Mis Tropos Favoritos en la Ficción (y el Drama de Mari Pili) (ESP audio | ENG/ESP subs)

Hi people! Here I am again. Yes, me, LiberLibelula! I have some news. Not bad news per se, just wanted to tell you that from now on I’ll be uploading videos every two weeks instead of weekly. There are many reasons, but the biggest one is… I have not enough time. Each of these videos takes at least a day
and a half to be ready. Imagine what it is, to have 1,5 days less each week while working. It’s unsustainable. Besides, if I have room to breathe every
two weeks, then I come back with more enthusiasm and
fresher ideas for new content, I have more time to plan my gags… Stuff like that. So I think that, in the end, this will be a win-win. After this explanation, let’s get to the point. Today we won’t
have the typical book review. Today I’ll talk about something I’m passionate about. Some people call them tropes, others call them plot devices,
and others, narrative elements. In this video I’ll call them: “Things that
compel me to take a book home.” Or, simply, “Things I love finding in books
or movies.” However, before proceeding with such an interesting list (for me), allow me to delight you with this intro I’ve been making this week with great effort and dedication. Let the story begin! Once upon a time there was a humble,
hard-working girl who dreamed of attending the royal ball. She lived with her stepmother and stepsisters, and her name was Cinderel– Hah-hah! What’s this? You’re not telling a story which I own the rights to, are you? Because it would be a pity if you pissed the Mouse off, got wrecked by a lawsuit and ended up homeless and with your nails as your only food source. We don’t want that, do we? (Okay, then…) Okay, once upon a time there was a girl who dreamed of attending the royal boozefest where the Prince… Jonah… would choose
a wife among the single maidens in the kingdom. The girl lived alone with
her stepmother and a dog named Fido who barked in a passive-aggressive manner.
(Wow) Her name was… Mari Pili. When Mari Pili needed advice or help, she summoned her fairy godmother… (Mickey clears his throat) Okay, uhh… She went and visited a big-headed guy who lived in the well next to her house. “What do you recommend for going to the ball?” (Primark is doing sales now. Go there and buy a new dress.
Also, wear clean panties just in case) What do you think of this plot, Fido? (Wow) When the big night came, Mari Pili was more than ready: just-done blonde highlights, clean panties, and three litres of coffee
in her body. But misfortune hovered over our coffee-infused heroine, for her despicable stepmother who wanted the prince for herself with the full force of her menopausal lust, decided to break Mari Pili’s legs to keep her from going to the ball.
Once perpetrated this evil deed, the lecherous raisin departed in
her carriage and left Mari Pili lying there. Desperate, Mari Pili dragged herself out to the garden and asked for the help of his balloon-headed friend. Would it be of use, though? To be continued… Oh, such mystery, very intrigue, much drama! Will Mari Pili be able to heal her broken legs? Could the guy in the well have a solution? The answers and much more will be in the next video. Oh, the mystery! And now that we’re done with the daily silliness, let’s get to the point of this video! “Things that compel me to take a book home… and read it!” Okay, let’s go over the basics, what
we all like: a well-told story, no unnecessary filling, characters we can empathize with, a plot that keeps us interested in what happens next, and an ending that leaves a good taste in your mouth and makes you feel grateful for having read such a cool story. That we all like. In this video, I’ll touch more specific elements, stuff that is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but turns my butt into Pepsi out of sheer excitement. If you’ve read my novels, you’ll easily recognize which of these elements appear in which of my three books. I mean, it’s obvious: when you like something, you put it in your novel. Why? Because a girl has to enjoy Literature. The Enjoyment! There we go: let’s begin by one of my most favoritest tropes in the whole world: The “Enemies to Lovers.” That’s when a story gives you two characters that start out as enemies, perhaps each in opposite sides of a conflict, or maybe they just met and can’t stand each other. However, little by little, as they share experiences and scenes, so to speak, they begin to have… tender feelings towards each other. It’s obvious how much I love this, I get so silly. And slowly, the enmity evolves into an unlikely truce,
or friendship, and in the end the alliance evolves into passion and romance and… oh my darling I adore you. A well-mannered example of this would be Lizzie Bennet and Mr Darcy
from Pride and Prejudice, but I prefer this trope in its most extreme versions, like, they start trying to kill each other, traumatizing the other for life, and then they develop and end up falling in love. A widely popular example of this is the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey from the last Star Wars trilogy, but please, let’s take into account only the two first movies, because the third one is… I won’t talk about Star Wars. I won’t talk about that movie, because if I get started, I could spend three hours just ranting about
everything that’s wrong with that movie. And this channel is not about movies or Star Wars… Anyway, I love this pairing,
but if you’re looking for a decent ending for them, we’ll always have fanfiction. Send help plz Enough with examples of Enemies to Lovers,
I think you got it, so let’s move on to another favorite theme of mine: something that’s a bonus when looking for new reads is
if the book has Witchcraft. Witchcraft has so many possibilities,
and every writer portrays it in a completely different way, but me, personally, I love witchcraft the nastier the better. The coolest witchcraft is the cruel, hardly tameable, visceral kind. The kind of magic that feeds
on blood and guts, on trauma and violent emotions. Other thing I love is characters who are vulnerable, emotionally unstable, or too young to really understand what’s happening to them, who have tremendous supernatural powerrs. These characters who are tickling bombs and, if they ever snap, willingly or not,
they could destroy an entire village? Yeah, I dig that. Examples of these characters are mi much-loved Daenerys Targaryen (from the books. The show’s last season doesn’t exist, same as the ending of Star Wars). Anyway! Daenerys is a young girl who
wouldn’t have gotten too far on her own, but she has three dragons.
At first she thinks that, because the dragons kind of obey her and she’s their mother, so to speak, they’ll be easy to control… until the dragons
start burning and eating Daenerys’ subjects and she realizes in horror that what
she has are not three sons nor three pets, but three weapons of mass destruction
and she doesn’t know how to control them. Another example, of course, is (again)
Kylo Ren. Yes, he’s one of my favorite characters, please
don’t mock me, I just love these characters who are walking, talking Linkin Park songs.
More examples of this are Eleven from Stranger Things, the Scarlet Witch from Marvel Universe (the movies, I know nothing about the comics), and back to Literature, an example would be Onyesonwu,
from “Who Fears Death”; a girl full of raw magical powers she must learn to control asap, lest she ends up dead or causes a disaster. Another thing I love is when, in Romantica
or Fantasy or any other genre, you get a pairing consisting of the
archetypical huge, dark, stormy, scary guy who always dresses in black, and the tiny girl who dresses in bright colors
and is a ray of sunshine and hope. She’s usually a beast too, but it’s harder to notice because she’s rarely as menacing or aggressive. This contrast, the Hades/Persephone vibes, is one of my guilty pleasures. Not guilty
at all, though. I regret nothing. I also like it when the dude is the heroic, kind one and the girl is the batshit crazy,
don’t-touch-me-with-a-10ft-pole half of the couple. Anything that gives me that duality
of day-night, light-darkness, ying-yang, white-black, I’m crazy about it. These tropes you can find them most in Romantica
and also in Fantasy written mainly by women and for women. And now, if you give me humanoid races that are nocturnal,
have shining eyes, fancy-colored skin, sharp teeth, and do a bit of magic, then I’m smitten. An example of this are the Kai of Radiance, and the Night Elves of World of Warcraft. My eternal love… I’m Horde, but come on, Night Elves are so beautiful. Look at them, how could I not love them? They’re PURPLE! Purple is my favorite color! And they have sharp fangs,
and arm-sized ears. I’m weak for this kind of creatures.
So, if in the novel there’s a race of this kind, I’ll inevitably fall in love. And if they
style their hair in tiny braids as is the case in Radiance, my head
just explodes. I’ve always been a fan of braids. It may sound silly, but here we are. And of course, another thing that
skyrockets my interest is: Zombies! Yeah, I love zombies. Necromancy! Yeah.
Vampires, ghosts, mermaids, fairies! Zombies, I like them in any way. What about vampires? I’m not too thrilled about the aristocratic posh vampire, too overdone. I prefer vampires as these crazed, voracious beasts that can never have enough of their prey and cause chaos whenever they go. They feel more dangerous and believable. And ghosts I like them all, but my favorites are those who scare the crap out of you at first, until you find out about their backstory and then you pity their misfortune more than anything. And speaking of mermaids.
To me, mermaids are sea creatures, yes, and everything that lives underwater and grows beyond a certain size is utterly terrifying, so mermaids, in my opinion, should be scary as hell
too. They’re predators, it should show. As you see, I love it when Fantasy meets Horror. Another thing I find really attractive in books or movies are these stories
about people going downhill without brakes. Something wrong is going on
in these characters’ minds. They’re overcome with obsessions that “normal”
people don’t have, so they start degenerating. Watching their story is like seeing a trainwreck:
you just can’t avert your eyes. And the best thing is, nobody’s gonna get hurt
because it’s fiction, so you want the final fallout to be as horrible and catastrophic as possible. Another plus to me is when the story introduces you to other mythologies, cultures, and scenery other than USA, England, and the center of Europe.
I’ve had lots of that already. I mean, I like them too, but our world is bigger
than just that! Besides, I always love learning about different folklore, and seeing
how other cultures perceive life, Fantasy or human conflict. I’m almost done! After this one, I’ll leave you be, I’ll let go off your arm… Something I love too when reading, especially Fantasy, is when characters channel their inner bumpkin or are total jackasses. Think about it. If the story takes place in some rural village God knows where, then people should talk with a heavy accent and use weird words only they understand! Why can’t the main characters be uncouth? Well, when that part of our reality seeps into supposedly epic fiction, I love it! Because if we were actually living these stories, we’d be lame as hell. The hero would get diarrhea during his journey, the heroine would get bunions, or the guild would storm
into the throne room, ready to slay the Great Villain, only to find that
the throne is empty because the villain just went out to buy cucumbers to the produce store down the street. People just being hilariously unepic, gotta love that. And we’re done! There are many more things I like, though, but I tried to keep it short. Couldn’t achieve that. But if I can’t make it short,
I’ll at least make it bearable for you, so let me stop right here. And that was all for today: My Favorite Elements in Fiction. If you know books that haven’t been featured in here but have the tropes I mentioned earlier, please say so in the comments
because I love discovering new jewels. I’m also excited to know which tropes convince you to read a book. Which kind of scenarios, characters, tropes, situations, mythologies, aesthetics… If you list them in the comment section, I might even find cool recommendations for you! Now,
I’m aware that you don’t really care about my literary preferences;
what won’t let you sleep tonight is not knowing what will happen in Mari Pili’s story. Worry not, because you’ll know in the next video. That was all for today!
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that would make me very happy. Thank you so much for watching me once more, and see you next time! Bye-bye 😀


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