Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 8 | 5th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

oh !! sorry are you blind ? if I am blind , can you see , signal is on, now start the car, why are you stuck ? don;t you have manners how to talk with a girl? don;t you have manners how to talk with a boy? do you think yourself a boy? have some shame why are you doing argument elder brother , mistake is yours am I looking an elder brother , look at your age ? go and do your work what do you do when she does call you at night? I smoke cigarette very bad! then what should I do? you know what kind of tone she has , if you will listen you will be annoyed , when I listen then I become restless when I was not using cigarette, I used to show my anger to servants , after that I used to blame myself then do not attend her phone I have to attend , she is my business partner I want to end this matter Mehwish, I want to live peacefully or die peacefully please sir anyways it will go on till December , December is not so far what is her problem ? business is running nicely then why not life I know about problem but I can’t tell it to anyone , I feel ashamed okay no problem what I will do after listening yes what you will do after listening which tablet is this? I have headache , am I making you bore not at all you go and sit in your room, when I become fine then we will meet no, when you will become fine then I will go what thing you are ? when you give order , it seems good, where you were since so many years? sit, I am scared why you are scared ? I will become habitual of you to take the cigarette out of my mouth and put in dustbin to see you, to be with you I am here with you you are doing your job, who knows when he will become angry and may stop you and may be you will resign I will never go, now he can’t stop me hello! I am going to home in 15 minutes I thought you may not go before me if I will go before , then what will happen? I can not see it buddy I have an other work yes but its not the part of your duty, if you will like that then its fine otherwise you may say sorry do not go anywhere I am coming happy? so much do you know , what I will think on my way to home? what? that why you did love marriage? its okay ,marriage is an usual formality but why you got in love with him? why this first aid box is here ? my papa’s shoes he left his shoes here ……………….Danish go in your room Danish Danish wake up Mehwish , where is Roomi? he is in lounge , when you did come? and why first aid box is in the lounge ? I got wound while crossing the signal come on get up, I want to show you something come on where ? see the car yes do you know whose car is this ? whose ? mine why are you looking like this ? I am looking that you are so beautiful oh which type of wound on your neck ? I have wound on my leg and hand as well , but you did not see at night , I was hit by a car at signal where was your brain? towards you you did not send message to me , neither you did receive my call I did received you text, thank you so much take leave from your office tomorrow why? we will go to Roomi’s school, for his admission you made this tea? yes but you will go there when you will get salary do not be worried , I will get advance, I mean advanced salary today our maid will also come, infect she must be coming she was asking 10,000, she says she will also cook food will she cook food ? then how I will make, I will work at office whole day, so will I eat food or cook the food ? yes I did not think this what else he will give ? who? my friend Shehwar , who else? what else he will give, he gave a good job, a car with driver and that necklace you did forget that, he also gave that yes he gave that also only this ? what do you mean by this ? if God does so much kindness with a woman , its seems good, but if a man shows so much kindness to her then it does not look good what? what you said ? are you feeling bad ? I do not know but I am feeling very bad, I could not sleep whole night, I was looking at you do you know why ? ask me why why ? I was seeing that you are so precious , even then a man is trying to purchase you by giving salary of one lac and a car shut up Danish it sounds bad , you think I am doing doubt on you, but I swear you, I am not doing doubt on you I am scared I don’t feel bad that you may see dreams but someone may show dreams to you , I do not like it I am doing all this for Roomi, for his future till yesterday you were thinking that he is a nice man and his intention is not bad but today, why are you thinking that he is trying to buy me by giving car and job my eyes got trust on him but not my heart did believe then go to doctor and get a treatment you are jealous with me , after the job of 5 years you have a little salary and an old bike you are feeling bad for this, typical man mentality man always wants that a woman may survive on his kindness, or may praise him like god my mama used to say that if a woman has doubt on a man , it makes laugh but when a man has doubt on a woman, it makes her cry shall I tell you the truth today I feel weeping on you what more he will give ? what else he will give , he gave a good job, a car with driver and that necklace , you forgot that he also gave that yes he gave that also only? what do you mean by only ? if God does so much blessings on a woman it seems good but if a man does the same , its weird asalam alekum sister come inside , come good morning ma’am , boss was asking about you okay no he was saying that first you have to come in his room, he has some important work okay I am coming what is this ? what sir ? its his request , means you had reject his request I did not do this if you did not do this then did I do this ? you killed an old employee and you are blaming others sir it was the issue of entitlement and HR……….. get out or otherwise admit that you killed a person due to documentation someone was dying due to 7 or 8 millions and you people were thinking about his entitlement you saved the company from lost … listen after today all applications like this will come to me directly , is it clear now? yes sir oh you why you were so much angry , what happened ? and why you are smoking ? I came to know about Mr Mirza’s death early in the morning who Mr Mirza? he was an old employee of company , he was the patient of lungs cancer , he had a need of 7 or 8 millions for transplantation , and they people were thinking that either he has the entitlement or not? hell with them when I got application , Mr Mirza was taking his last breaths you will not smoke the cigarette sir are you feeling dizziness? no headache ? I do not have headache then why you wore this type of soaks ? which type ? sir look at your feet , soaks are not same Mr Mateen told me oh you ,I just came from your room this is the problem, when you came from my room , it becomes empty lets go somewhere out where ? for lunch do you have fear that if someone might see us then he will think that we came for a date okay I will not have lunch , I can’t see you scared one minute , why we will not have lunch ? I am going with you and I do not have fear of anyone yes sir ? menu please ? daal (pulses) vegetable , curry what is in vegetable ? okra and mesh potato mesh potato two breads ? one one bread and mesh potato on table no. 4 you did not bring lunch box? no in the beginning I used to bring lunch box , when it was not with me then it was known that I had a fight with my wife no its not like this, we did not fight , actually we appointed a maid and I can not eat the food cooked by her oh! please enough your wife did not call you today ? yes she called but before that I heard the news of Mr Mirza’s death so I did not receive the phone sometimes it seems that you are a small kid you become angry on small things and suddenly you become happy become happy by having a lunch together I am so happy. did Roomi get admission? not yet why ? I will go tomorrow , also said to Danish to get a leave will you not come office tomorrow ? don’t know, how much time it will take then talk to me , if I will call then it will be done someone has to go with him you don’t go, say to Danish to get leave and go there , if there will be some problem then he may call me if will not talk with you what happened now ? his eyes got trust on you but his heart did not which type of man he is ? then he will create so much problems , he will do doubts someday he may say that don’t go to office and if you will not come then what will I do? no need of to be worried,I will come by listening you and by seeing your kindness , he starts doubt but I will not ruin my job due to these stupid doubts which kindness ? I am talking about him Shahwar , he thinks that the car and job given by you as your useless kindness he thinks that I am not capable of all these things actually he is not capable of you, he does not know what he got don’t get upset , I will see he thinks that I am not capable of all these actually he is not capable of you , he does not know , what he got ? I bought some new dresses , so I was seeing by wearing them you bought new dresses , you didn’t tell me what I might tell you, since you came , you are sitting silently I was not sitting quietly , I was laughing , now show me yes sure do you know what happened today ? I wore two types of soaks , everyone was laughing over me see wow !! very nice , must be so expensive ? yes , they are branded so must be expensive at what time we have to go ? must go at 8 O’clock must go means? will I go alone ? I didn’t get leave Danish, infect I did not ask for that I was feeling ashamed , after the job of two days , how could I ask for leave? what was the problem, Shehwar is our friend , and his office was not run by you you yourself told me that the presence of both parents is necessary , its their rule . no there is no such type of rule and should be not .. the parents of all children do not live with them, or sometime one of the parent might die I did discus with boss , he says that” if Danish may have any problem then he can talk with me ” are you awaking ? no I am sleeping its 2 am Danish , don’t kidding I am not kidding , I am really sleeping are you teasing me ? lights are on , and you are talking with me, your eyes are open since so many days I am sleeping like this, Mehwish I use to off lights and close my eyes , then stay restless I thought , I may leave the light remain on , and may show you that this new way of sleeping is teasing me a lot what is the problem ? I want to tell you Mehwish , my life is not based on Shawar Ahmed’s support at the time of admission if I may need his help but I will not call him okay do not call am I looking bad to you ? I am feeling bad due to your talks you are feeling bad but these talks are not bad why do we work at office ? why we do work? to make home or to build home and what I am doing ? I am asking the same that what are you doing Mehwish? I am doing your help to build the home and the man whom you call your friend but don’t consider him as your friend is supporting you secretly why he is supporting me ? am I lame or I went to his door as a beggar? and why he is doing support on your name he gave you cheque of 5 lacs and you went to an other bank for account opening I went there because the cheque was belong to that bank and we do not have to wait for funds transfer why you did not tell me about cheque ? because of your thoughts what do you think ? would not I know that you did not sleep for many days , you are feeling uneasy and I am also restless due to you you made a bad image of Shawar Ahmed in your heart, and the most worst thing is that you are doing doubt on me tell me , how could I tell you that he gave me a cheque of 5 lac why did he give? he did not do any favor , he gave me my 5 months salary in advance you made an image in your mind , otherwise he is like that, he was about to give a cheque of 8 million for his employee he died before the section of 8 million your problem is that , for you a salary of lac rupees, a car of 2 million and cheque of 5 lac does matter , but for him , it does not matter because he loves his staff please sleep turn off the light
please sleep turn off the light you both do the job , then who does look after him? we both you both do jobs, you would be free only on Saturday and Sunday yes it means the kid lives with his grand parents no, they are not alive oh! but we appointed a maid to look after him may be you did not get my point no , I understand , you are talking about his home tuition , that who will teach him, who will check his home work, I will do, I will teach him, and on Saturdays and Sundays my wife will teach him and believe me he is so intelligent , he do understand everything in a while , I guaranteed , you will not get his complain he did give a good test , but my question is the same, why your wife did not come for his admission? I mean this is the admission of her only child, mothers are usually very emotional on these moments yes she was very emotional too , but she did not get leave from her job, because its her new job is admission done? yes admission is done is meeting end ? yes , finally and a good news for you what ? you did appointed as secretory to the board of directors seriously ? yes thank you so much have to go Islamabad is everything fine ? business trip for how many days ? we will go in the morning and will be back in evening okay then talk to your husband which talk ? you are going with me, from now you will go with me , wherever I will go what happened? its not possible what is not possible? he will not let me go to Islamabad , specially with you I am sorry , I am really sorry see its a foreign delegation , and an important meeting , its necessary to go I understand but I can’t go, if he will come to know, he will mad at me don’t talk about him, tell me your wish, tell me what is the will of your heart ? tell to Mr Asim that I am not going to Islamabad , meeting is canceled one minute sir please , I swear I have no problem with you , but he became doubtful for me when he will come to know , he will create a panic he will not come to know, we will go with the flight of 6 am and will come back at 8 pm tell him , you will come late on Monday, , tell him that you have so much work in office even his angels will not come to know, if it is not possible then tell to Mr Asim just two minutes still two minutes you are very hungry so much its about to done your mom is came what are you doing ? cooking omelet for Roomi he did not eat the meal? meal is not cooked then how he might eat ? did she not cook ? maid did go at 12 pm, she did receive a call, and said that her mother is ill, she has to go, and you said “go” ? so what would I do? her mother was in hospital and would I stop her for making the food only ? come my kid my son will eat omelet mama is going to change the dress , when you did come? came early what are you doing now? making tea for you don’t talk about him, tell me what is your wish ? he will not come to know , we will go with the flight of 6 am and will come back at 8 pm, tell him you will come late on Monday yes Mehwish? what is the time of flight ? 9am and arrival ? 6 pm till when we will land at Karachi ? around 8 pm okay thank you you welcome bye


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