Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 5 | 14th September 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Mr Muneer gave it who Mr Muneer? he is a big contractor , said that I am hiring you for a new job its signing amount one million , then tomorrow we will go on our own car he was lying Mehwish , its bribe amount in return I have to do signature on his illegal work then do it, what is the problem with your father ? this is the problem of my father Mehwish, papa will think that I hit my foot on his grave papa has been died Danish, not you hit a bomb or a a feet , he will feel nothing how you are talking ? then why you brought this money to home, to tease me or to show me? to check my honesty , Mr Muneer thinks that if I will keep it for two days then I will change my mind but I am scared Mehwish, if I will keep this much money at home then how I will sleep? okay fine , stay wake up listen me, why are you so angry ? you will not return this money, God blessed us , keep them in cupboard and sleep
listen me, why are you so angry ? you will not return this money, God blessed us , keep them in cupboard and sleep shall I take bribe? its not bribe Danish , this is the reward for your hard work whole day you spend on that cheap bike and tolerate Monti, do you remember , that day when your bike was not starting Roomi is 4 years old , still he does not go school, if we may safe amount for his admission , it spends somewhere else you have 3 or 4 pants , and 4 to 6 shirts I am thinking that what you will wear at dinner tomorrow show me once what? one million see I am not believing I am also not believing Mehwish , my head is dizzy sleep for sometime and relax I am not feeling sleepy are you suffering from papa’s problem ? I am trying to forget papa, he is died now its okay, wherever he may live, stay happy home does not run in this few amount I am coming after fresh up papa’s angels do not know that petrol’s cost is 110 rupees per litter , Romi’s fees is 10,000 and on Sunday if we may go to picnic all the savings finish when I buy a burger , I ask ” which one is cheap” if he will come in my dreams then I will say ” if we not be able to own our little dreams, it seems someone has hit us by a feet on our back that’s why I am sorry papa Roomi slept are you feeling sleepy no are you thinking something ? yes don’t think about money no I am thinking about cupboard , look its not safe if someone will pull it , it will break who will pull it? thief here we go!!! now you are thinking about thief ? everyone has fear Meahwish , did you check door ? which door? house’s door or what else ? I checked it well and locked good !!! what you will wear tomorrow ? why you did get up? lets talk, I am not feeling sleepy will you not go to office ? yes I will, why I will not go ? if you will not sleep then how you will be waked up I will not stay awake for more time, I am trying to believe that this one million is mine I am not believing , that’s why I am not feeling sleepy believe Danish , this one million is yours and this is the signing amount for your job, and no one can take this from you tell me what you will wear tomorrow dark blue pants and light blue shirt you wore that in the wedding of Anooshay’s brother at that time I wore coat, but now I will not no, you will but=y new clothes for you, now it does not matter , either 30 or 40 thousand may spend okay see, I forgot my blouse in the happiness of money, bring that tomorrow I will feeling sleepy I think will you not buy a car ? I am thinking the same talk with Monty … why with Monty ? if money will be not sufficient then he will do credit , he said that I will not even see his face, did not you remember how I fought with him it was your mistake you did create a big mess on a small matter , you didn’t think that it will bad for me
it was your mistake you did create a big mess on a small matter , you didn’t think that it will bad for me yes I did not think that he used to call me BHABI ( sister in law) that’s why I sit in his car, he was behaving so decently he might not sleep yet, go and ask, we must know that he was saying truth or not shall I go right now? yes what is the time ? its 12 am go and see , he might be awaking come with me what I will do there ? who is saying to come there, come till door only, and when I will go, close the door properly okay I will and do not sleep how are you talking Danish , may I get sleep like this?
and do not sleep how are you talking Danish , may I get sleep like this? and yes, when I will do knock, first you have to ask yes I will ask, go fast and tell me that he is agreed lock the door from inside where ? how your car is working ? do useful talk I am talking usefully , give your key from your finger to me why , its your father’s property ? I mean sale your car and who will buy ? me you ? are you not believing ? tell me the price of car ? 1.2 million take 9 as cash, and 3 lac after one month 9 means 9 lacs I am talking about the same wow , you got 9 lac suddenly , from where you got this? its not your problem brother Danish don’t make me shocked, tell me its jock or tell me either your wife started the work don’t say her name even I did not say her name, just talking about her just move away move away means? I will not buy car from you eve I will not sale it to you yes if sister in law sent you then take it, whether you may give only 3 lac and 9 after one month If you will say her name next time, I will bury you in the ground leave who? me did he not agree? I did not agree , he did start weird talks, he asked from where you got the money, sister in law started the work he might be angry due to that fight , you did beat him did I beat him? what are you talking ? and that wound on my cheek . he hit me here by his punch you saw , you forgot to lock the door , what? last night you were angry so you might not listened full talk which talk? oh don’t you want to buy the car ? just go go? I said that I will not buy it from you sister in law are you listening ? don’t dare to talk about her when I will meet her . I will complain her move whose phone was that ? it was not phone, it was alarm did you set the alarm of 8:30 ? yes you always set the alarm of 7 am, see I got late for office it was necessary for you to be late , its not a big deal. why it was necessary to be late? bank opens at 9 am yes , what we have to do with bank? oh will you leave the money in home, deposit it in your account oh yes
oh will you leave the money in home, deposit it in your account oh yes yes sir its 9 :15 and you did not reach office yet sorry sir , it was a mistake in setting of alarm so that’s why I am late I will reach by half an hour nothing about half an hour, you may take one hour , but as you will reach , do sign on the file of Mr Muneer which file sir ? whatever files peon will put on your table sign them, that’s all sorry sir, but which file ? buddy the road of GHALIB round about , completion file of that sir I am on that road may I send files there ? not at all sir, I am saying that this road is not completed yet, see here is a dig near my feet means, work is not even started
not at all sir, I am saying that this road is not completed yet, see here is a dig near my feet means, work is not even started oh Mr Danish what are you saying, if road would be completed then what could be happen? what could be happened sir ? Mr Muneeer said that if he may get contract again then he will make this road what sir? will you reach till 10 am yes sir, okay , I am sitting here till 10 am , after that I have to go for a meeting right sir actually Roomi uses to play the game on mobile , he might curt the phone, when did you call? I think 8:30,I think Danish might be go till 8 am but today he left at 9 am. he woke up late oh so what you do at home, I think what you might do nothing , Roomi’s work and some domestic works did you not appoint a maid for Roomi, you also do domestic works now I will not do, I am thinking to get a maid might be Mr Danish became pissed for what for this, that I use to talk with you on phone but one request , either he may become angry , but you will not stop me to call you I swear I have not bad intentions your voice is so good, so I become happy by listening your voice I forget that what was happened with me what was happened ? you saw , it slept from my tongue but I do not like sympathy tell me what was happened ? we will meet at 9 pm I will not sign this completion certificate , and I will manage in this job come here , put this money in wallboard may I go sir? yes listen , I am really proud of you thank you sir Roomi come here , put the shirt on focus here , sit here hello some time I want to hear you ” hello” then put off the phone why? its enough for me or may be I do not deserve more than it may I ask something ? yes does he also know that you are so beautiful or he considers you as a captured wife no, he also knows that, he says that I am so beautiful well you were about to tell something and cut the phone, tell me what happened with you ? will tell you at dinner tell on phone, Danish will be also there at dinner , don’t know how will feel he will not there at that time its your misunderstanding , he will not go anywhere leave it on me I think he came listen , don’t come via taxi , I will send car at 8:30 okay bye bye you came early yes , I though everyone is watching me in office your blouse will you not hug papa papa I am busy I will hug you later how we will go? by cab , but what I will wear ? what you do Danish? I told you to spend 30 to 40 thousand on yourself if I would have 40 thousand then I might spend what do you mean ? I have returned one million what? listen me in return he wanted the completion certificate of that road which is not made yet if I would do his job, I might sign many certificate like that , see , I will not do this Mehwish, I can not do this . I will eat less , but will not eat human’s flash and which thing I do not have ? I get salary for spending I have a small flat, and a cute child I have a dream world, I have you, and you are enough for me I did iron your black pants and shirt its so old no, not that much old he has beaten not beaten , she is just little bit angry I am not saying you, my horse has beaten oh brother , what is the location of flat 308 ? Mr Danish’s ? you may go through stairs , he live on 3rd floor thank you how am I looking ? its 8:30 cab’s driver didn’t come he came !! car is here sir we are coming in two minutes okay sir you are looking blasting not blasting looking POPPAT who taught you this ? stop buddy , I taught it at that day after seeing you I said it has car came ? yes , lets go Roomi are you pissed at me ? no I am not , off the lights , lets go by seeing this big car I did understand that it could not be a cab Danish quiet ohh!! what will happen with cab’s driver , he might search us Danish please oh I forgot my purse so? it would be not a problem, we may bring flower for him what he will do with our flowers , I think its okay no , what we do with flowers, its a tradition , do you have money ? yes then what is the problem, brother stop at some flower’s shop yes I understand wow , it seems that you also done BA yes hello Mr Danish , you give me honor by visiting me , hi Mrs Danish you are looking gorgeous flowers for you thank you and Mr Roomi you are looking more beautiful than all, how are you ? I am fine
and Mr Roomi you are looking more beautiful than all, how are you ? I am fine please come
I am fine please come please be seated I hope driver reached on time yes so tell me , what will you have ?
yes so tell me , what will you have ? whiskey or something else ?
so tell me , what will you have ? whiskey or something else ? no I do not drink I know, some people get the time of drink later where is your Mrs ? everyone does not have Mrs with him, although I have everything, but my Mrs is not with me still you did not get married ? I did not say this I did get married oh then break up? I am sorry but what thing you call break up? I think I did ask a wrong question , sorry no , you did not ask wrong question, you asked a right question but you don’t know the meaning of break up break does not mean by the separation of relation, but its the separations of heart people walk together , but they are not together indeed shall we talk about something else I am such a fool, was going to ruin a beautiful night by my sorrows but you know I believe that if someone left you after a few time, we should do thanks to him it saves us from a long journey whenever I talk with my wife I say her thank you , thank you Maham, thank you so much I like to keep dogs , but I do not like their barking you both had a love marriage ? yes oh Mr Roomi , are you getting bore ? Mr Deewan take Mr Roomi with you, and give him slides and also show him a movie in theater room is there a theater ? yes, when you will go , you will think that you are in cinema may I go papa ? yes go buddy where you did meet first time ? at wedding no, where did you both meet first time ? oh we were in university well , who said “I love you ” first ? me as-usual , then when she did agree ? after 15 minutes after 15 minutes , when you got married ? after one year wow it was too fast I must say you both are very lucky I am more lucky Mr Shewar , she made me, I got her then I thought I don’t want anything don’t mind , shall I say truth, whoever might get her , he would say I want nothing shall I also see you theater room? sure , why not, come, I show you come on Mrs Danish Mr Danish allow me that I may drop her to my theater room yes sure come on one minute , what did I say ? I did say “Mr Danish do not mind , but whoever might get her , he would say , I don’t want anything tell me, did I say lie? I do not know okay fine call your husband and say him that take everything whatever I have ,and give me his Mehwish … my papa used to say if you want to win someone’s heart , then give him a good meal tell me Mr Danish, have I won your heart ? do you talk less or I am speaking a lot ? I am listening you, I am seeing that when a successful man speaks he has so much confidence in his accent you are successful, its my believe that if you got everything you want , its not success , but you got the one whom you love , its a real success give him soup, taste the soup papa don’t you see , Mr deewan Danish are you fine ? take him to my room , and give him my shirt , and stay with him, may be he need something, don’t come down stairs you are worrying uselessly , he will be fine , he will take 15 minutes , sit he will ask me that why did not come with him then you may say ” I do not like to go in the bed room of strangers ” whatever you want, it happens no. I ant that they will not come from bed room whole night, but it will not happen how many years have passed to your marriage ? 8 years its too much what do you mean by too much? a beautiful girl gave her 8 years to an ordinary man, its enough did you mind ? yes what do you like , to live into pieces to live in the cage of a man who caught you he loves me a lot also tell that does he deserve your love or deserve you ? Mr Shehwar I like to talk with you , but I don’t want to talk like this sorry , I will not say it again where is your Mrs don’t know where she might be, may e in New York or Toronto when she calls, she tells what do you talk on phone ? about business and profit, or if we may have lost in any company , she gets angry does she not ask about you ? yes sometimes she asks about me, she was also saying that do second marriage you both have some problems ? yes what ? that we do not have a problem like love I am sorry , sometimes I laugh uselessly , excuse me whose is that ? very nice this flute is my friend ,and this tone is the story of my heart whenever I am alone I sing it, and when I become dizzy I play it say something Mr Danish , you did not say anything by the way this shirt looking so good on you, might be its not suits on me that much its 1 am , we should leave now strange friend you are , you calculate the time in friendship I have to go office in the morning , I was also late today I can understand did you enjoy ? how was the movie ? yes this Mr Danish , its a gift for you, why this? take this, this is the first gift from a friend to an other friend and its the tradition of my home, we use to give a gift to our guest please take this otherwise I feel so bad thank you and this is for you Mr Roomi, it has so much chocolates and a little piano thank you welcome its for you its so expensive , your Mrs is also very expensive and love once are so expensive. do one thing , put it by your hands on her neck I will feel so good shall I put off this one ?

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