like you” so, it’s because of your mom… that you have started doing such big talks hey, no papa… I do all these talks by myself I had told her everything… what did you told her? you had gone to teacher’s home to sit for sometime & also you had tea you had gone there to say, “Marry me” but you weren’t able to say it Hania had told you this? No, sister Wateera told me I’m also friends to her why are you shy?
why don’t you say it? why do you stop eating your dinner, while being angry? I haven’t stopped…
I’m done good night… listen, papa by looking at teacher’s smile,
it seemed that she will get convinced also you don’t say NO, papa Hania! what’s this? what? I came by listening to your laughing noise,
but you are crying what! the way he proposed me last night, for his papa…
I was laughing on that and I just recalled his helplessness at the same time I had burst into tears on this, Wateera… what helplessness? you know, last night he was
behaving like his papa’s father the way, a father is been searching for a life saving drugs for his son and he doesn’t have money in his pocket and he is requesting, that someone please save his father’s life so, save the life you’ll get the reward against this, God will save your life there is no danger to my life that’s what you think, that there isn’t any danger else, you are standing at the verge of death remember Hania the death in which your loved one leaves you, is far more painful than the death which takes the life away brother Basheer… is this Mehwish’s bag? yes is she going somewhere? yes keep this in the car so, how many more days shall I stay here? you people talk to him, in front of me to whom I want to talk and he doesn’t speaks to me so, i don’t like it… I’ll go after having the breakfast where are you going? I do have a place except that, I can only go in the grave will you stay alone? No.. he’ll stay with me I’ve got his uncounted memories I’ll recall his one memory daily,
so the whole day will pass this is my final punishment I miss him at every second & he never misses me please Mehwish you didn’t ask the day will pass, while recalling his memories
how will the night pass? I’ve given him so much pain, Ayesha… had hurt him a lot if I’ll start shedding tears in guilt now, then all the nights will pass like this in order to spend the rest of my life, the only thing I’ve got is that, he use to say me while being restless
“I have you, with me” and I knew that, from inside he is saying you aren’t with me, Mehwish.. listen… by the way, a wife should make a husband wear a tie why? just like that while tieing the knot, any matter is recalled and if while recalling, she becomes angry… then then? not good for the husband you look very handsome wait… your bag now, you may go you won’t come? No… staff first you use to say… a chairperson shall come after an hour you also use to go an hour late bye! bye! hmm…
go & sit there at the sofa every time his naughtiness come here yes how do I look? what! look at me… tell me flirt with me… what are you saying! today, you are being scared? crazy… now, Danish is also not here I’m absolutely alone take me for a coffee… at least try to offer I’m sorry, Mehwish…
I’m really sorry alright, but promise me even if you had a fight with your wife you won’t day to any other girl…
“how pretty you are looking” never… by the way, it wasn’t your fault in this the girls like us, are also at fault husband couldn’t say it daily, right?
“how pretty you’re looking” I haven’t seen a girl like you and the girls like us… we accept this, after listening it from somebody else’s mouth that, there isn’t anyone like us but there are so many like us bring your wife to me.. I’ll tell her we all are beautiful but aren’t beautiful of all what will I wear in her brother’s marriage? means, all the three sets of artificially jewelry, I had bought them along with her first of all… her brother’s wedding is happening so soon, that… alright tell me.. what shall I do? even after selling the motorcycle, the amount isn’t ample… I don’t have any friend, except you I thought, since I have you with me… therefore,
I don’t need any friend you tell me.. have I ever gone to any of my friend? all friendship is with you are you very hungry? so much… it will be ready in a while… see.. mama is here what is this happening? I’m preparing omelet for Roomi he hasn’t eaten the food? the food wasn’t prepared, so how he would had it? what!… she didn’t prepared the food? made had left at 12′ o clock she had called me…
her mother has been taken to the hospital shall we pause this for sometime? are you cheating? No, I’m just so much tired actually, I’ve got so many responsibilities on me oh, really! what’s the time? 4:30… she didn’t called till now… whose? teacher’s…
she had said, she’ll tell tomorrow shall we play now? aren’t you scared? means, are you not worried? No… there is nothing to worry I believed, her smile wouldn’t be like that which kind? the way, we laugh on someone.. come on papa, let’s play OK… yes… see… you lost.. you take a small matter to your heart there wasn’t any such thing in teacher’s smile… come on papa… let’s do swimming… I told you, you won’t go to office that, Shehwaar Ahmed, scoundrel is a very bad man don’t use abusive language for someone you don’t see anyone, Mehwish just look at me, I’m your husband shall I tell you clearly, Danish…
now, we can’t live together anymore again the same anger? we’ll talk in the morning… in the morning also, I’ll say the same..
we can’t live together crazy, I can’t live without you but I can live and I want to live I’m fed up of this relationship *door bell rings* Hi! we thought to have dinner with you she is my wife… hello!… I’m Ifra you must be knowing me… come.. there isn’t even a proper place to sit but we had sent the chairs though we forgot the table you people sit, let me bring it you know me, right? yes you must have also heard my story.. hey, No.. look at me look at me carefully, & do remember me Monty respects you a lot earlier what he use to do, he also told me that he is guilty on that today while talking, he started crying… be careful… keep it here, that’s it.. thank you… tomorrow, my stuff will also come the same as earlier? the same old one, nothing will come back since you’ve also come, you aren’t the old one… you’ve become good like me you know, when we become good? when we check by becoming bad then people doesn’t accept that we have become good anyways… you were just bad only… not disloyal… disloyalty is like vitiligo (skin disease of patches), Monty even if it gets fine, it’s remnants still remain behind let me bring water *phone ringing* Hello! Roomi speaking, teacher I know you had said, by tomorrow you’ll let me know that I’ll tell you, but first of all you tell me..
what does the boy says? boy? yes, boy… Oh! you are talking about papa yeah I’ll ask him later why? why will you ask him later? means, you’ll get me insulted? how will you get insulted? wow! from my side if I said yes, & then the boy says that I don’t want to get married to Hania then?
I’ll get insulted, right he won’t say this…
believe me he’ll kiss on my face are you there? yeah so tell me… you are saying “YES”, right? give me an hour… still? there shouldn’t be hurry in such matters, Roomi look at the boy, it seems a lot of time has passed alright, disconnect the call, the boy is coming hey, you people are washing the food utensils at my house? we are washing our own dishes at your house just think, there isn’t the water supply at our house furthermore, I’m your brother just believe it, I’m your brother so brother does so much for their sisters what else can you do? hey, just order… you wouldn’t be able to do it even if I wouldn’t be able to do,
still I’ll do… promise will you go to him? will you hold your hands together to request him,
to come & see me once? only just once he visits the flat so that the stink of disloyalty
in this deserted place shall be gone will you be able to do this, Monty? can I ask one thing? will you go to him? then just don’t say this, to see her once do ask him why she cannot be forgiven? a mistake is done..
a sin has been done he has accepted this she has also accepted this now she has gone beyond the condition of repentance then do ask him God does forgives… why don’t you forgive? there are so many examples, Monty a person who has been divorced once,
remarried the person again then he should also do this a divorce is happened in marriage, but not in love in order to change the man, she did disloyalty if there is forgiveness in disloyalty,
then wouldn’t a man becomes God? it just that, he is afraid of becoming a God! she is coming here, why?
but papa doesn’t know that she is coming here so? it doesn’t look good, that the girl comes by being dolled up & the boy is doing running hasn’t she reach? is she about to reach?
Oh my God! alright, keep the call quickly…
let me ask papa, to get ready quickly one minute, listen… sister Wateera yes, go ahead how’s her mood? it’s good.. means.. she was so happy great! means she will say “yes”, right? not sure she can say anything, while laughing *door bell rings* Oh! she is here… bye! hey teacher, you! what a pleasant surprise… you’re such an actor actor! I know… my coming here wasn’t surprise for you, you already knew I was coming here I knew that, but didn’t believed that you’ll come for sure how’s the preparation? preparation? yes, means… how’s the preparation of the boy? I had just told the boy now he ran into his room, as soon as he heard this went to the room, running? the boy was running on the treadmill
he was sweating… what shall I do of yours… *phone ringing* Hello! Hi! this is Hania Hi! come downstairs..
we have to meet coming.. listen yes Roomi won’t be in the meeting promise! he won’t be in it promise… OK your papa is happy? I didn’t see, as I wasn’t there alright, don’t be sad I should say this, right? you also don’t be sad this happen in these matters, then what’s she wearing? she is looking nice, right? it seems as if she has come in the wedding ceremony, she looks so dashing, I swear mama… mama… my father use to say if one wants to see the childhood of its father, then it shall see the childhood of its child it is just like the father my father use to say the same when Roomi was born he said, don’t take him as Roomi he is Akhtar Ahmed and even I die, don’t think that I’m dead search for me, in him but now, I don’t have these feelings,
that my father has died so your father came to me with your marriage proposal and he wanted me to say “yes” No, No… he… scoundrel… you shouldn’t say scoundrel to your father at that time, he was a full father I saw deep in his eyes while he was proposing, I felt his love I also saw this, he was looking like a
selfish father for his child that’s why I couldn’t refuse so I accept this proposal I’ve also brought the engagement ring along withe if you accept this, then you may wear it after wearing it, do call me else, I’ll understand that… you didn’t accepted what your father had said to you what is this? your tiffin sir why this? who gave this? I’ve given do you remember, earlier you use to bring tiffin from home? in the tiffin, there were 2 kebabs, salad, 2 pancakes & leftover curry of dinner & sometimes there were some sweets as well you may leave I thought, I shouldn’t have to tell you again & again..
that now, in which category you falls into after dropping from the chairman’s chair,
where have you stopped! stop it! I’m your husband, Maham yes you are you can become my husband in the house but you have to do the job, in the office and my dear husband you know, how important the job is for you yes, I know… bye! listen a car has come from the office to pick you Mr. Hassan & Mr. Shamshad is also sitting in that car you may talk to them, on the way your tiffin bye sweetheart! have a good day I thought, she is right your calls will come there
but you won’t come you talks will be done there, but you won’t be there therefore, she’ll get jealous it was father’s flat she shouldn’t have gone there then you should have bought it,
you can buy the whole building though I didn’t wanted to buy I wanted, that somebody else
buy that house & stay there are you taking revenge from her? I swear by God, I am not taking the revenge I’m writing the story, from my burnt blood I’m writing that, OK…
disloyalty was her right he has used her right so now, she shouldn’t impose the right on me *phone ringing* yes what name is it?
Mr. Monty! OK I’m keeping this glass of water in front of you read this 7 times after reading this, blow on the glass three times and drink the water if God willing he will come for sure


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