Mere Sai – मेरे साईं – Ep 05 – 29th September, 2017

What happened? Tatya, you can’t catch
the butterfly so easily. I will catch it, Mother. Tatya, you are going towards
the wrong path. We need to go that side.
Tatya! Tatya! Tatya! Tatya, wait! Have you seen my butterfly? Your butterfly? Yes. Tell me quickly.
Have you seen my butterfly? The game is between
the butterfly and you. If I help you,
the butterfly will feel bad. You are right.
Let me search for it. Tatya! Tatya, I called out to you
several times! Why did you not listen? You kept chasing the butterfly. It’s wrong to leave
your mother like that. Come. What are you looking at,
Mother Bayaza? ‘What are you looking at,
Mother Bayaza?’ Mother? Is calling someone mother
enough to make that relation work?
You left without informing me. You did not think
what I will go through! Did you never miss me?
Even if you did why did you not come to meet me? Or why did you not send a
message about your well-being? You call me mother. Do you
really consider me your mother? If you do,
you would have come home and said that you are back. Do you have any idea
that in all these years there has not
been a single moment when I did not
wish for your return or did not have hopes
to meet you? Scold me. Scold me as much as you want. I.. I am listening. Yes, I will scold you. I am not scared of you. Did you not use to ask? That whom do I look for
every day with the food? He is the one. He does what he wants
since he has grown up now. As if I do not hold
any importance for him. His eyes reflected affection
for everyone. As if they are seeing everyone. And feeling everyone’s joy
and sorrows. Is he not the one, Mother?
The young sage? Yes, Tatya.
He is the one. Do you know? Ever since you left,
I visit that neem tree every day and offer food there.
And my Tatya also accompanies me now.
Do you not? And do you know something? When you offer the food
to my Lord I receive it by His grace. Everyone calls you young sage. But what is your real name? Real name? Do you know something?
Mhalsapati named me today at the Khandoba Temple. Sai. Sai? Sai. “Sai..” If you are fed up
of your situation look at a butterfly. Had it given up against
the challenges in life it would have never got
so many colours. It is not just a butterfly.
Rather a hope. And it celebrates its victory
over the challenges in life by fluttering away. “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” My young sage has become Sai. What are you doing here?
Come home. I will get to serve food
to you. Come.
Come on. Come, Tatya.
– Mother Bayaza. I’ll be here.
– What? Yes. This entire village of Shirdi
is my home. “Hail Sai..” I am a hermit. “Hail Sai..” And a hermit begs for alms
to lead his life. Will you beg for alms
though I am here for you? Yes. Begging for alms is my religion. “Hail Sai..” And neither do I need
to feel embarrassed about it nor do you need to get upset. Okay. You will do what you want
since you have grown up. What shall I say? I will be right back with Tatya’s father. And I will tell all
the villagers that you are back. And do not dare to leave! I cannot let you out of
my sight even for a moment. I have not come
for going back this time. Promise me. I promise. Who has tied him up? Yes.. What is this?
– Who tied him up? Why have they tied him up? Why is he tied up?
– Why? What’s happening here?
Who has tied him up? What has he done? Greetings. What is happening here,
Kashi Ram? Where is your husband? He must be at home. I was going to meet him
to tell him something important. Shirdi witnessed a miracle today which I was yearning for years. And hearing the commotion.. Why is that man tied up? Praise the Lord! We will let you know,
Lady Bayaza. We will tell you everything. But tell me first what so has happened in Shirdi that you were yearning for? Sire.
Sire, please forgive him. Sire, please let him go.
Sire! Sire, please forgive him.. Forgive him, please.
Sire, please. Sire!
Sire, please forgive him. Sire, please.. Sire, forgive him.. Sire! Please forgive him. Forgive him. Sire!
– Sire. Sire, forgive him please.
Sire! Forgive him.. Forgive him.. Praise the Lord! Last year, I had got a bell
installed in the Maruthi Temple. This impious person
stole it last night. But by the grace of God my aides caught hold of him. Of late, there have been
incidents of theft in Shirdi. Henceforth,
whoever comes to Shirdi he will have to report to me. Sire, please forgive him. Sire, forgive him. Sire!
Please forgive him. I have told everyone before and I’ll repeat myself. Pay attention! From now on,
I should get to know about everyone who comes
and goes out of Shirdi. I will decide who will
live here and who will not. If anyone violates my order then no one can save
that person from my wrath. Praise the Lord! ‘Sai is an outsider too.’ ‘If Kulkarni gets to know
that he is the same young sage’ ‘then I fear he will plan
to oust him from Shirdi, again.’ Mother, even Sai.. Place camphor
on this thief’s hand and.. Praise the Lord! Let him go! Sire, forgive him. Let him go..
– Let him go. He has not done anything.
He is innocent. No, forgive me.. No, Sire!
– No.. You can imprison him for theft. It’s torture to burn his hand. Forgive me, sire.. Burn him.. Please forgive him, sire.. Sire..
Forgive him, sire.. Forgive him, sire.. Forgive him!
Forgive him, sire. Sire!
Forgive him, sire. He who sins must suffer. O Lord, I was capable
of doing what I did based on the wisdom
and strength You have bestowed upon me. That is why I am free
from all sins and virtue. Hail the Lord. God neither accepts someone’s sins
nor their virtues. However, the one who is unwise is grateful to God when
something good happens to him. But when he faces an adversity he curses Him. The unwise person
doesn’t realise that God isn’t responsible for
his good or bad fortune but his own deeds are. Their good and bad deeds
and their thoughts are determined
by their behaviour. I have made a huge mistake. I should not have
stopped that hermit. Why am I so egoistic? Who am I to stop anyone from paying a visit
to Lord Khandoba? Nothing happens
without a reason, Mhalsapati. Kulkarni has poisoned
the minds of the villagers against faith and religion. Everyone here some or the other time gets influenced by his words. The purpose of the
hermit’s visit was to introduce you
to your shortcomings. You are right. I want to meet him again
and ask for forgiveness. I want to thank him. You should have seen
the happiness on his face when.. When I welcomed
him saying, ‘Come, Sai’. Go inside. Do you know
what happened today? Tatya went into
that abandoned house at the village outskirts
while chasing a butterfly. And when I followed him there guess whom I met. Who? The one I have been
waiting for since so long. The young sage? Yes. But he has accepted the name
that Mhalsapati gave him. Sai. That means that hermit is the same young sage. How could I not recognise him? I must go and meet Sai at once. No..
Not today, Mhalsapati. The village situation is tense. Kulkarni burned a man’s hand as he had
stolen the temple bell. And Kulkarni
has made an announcement that no outsider
can enter Shirdi without his permission. Then it’s important for me
to meet him. As Kulkarni
must have not forgotten as to how that young sage had embarrassed him
in front of the whole village. You are right. And if he finds out that that
same boy has returned to Shirdi after so many years,
it will be a disaster. In the past 12 years Kulkarni managed to get
all the rights over Shirdi by licking the Britishers’
boots. He may do anything today. No one will stop him. I am worried for Sai. We must tell him
about the new plight of Shirdi and the atrocities of Kulkarni
so that he stays alert. We must go to him immediately. “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” “Hail Sai..” May the Lord show mercy. The Lord imparts knowledge. The Lord calls for us. The Lord will guide us. You have forgiven me. I have returned here
with the same belief. Whatever You gave
and imparted to me I want to give it to Shirdi
and the rest of the world. We must reintroduce
human to humanity. Where there is fear,
I must instill love. Endurance humbleness faith and patience
are the four virtues taught by You. With Your permission I want to enlighten the world. That is all I ask of You. Grant me permission.


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