Messy Drama! Man Denies Best Friend’s Ex’s Child (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Cain v. Wright.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Cain, now you say
you’ve had an on-again,
off-again relationship with Mr. Wright for
the past three years. In addition to questions
regarding your daughter’s
paternity, you say your relationship
has suffered from instability
and constant mistrust. Yes, Your Honor. All right, now, Mr. Wright,
you say that Ms. Cain
has repeatedly lied to you, and you have every reason
to doubt the paternity
of one-year-old Aireanna. You confess that
if the results
of today’s paternity test prove you are not
the biological father, you plan to walk out of
this courtroom and
have nothing to do with Ms. Cain again. That’s right, Your Honor. So Ms. Cain, why is there
so much mistrust? What’s going on
in this relationship? When we first started
talking to each other, I, um, I was always
hanging out with my ex. Were you still sleeping
with your ex at the time? No. So you weren’t sleeping
with your ex,
it was really your ex? Yes. WRIGHT: That’s not
what he said. What, Mr. Wright? I said, “That’s not
what he says.” JUDGE LAKE:
So Mr. Wright, you tell me. I want to know why
there’s so much mistrust. Yeah, he called me to have
me tow her car. Told me
she was his girlfriend. I went, got her car towed
over to her house. You know, ’cause
she’s my boy’s girl. I was talking to her,
told her what was
wrong with the car. So her ex is your friend? Yeah. Now we’re getting places. We were friends,
we were friends. Okay, so you went
over there, got the car. Right. But when you get to her house,
your boy’s girl was flirting. No, she didn’t flirt
till I left. Like five minutes later,
she sends me a text message. Oh, you did? CAIN: Yes, I did. I said that
I thought he was cute
and if we could move on to maybe something more. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Wait a minute, with the tow? Wait,
the tow truck man left, and then you just sent
a text like, “I think you’re cute.
Can we move on
to something more?” What, something more
than you towing my car? Yes. Okay. And, so you
started dating? Yes. And at some point,
during this time,
you got pregnant? Yes. Well, before that…
I mean, we started dating then her ex-boyfriend’s
always sleeping in her bed
with her. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) What? No, it wasn’t like that.
He came over to my house because when he helped me
move in, he needed
somewhere to stay. My friend was sleeping
on the couch, and I said, “Whatever, you could
sleep in here.” I gave him his blanket… JUDGE LAKE:
What about the floor? Now, you know you’re
in court, Ms. Cain. Yes. And I need to know the truth. Are you sure nothing happened? 100%. That night or
any other night? Yes. You don’t look like
you believe that at all,
Mr. Wright. I don’t believe that at all… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) There was one instance, she went out, she lied to me, told me
her, her friend, they were
gonna have a girls’ night out. Well, my boy was a door guy
at the bar. Come to find out her,
her ex, her ex’s friend,
and her girl were all on
double dates together. We weren’t on a double date. My friend…
What was going on was
one of my friends, she asked me to go with her
to meet this guy. And my ex was there too
with his boy. They picked you up
at your house. Okay, all right.
Let’s talk about this
for a minute, because you say
the relationship is just riddled with mistrust.
And I can see why. I mean, this is just a mess. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) First of all, when you started dating her, did you tell your boy,
“Hey, I’m dating now.” She didn’t want him to know
that me and her were
seeing each other. Now is that because
they were friends, or is that because you were
still sleeping with the ex? No, my ex did not believe
that him and I hooked up. Did he not believe it
because that was his boy and he didn’t think his boy
would sleep with you? I don’t know, he never
really got into all that.
He didn’t believe it, so… JUDGE LAKE: And so
meanwhile, Mr. Wright, what’s your ex
doing all this time? Uh… (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) ‘Cause you were living in
a house with her, right? My ex is…
I had to stay at the crib
to take care of her kids. So she’s still at
the house, then? Right. And you’re still
living with her while
you’re dating Ms. Cain? Right, but I sleep
in the living room,
she sleeps in the room. And now, Ms. Cain,
do you believe he was
sleeping with his ex, too? CAIN: Yes, I do. Because she would get
a hold of me off of Facebook and tell me that they’re
still together, and that
they’re sleeping together. That’s not true. Me and her
had broke up, and yes,
I’ve done stuff with my ex. When we’d been broke up. It wasn’t just when
we were broken up. Okay. So you all have
a four-way relationship that includes… If you want… No, no, no, no. Let’s just
call it the way it is. You all see each other, but
you also have relationships
with your exes. But see, I admit
what I’ve done. I had a friendship
with my ex. That was all it ever was
between him and I. That’s why the day you go out
on a double date with him, you leave the bar at 10:30,
go to his house
till 6:00 in the morning. So? Because they wanted to go,
and I wanted to go home. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, okay.
I’ve heard enough of this. I heard enough, because
regardless, whether
you slept with your ex, or whatever, you all can’t
build any trust like this. There’s no way. And at some point,
with all this messiness, you get pregnant. Yes. And you tell him? Yes. And when she tells you,
are you happy,
do you believe it’s yours? I was happy,
but I still had that… You know, with everything
she’s doing… I mean, she went over
to her baby daddy’s house. She has two other kids.
Went over to his house. Was over there
for three hours… It was like
an hour-and-a-half. Then, ignored my phone calls,
my text messages. Then, finally,
she shows up… My kids had my phone. Or she finally calls me,
“I’m on my way now.” Where were you? “Well, I got blocked in
the driveway because
there was a gas leak.” So what do I do?
I call the gas company. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. They never had no report
of a gas leak on that street. You went real
Inspector Gadget, right? Yeah. She’s trying to tell me… He solved that case,
didn’t he, Jerome? She told me there were
six trucks over here. I told you there were
two trucks over there… Gas company’s like,
“We don’t have
a record of it.” So what’d she do?
“Well, maybe
they didn’t know.” The only way for them
to get six trucks over there,
is to go through dispatch. So you find out
she’s lying about that? Yeah, but she still sticks
with the story of
the blocked driveway. So all of this
is going on… And when you find out
she’s pregnant
and all this is going on, you’re saying to yourself, “She’s not on the up and up.
This baby may not be mine.” Right. WRIGHT: She told me twice
that it might not be mine. JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, she told you?
She told you? While she was pregnant, and
then again, two months ago. Hold on, hold on. Because she just
validated your assertions. So Ms. Cain,
that’s true? You told him,
while you were pregnant,
that this baby is not his? Right. I mean, just a couple
months ago she told me. We got into an argument,
and I was like, “You know what?
I’m going down to file
for full custody.” I’m gonna file for
a paternity test and
I’m filing for full custody. She was like, “You might
wanna go file because she
probably ain’t yours anyway.” JUDGE LAKE: Oh, that’s when
she said it. Yeah, because he always wants
to think that he can just
control everything I do. He wants me trapped
in a house all the time. WRIGHT:
It’s not that I want her
trapped in the house. I want her to actually do
what she says she’s gonna do. Just like her ex-boyfriend
tells me every time
she’s with her mom. Every time she was
with her mom. Why don’t you do
what you’re supposed to do? Her ex-boyfriend’s telling me, “Oh, she’s calling me
from her mom’s so
you don’t see it on her bill.” So what’s she do every time
she leaves with her mom? “Oh, I’ll be back in an hour.” Six hours later. And in the six hours, she’s
not returning my phone calls,
she don’t text me. Ms. Cain, why are you
doing that? Why can’t you
return his phone calls? Why can’t he return
my phone calls
when I call him? He takes time returning
my phone calls. She calls me,
I answer the phone. No, you do not. My texts or my phone calls. She puts everybody
in front of me, everybody,
but she expects us to work. So, Ms. Cain,
while you’re pregnant, you tell him, “This may
not be your child.
This isn’t your child.” Out of anger. Out of anger? Yes. So it was only out of anger
because, in your mind, there is absolutely
no other possibility? Correct. This other guy, her friend.
Me, her and her friend
had a threesome. (AUDIENCE HOOTS) JUDGE LAKE: Wait, wait, wait. She goes over
to her friend’s house
to hang out with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend. They’re drinking, her friend
somehow gets her shirt off, her bra off,
her pants halfway down… No, it was not
around my… No. Then she tells me she got
uncomfortable so she got
everything back on and left. Her friend told me she knew
what was going on
on the way over there, “I had a threesome
with you guys, so she was
gonna have one with us.” According to her friend,
they had a threesome. No. And she’s lying to me
about that. What my friend told me
is that… JUDGE LAKE: Oh, my goodness! (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Why are you two
even together? At this point, I just want
to know why are you two
even together? Because I do love her. I do love him. “He don’t answer my calls.
She don’t answer my calls.”
It’s a two hour break. She’s not taking the phone
into the bathroom. I mean, this is just…
I mean, constant complaint
after complaint. Neither one of you
trusts the other one
as far as you can throw ’em. You really don’t. Yes. So Aireanna is now here,
in this mess.You’re the mother,
he doesn’t know
if he’s the father.
Now when she’s born,
and she’s here, were you
participating, Mr. Wright? WRIGHT:Yeah, I’ve been there
since day one. I was there
when she was born.
I’m the person
who supports her.
JUDGE LAKE:At the hospital?Yeah, at the hospital.So you’re at the hospital.
Did you sign
the birth certificate? No, no. Actually,
I got it right here. I didn’t sign
the birth certificate. Jerome, let me see that. And I told her before
she even went into labor,
I told her, I’m not signing
the birth certificate. Because I have a doubt. Yeah. No father’s name
recorded. Now she throws that
up in my face.
If she turns out to be mine, she’s gonna keep that,
show her when she’s older. JUDGE LAKE: Who said that? CAIN: He’s the one
who brought
that whole thing up. He’s the one that thinks that
I’m gonna keep her
and throw it up in her face saying that he was a bad dad,
he didn’t want nothing
to do with her, and all this other stuff.
That’s the reason
why I keep it. WRIGHT: ‘Cause that’s what
you tell everybody. Even though I’m the one
that supports her. First of all, first of all,
that’s why you’re here and
that’s why this court is here. So we can get
all this nonsense
straight now, so you all do not have to be trying to explain
grown folks’ nonsense to an innocent child.
She didn’t even know
this happened. CAIN: Exactly. Right. That’s why we have
to get the truth today. Yes, please. So Mr. Wright,
when you look at Aireanna,
do you see yourself? Do you feel like she
looks like you? I do, but… I think she looks like me.
I think she looks
like my niece. You know,
I think she looks
like my family. But the problem is
it’s her family
who sit there and say how much she looks like
her other two girls, but then a week later say
how much those girls
look like their dad. That they don’t look
nothing like her. So that tells me
that she looks like
the other two. So you’re reading
in between the lines… Right. And you’re not
in the sentence. Right. Gotcha. So in your mind,
with all of your mistrust, and all this mess
you created,
now you’re thinking, she slept with him and now,
this baby could be his, too. Right. What a mess. Really. (AUDIENCE CLAPS) Ugh! So Ms. Cain, you are admitting
to having contact, not sex, but a continual contact
relationship with
these various men where you are
going out with them,
having drinks with them, eating with them,
not double dating,
but just meeting a girl and a guy,
sleeping in the bed. I mean, I understand why
he could have a doubt,
do you? Yes, I do understand. I don’t know
if you all are calling this
a committed relationship. I’m calling it
a chaotic relationship. And the problem is
neither one of you
trusts the other one. You got a beautiful
little girl that’s losing because she’s living
in all this chaos. I agree. If you’re in a relationship,
and can’t put the phone down
for two hours, and somebody accuses you
of cheating,
something’s wrong. (AUDIENCE CHEERS) CAIN: I agree with that. I can’t,
I can’t do anything. Nobody wants to walk around
with their phone velcroed
to their shirt. You fearing you might
miss a text. That’s not
what happens, though.
She gets back. Okay, yep, I was pissed because
she put the phone down right in the middle
of a conversation. She gets back, what happens?
The one that she had a
threesome with is unblocked and friends with her
on Facebook. JUDGE LAKE: But this is
what I’m saying. You all have…
No, no. This is what I’m saying.
You all have too many
people in your mix. It’s like a jambalaya,
but it don’t taste good. Do you understand
what I’m saying?
The recipe is not right. But you all made it. You put all these people
in your pot, “Oh, I’mma go to his house.
He can sleep in my bed.
Oh, I’mma go visit her.” All these people are
in your pot. Now you all have made
this jambalaya of a mess, and you both don’t like
how it tastes. Right. JUDGE LAKE: That’s it. Yeah. And now, Mr. Wright,
you’re saying if this child
is not yours, you want out. WRIGHT: Yeah, I’m done. I love her,
but I’m done. JUDGE LAKE:
So these stakes are high
for this little girl, who I’m sure at two-years-old
regards you as her father. Now, Ms. Cain, before I get to these results,
I have to ask you. Is there anything
you want to say? Have you slept with somebody
and you just felt ashamed? You didn’t want
to bring it up?
This is the time. Just lay it on the line,
get it out there
and let it be. Nobody? No, ma’am. There was nothing. I’ve never slept
with anybody else
besides Mr. Wright. You have never? Not for the past three years. You’re sure? Funny because we’ve been
together for three-and-a-half. Three-and-a-half years. JUDGE LAKE:
Not even during a break? Nope. Okay. Jerome? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case ofCain v. Wright,pertaining to one-year-old
Aireanna Wright, it has been determined, Mr. Wright, you… In the case
ofCain v Wright,pertaining to one-year-old
Aireanna Wright, it has been determined, Mr. Wright… You are Aireanna’s father. (AUDIENCE CLAPS) Told you. JUDGE LAKE: I see the tears,
and I’m glad you’re relieved. You know now. I do. How do you feel,
Ms. Cain, relieved? Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
Now see, finally,
in this moment, the truth has been
a catalyst for you two, just taking your walls down
for a moment. This is the most authentic
I’ve seen both of you be since we’ve been
in this courtroom. This truth here has now
knocked those walls down. Both of you all can express
the love and emotion for
this beautiful little girl that really you should be
expressing for one another if you really love
one another and wanna
be in the relationship. I do love her, but she needs
to start putting me first. Put me first, too. Give me your 100%.
(SNIFFLES) The word is called
“reciprocity”. Look it up,
write it on a piece of paper,
put it on the refrigerator. ‘Cause you two
have got to learn that whatever you want
out of a relationship, you’ve gotta be willing
to give it. I wish you the best of luck.
Take care of that
beautiful little girl. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL STRIKES) (AUDIENCE CLAPS) Right now, I feel great.
I mean,
this is what I wanted. We gotta be more open
to each other,
trusting each other. I’m gonna stop accusing you
all the time. WRIGHT: (WHISPERING)
I love you, I do.


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