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[Sylvia Earle]
I see things that others do not,
a different world…a world that’s changed enormously
just in my lifetime.
My backyard was the Gulf of Mexico.That’s where I first fell in love
with the ocean.
I think if others had the opportunity to
witness what I have seen in my lifetime
from thousands of hours underwater…I would not seem like a radical at all.It’s a pleasure to introduce a scientist,
an engineer, a teacher and an explorer. [applause]The ocean is dying.All of us… we are the beneficiaries
of having burned through fossil fuels.
But at what cost?Sixty years ago,
when I began exploring the ocean,
no one imagined
that we could do anything to harm it.
I saw the after influence of what
we can do to the natural world.Think of the world without an ocean.You’ve got a planet a lot like Mars.No ocean, no life.No ocean, no us.[Hugh Downs]In 1990, she became
the chief scientist for NOAA,
National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration.
[Earle]I went to one meeting…and I was never allowed to go again.
[laughs] I feel that I must resign,
and as a private citizen,do what I can do with more freedom.She’s not afraid to say, “You know what
you’re doing, and it’s wrong.” [Earle]I really speak for the ocean.If we continue business as usual,
we’re in real trouble. [James Cameron]
She’s made it her life’s purpose
to make sure everybody else
understands what’s going on. [Fisher Stevens]
Sylvia has a wish for the planet…
what she calls her Mission Blue.Protect the ocean in the same way
we now protect the land.
[Earle]I wish for a global network
of marine protected areas
to save and restore the ocean.


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