Minecraft – Randomness EP #05: “The Drama Show”

Welcome to The Drama Show, I’m your host as
always; OMGCam! We’ve got a great episode for you tonight, so stay tuned. Our guest
for tonight is going to be TwittUHC Admin & Representative AsianWiz. That’s right, he’s
going to be on the show later tonight. But let’s start off with some good ol’ Twitt/Badlion
drama. And I’m not talking about Twitt/Amethyst drama because that’s nothing compared to this.
We start tonight’s story with none other than Judgement Day. For those of you who don’t
know, Judgement Day is an event that Badlion holds to ban all users detected by their GCheat
plugin. Badlion avoids banning users for a couple of months to spark an incredibly entertaining
day. In my opinion, this is the best idea a PvP network has ever executed. Why ban hackers
when you come across them, when you can ban them all at once & ruin a perfectly good Saturday?
Over 10,000 users were banned during Judgement Day, including the infamous AsianWiz, TwittUHC
Admin, where MasterGBerry congratulated all Twitt players for the success of their owner.
Checkmate Twitt. Or should I say; Check #23, mate? I’m really happy that Badlion has finally
ridden us of pests like AsianWiz & provided justice to us all. God bless them! However,
our very happy story doesn’t have a very happy ending because this very legit ban started
a lot of drama within AsianWiz’s fanboys who are clearly too blind to see the truth. These
fanboys started to doubt the brilliance that is our holy saviour; GCheat. Clearly, these
people don’t know how plugins work or what Java does, even. And to prove of all these
users wrong, I have made a working anti-cheat in Skript that you can use on your server
right now. However, I think we should let this go. Let’s not talk about the haters today,
because in my opinion, it’s very simple; anyone who fails to see AsianWiz as a hacker is an
incompetent human being. And you know what? So what if Badlion chose to start drama first,
by their condescending & unnecessary comments while banning AsianWiz? At least, those comments
were funny & made in good humour, unlike what the evil AsianWiz did by mocking Badlion’s
grand success by hosting a Judgement Day Scenario UHC. That’s right! How the hell can someone
go to sleep at night after skripting & creating the monster that is the Judgement Day Scenario?
How dare he? And you know what? I don’t even care about Twitt anymore, if you want to ban
me for speaking my mind then go ahead. In fact, Twitt, I’m going to make it easy for
you & just give you my IGN right here on the screen. Ban that IGN right now, I dare you.
Anyway, thank you for watching, we’ll be right back with AsianWiz so stay tuned! Welcome
back to The Drama Show, I’d like to welcome TwittUHC Admin & villain to basically every
UHC community that exists, AsianWiz! Welcome to the show. How’s it going? I’m here, I’m
fantastic, actually. That’s good to hear because I have some questions for you so do you just
want to start it? Yeah, let’s go. Alright, question #1: Why did you hack on Badlion?
What’s hacking? er.. um.. Okay, try.. let’s not try to skip the question here AsianWiz
everyone knows you hack. Just cuz you have fanboys behind you doesn’t mean you don’t
hack. I mean.. if ToggleSprint, ArmourStatus, PotionHUD mod & all that stuff is hacking
ASIANWIZ IS GUILTY OF HACKING! Why do you hate Badlion, AsianWiz? I don’t, it’s just
sometimes, you know, your plugins can be wrong. I’m not saying GCheat is bad, it’s definitely
a great plugin but I just think it’s false in this situation. I mean, there’s no reason
to ban me after waiting for 1000 logs to generate, they should’ve banned me when I generated
the first 40 or something, so, that’s something that questions me a lot. So, you’re saying
that GCheat is not 100% accurate? Yes, it’s not 100% accurate. I mean, it’s pretty up
there but.. Do you have evidence of it being 100% inaccurate? No, it’s not 100% inaccurate.
But that’s what you just said.. No.. I said.. But wait, if it’s not 100% accurate then it
has to be 100% inaccurate. No, it doesn’t.. It can be 90% accurate.. I don’t think you
know how “accurate” works, alright, we’re going to move onto the next question. You
need to learn English.. So is this true, I’ve heard rumours that you’ve tried to DDoS Badlion
Staff before. I mean.. uh.. *cam laughs* No I have not. I don’t condone or associate myself
with illegal activities unless it’s like stealing gum but that’s about it.. YOU HEARD IT HERE
*cam laughs* Alright, this is your last question, AsianWiz. Why is Twitt still a thing? Well,
you see, when a lonely Asian boy has enough time he makes something & that’s why Twitt
is here. So, are you calling Twitt your sperm? No, I’m calling it my sugar daddy. Alright,
I.. I don’t think this can go on YouTube anymore.. uh.. so we’re just going to cut right here.
Thank you so much for watching The Drama Show, thank you AsianWiz for coming on the show.
Uh.. Okay, I didn’t know there was a chest back there actually, what are you doing? Alright,
well, see you guys next time. *cam & charles laugh*


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