Michael Anthony creates three dramatic wedding portraits with different Profoto OCF lighting set-ups

So guys, how are you doing today?
Good to see you! What’s up, my man? You guys ready?
Head on over here. I’m Michael Anthony,
I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Today we’re at Vasquez Rocks for Jeremy and Leo’s
engagement session. We’ll be photographing them
with this beautiful red gown and this amazing motorcycle over here. So my wife Jennifer was a nurse,
and I was a police officer. We both left those careers
to start Michael Anthony photography. Being able to spend
our lives together, creating images
and telling stories, traveling the entire world has been one of
the most fulfilling things that we ever
thought was possible. Hold that right there, guys. Light is the essential
component to storytelling. We use lighting to influence
the mood in a photograph. Whether we’re looking for
something dark and dramatic or bright and airy, we can use lighting
to help tell the story that helps complete our vision and helps provide a more
complete story for our clients. As wedding photographers,
we often don’t have control over the situations
that we’re working in in terms of lighting. And we’ll make decisions on the fly, so our lighting equipment
has to be flexible, and we have to be able to work in a variety of different circumstances. I love working in studio
because we are able to control all of the elements
in a particular shoot. Whether we’re looking
to do something traditional or we’re looking to do
something more creative, we have the ability
to shape the light however we want
around our subjects. Slide this hand back on
your thigh a little bit and then turn your chin this way. Hold that for a second. Roll your shoulders back. Perfect, perfect.
One more time. In the past, working with
other lighting brands we would have to adjust
three different menu settings just to change the power of our light. Now working with Profoto,
we can change one knob and get to our shot quickly and spend more time
interacting with our clients. Last thing, this shoulder now,
we want to roll it down. Yes, just like that. Turn the chin to the side, hold that. In the studio, we use
a digital medium format camera and on location, we use
a full-frame camera that allows us to
capture fast-moving motion. The ability of the Profoto system
to adapt to any camera system using a different trigger
makes life very easy for us and it allows us
to create beautiful photos, no matter what circumstances
that we’re working with. Prior to the B1 being launched, we were limited by the environment
that we were working in. We had to consistently
find scenarios where the ambient light
wasn’t that strong. Now, we’re able to choose
any scene that we want at any time of day. And we’re able to create
the type of light that we want, and that’s essential
for our style of photography. The one thing I value most
about the Profoto system over any other lighting brand
is creative consistency. I know that my equipment
is going to work every single time, no matter what environment
that I’m working in. And I know that I’m
going to have the tools to create the perfect image
to match my vision. Our style of photography would not exist
without the Profoto system. We look at
every single client as a new opportunity
to tell a new story. Our clients continue
to come back to us because we’re delivering
them consistent results. Having a full studio in a bag
allows us to accomplish that and not be ruled
by the circumstances. Nowadays, the wedding photography
landscape is more competitive than it has ever been before. So, the need to stand out
and be different is more important
than it has ever been in the past. We use creative lighting
to make sure that we’re delivering that uniqueness
and that differentiation. Being able to deliver
the best quality portraits starts with using
the best quality gear.


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