Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 9 | 12th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

just two minutes more two minutes ? are so much hungry ? yes so much just going to be done mama is also came what are you doing ? I am making omelet for Roomi he did not eat meal? meal is not cooked then how he might eat ? did she not cook ? maid did go at 12 pm, she did receive a call, and said that her mother is ill, she has to go, and you said “go” ? so what would I do? her mother was in hospital and would I stop her for making the food only ? come on my baby my son will eat omelet mama is going to change the dress , when you did come? came early what are you doing now? making tea for you don’t talk about him, tell me what is your wish ? he will not come to know , we will go with the flight of 6 am and will come back at 8 pm, tell him you will come late on Monday yes Mehwish? what is the time of flight ? 9 am and arrival ? 6 pm till when we will land at Karachi ? about 8 pm okay thank you you are welcome have you finished well done you did not ask about Roomi’s admission yes I was about to ask , was it not done? done, Roomi show your books to mama go fast was there any problem? I did face a problem but there was no need of other principal was asking about you, I said ” you did not get leave” thank you hmm do you have a lot of work in office ? I mean to say you had to talk with me on phone principal was saying that ” mothers usually are very emotional at this moment ” I was waiting for your phone, that you might call me and I would say to the principal that she is also very emotional but you were busy you know , I have been employed the secretory of board of directors oho ! you are getting promotions in getting no time , is the salary also increased ? responsibilities are increased obviously tomorrow I will take the charge from previous secretory , I will be late how much late? nearly 9 or 10 its okay tea is good yes mama books yes one minute
mama books yes one minute it may be 10 pm or 11 pm it does not matter either it 9 to 10 or 10 to 11, I trust you Mehwish show you books to mama talk with me eye to eye what? you are not saying , what you want to say but I am saying that what you want to listen do you know Mehwiah , I am afraid of you, or you made me afraid I think that it is useless to stop you, as you will not stop that’s why I give you permission as I try to satisfy myself that all you are doing with my permission its okay I do not have any problem please try to come early , me and Roomi will be waiting for you see the books of Roomi, I am bringing bread for breakfast do you want anything else? butter and eggs they are already in the home, we finished the bread okay then bring bread chocolate for me you did eat chocolate in evening also no papa I will bring the small one it will be fine come here , show me my son will read by so much books yes promise me that you will get good marks promise brother do you have a match box? yes I have never seen you smoking sometimes I do it thank you hello! I was busy in my family I can understand are you pissed with me? no, why should I be upset , I know you have a family , a husband and thousands of problems attached with your husband I know you are not okay, but I have a solution solution ? I am going with you are you sure ? I said , but please make sure we will land to Karachi till 9 pm of course we will land Karachi at 9 pm don’t send the car in the morning , I will come by cab I don’t want that driver may know that I went to the Airport from home oh yes don’t worry I will reach okay as you wish at what time we have to go? 7:30 max why 7:30 ? you never flew by plane? no you have to be an hour before the flight time then it will be very difficult , Danish leaves at 8:30 one minute , he will leave at 7:15, Roomi’s school starts at 8 o’clock , I will reach thank God I am closing the phone listen what ? you made my day thank you bye looking beautiful naughty hello! good morning sir yes wake up call sir what is the time? 6:25 okay Danish … Roomi ready ? Danish hurry up its 7:00 am leave the time, look at your son, he is looking so nice in school uniform my son is so cute you are also so cute he is your copy come on hurry up, good boy listen , may I call you , if I will miss you ? why are you asking ? you may call if I will miss you more then call me again, now go listen , take a selfie, selfie? this is the first day of his school , we will remember this day by this selfie okay bye Roomi how are you feeling ? very nice this is the first day of my son at school, I will give you a surprise gift really ? yes, but you have to promise that you will be a good student promise I am also not believing , I do not know how I did this do you know how am I feeling ? what ? I used to see other at my teenage , I never went for a date that’s why I did not know that what is the charm of these kinds of dates , why people have fear ? why they feel happy ? why they have hurry for meetings , say something I am so scared do not be scared , I am with you will we reach till 8 pm? yes we will come, I do care about you even more then yourself , isn’t it? I know now don’t say that you are scared I will not promise ? promise sir tea or coffee? bring coffee okay tea or coffee? tea okay what happened Mr Danish ? nothing , I am not feeling well, I think A/C is not working A/C is okay then how you did feel that am not fine? is it on my face ? no, you stopped during work, is there any problem ? no, not at all yes my son went to school first time, he is a little bit naughty so that’s why I am worried Mr Danish all kids are naughty , drink your coffee , its getting cold yes , its really cold when kids go to school , you may say ” in the blessing of Allah” I said that , I did recite AYAT also was he crying ? no , he was so happy then you also have to be happy listen yes ? reheat the coffee okay sir do you have a pain killer ? do you have headache? I don’t have but I am feeling that it will start take the pain killer from me but you will not eat this before pain of course , who eats before pain? tomorrow I will take charge from previous secretary , I will be late in office how much late ? about 9 or 10 pm its okay let it to be talk eye to eye with me what ? what you are saying is not what you want to say but I am saying that you want to listen I am scared from you, you made me afraid , I think is useless to stop you, you will not stop now have some meal please carry on, I already ordered , I know , we are not friends but it does not take time to be friends , I know you since four years , but I don’t know whether you have any friend , lets be friend in sad moments a friend is like a father and I am also very elder then you before 30 years I got married , I used to say to my wife that she is a blessing she did obey me firstly I used to say only truth, later I started lies in the life of a man there is definite timing of telling lie it is the time when a second woman starts to give him her time then he thinks that the older one was not a blessing he got her in the name of marriage as other people get he does fight with the first one without reason and says to the second one that he does not have understanding with his wife the performance of being lie becomes so much perfect that a man himself believes that he is saying truth and at the day he believed that he is saying truth, his home breaks at the same day I already did this mistake I ruined my home by my own hands, that’s why I came to you , I did not hear your sorrow but I saw your performance and you better than me in performance I have a request my friend , do not let your home to be broken otherwise the brick of broken house , falls on the head of breaker have a nice day listen Mr Mateen I do not have second woman in my life neither I am performing my sorrow, I love my wife , even I did not feel need of any friend I swear , I am not like you come in papa came before me papa . papa I am hungry are you hungry , come on , I am giving you the food how it could be cancel? are you alright ? okay let see, we are coming to air port what happened? we have to go what happened ? cant what happened? no one might think that it would be so heavy rain tell me what happened ? flight is canceled what ? but we are going to air port , we will go with any available flight , do not worry let the rain to be stopped , we will be at Karachi by 8 pm are you fine ? he will kill me who will kill you ? I am with you, no one can touch you , I will break his hands get ready , we are going to air port ***the number you are dialing is powered off hello !1 hello ! is this Mr shehwar’s home ? yes may I talk with him, I am his friend boss went to Islamabad when ? by the flight of 9 am when he will be back? he will be back tonight , he must be in the plane, the flight is late due to rain, he will come at 10 pm who are you ? his friend okay stop the bike , shall we talk here ? what ? will you beat me at home ? why ? I did go to Islamabad you did go for office work yes then what is the problem ? I did not tell you my fault , my talks made you scared I am little bit possessive that’s why I use to say sometimes very wrong , obviously , when a person feels fear, he tells lie wife 100 % speaks lie I will say sorry when we will reach home and please do not be afraid , if you may go to Islamabad then you may tell me, no problem shall we go home lets go you go, I am bringing Roomi Roomi don’t talk with me , you did leave me alone
Roomi don’t talk with me , you did leave me alone my son I went to pick your mama , I am so sorry you know I was crying my son after hearing the voice of crying , I brought Roomi downstairs thank you so much sir no need of thanks park my bike I will take keys in the morning thank you guard uncle God bless you have you eaten something ? no maid did not make anything ? might be she made something , I did not see okay I am making a bread ( roti ) for you, eat something no are you pissed ? yes I am sorry its okay Mehwish there was a foreign delegation , Shahwar told me to go, I thought it will be a new experience shall we sleep ? first make your mood good what may I do? shall I laugh ? no , smile like that you are really smiling did you eat something ? yes I ate in the plane you were must be in business class yes may I ask something ? yes sure did you not remember that how much I love you ? leave that , I said sorry means I did a mistake from tomorrow , you will not go to office , I will manage , how? I will take bribe I will give you one lac per month but you won’t go to office good morning salam sir walekum asalam tea or coffee? tea okay good morning listen , Mr Danish is not came he will not come today he is not fine , Miss uzma is also not came did I ask about miss Uzma walekum asalam I am coming yes sir tell Miss Mehwish to come to my room Miss Mehewish did not come today why? did she tell about leave ? no sir she did not tell this call her and ask her okay sir yes? sir her phone is powered off


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